KMX, ABML Recaps & More

CarMax, Inc. KMX – Options Recap

Our lone fresh options idea in yesterday’s report, was a short on CarMax, the weekly KMX Weekly $99-97.50 Put, and with a little help from a bearish day for the markets in general, those turned out to be excellent targets.

Here are the intraday ranges and total possible gains that were on the table:

KMX Weekly $99-97.50 Puts
$99: 1.90-7.00 (+268%)
$98: 1.50-6.00 (+300%)
$97.50: 1.50-5.70 (+280%)

Fresh Options Idea:
PAYX 01/15 $97.50-100 Calls 

American Battery Metals Corp. ABML – Huge Gains

In our premarket report on Monday morning, we signaled interest in ABML in our extended watchlist, and during that session the stock was trading for as little as .52 a share and climbing. This morning in the premarket we’ve seen ABML printing 1.48, which marks a two-day rise of 185%

What’s even more impressive, is that we’ve actually been tracking this stock since June, when it was trading for as little as .0621. From that level, this week’s new highs represent an upswing of 2283% in less than six months!

Extended Watchlist:

CURR Form-4 Alert, Options & More

CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. (OTCMKTS:CURR) – Form-4 Alert

We’re circling back around to CURR for a few different reasons today. Firstly, the company was featured in an article yesterday on Seeking Alpha that identified it as one of the 20 most undervalued stocks with ties to the cannabis sector. (>>View Article)

Additionally, whenever we are tracking a particular company and notice the submission of a Form-4 (insider buying) we always take note, and one came in yesterday. CEO Robert Davidson increased his position, which you can verify by perusing the form. (>>View Form-4)

Lastly, as were recently mentioning about CURR in a previous report, the company held a Zoom webcast last Thursday pertaining to its current strategic positioning and direction. You can now view the entirety of the presentation without registering, on YouTube, and we would suggest that our readers do just that at their first opportunity. (>>View CURR Webcast – Total Runtime, 35:38)

Please direct any investor inquiries on CURR to:

Gary Zwetchkenbaum

Plum Tree Consulting LLC
Phone: (718) 224-3123
Cell: (516) 455-7662

Massive Options Success:

All of our options ideas from yesterday morning’s premarket report immediately bore fruit. We timed the bottom bounce on SWI perfectly as the stock ran 13% from 14.975-16.94, made a timely earnings play on NKE, and bet that the SPY, which was falling in the premarket, would rebound. The markets predictably dipped and ripped, and helped to provide all of the following intraday gain opportunities:

SWI 02/19 $12.50-17.50 Calls
3.97-5.30 (+34%)
$15: 2.25-3.80 (+69%)
$17.50: 1.80-2.60 (+44%)

SPY 12/23 $365-367 Calls
$365: 1.95-4.80 (+146%)
$366: 1.54-4.10 (+166%)
$367: 1.12-3.39 (+202%)

NKE Weekly (12/24) $142-145 Calls
$142: 2.71-6.40 (+136%)
$143: 2.09-5.59 (+167%)
$144: 1.78-4.90 (+175%)
$145: 1.38-4.20 (+204%)

In the case of the SPY and SWI, which are both gapping up big here in the premarket, we would expect to see our observed ranges and potential gains increase today.


Fresh Options Idea:
KMX Weekly $99-97.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Bottom-Watch Signal & More

The Cato Corp. CATO

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, we’ve been forced to move away from our traditional technical-based trading methods and become more opportunistic. In the case of CATO, however, we have an interesting opportunity with the stock being pressed down to its lowest prices in over a decade, just yesterday.

We are always looking for stocks that are searching out new lows, and will observe carefully in the days and weeks ahead as CATO establishes its own bottom. The company announced at the beginning of last month that would reopen most of its stores.

ABM Industries Inc. ABM 

In yesterday’s premarket report, we signaled a pair of contract sets to put on watch in the ABM chain, and we did see some solid movement in those on the day. They were the ABM Weekly $30 & 35 Calls and both made notable increases, with an especially impressive performance coming from the $35’s.

ABM Weekly $30-35 Calls
$30: 5.00-8.60 (+72%)
$35: 1.11-4.00 (+260%)

Fresh Ideas:
JBL Weekly $33.50-34.50 Calls*
KMX Weekly $98.50-100 Calls* 

*Please do not attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds.

Extended Watchlist: