Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Major Options Wins

Continued Options Success
We opened up the week yesterday morning by going over some of the amazing options trading gain opportunities we provided for our readers on Friday.

We also formulated four new sets of options ideas and after another bullish session by the markets at large, we got pleasing first day results from every single one of our new targets.

These were the single session gains available for anyone who was paying attention:

TSEM Weekly $18-20 Calls
$18 Calls – Range: 1.15-2.55 – Max Gain: 122%
$19 Calls – Range: .80-1.70 – Max Gain: 113%
$20 Calls – Range: .25-.95  – Max Gain: 280%

BAH Weekly $65-75 Calls
$65 Calls – Range: 4.70-7.00 – Max Gain: 49%
$70 Calls – Range: 1.27-2.20 – Max Gain: 73%
$75 Calls – Range: .08-.20  – Max Gain: 150%

GRUB Weekly $77.50-79 Calls 
$77.50 Calls – Range: 3.10-5.90 – Max Gain: 90%
$78 Calls – Range: 3.30-6.40 – Max Gain: 94%
$78.50 Calls – Range: 3.00-6.10 – Max Gain: 103%
$79 Calls – Range: 2.85-5.70 – Max Gain: 100%

MYL Weekly $21-22 Calls  
$78 Calls – Range: .21-.75 – Max Gain: 257%
$78.50 Calls – Range: .20-.50 – Max Gain: 150%
$79 Calls – Range: .12-.35 – Max Gain: 192%

More Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re still in the heart of a major blast of earnings reports, with hundreds of companies lining up over the next few days to report their quarterly results. Here is yet another 4-pack of ideas based off of the activity we’re observing this morning in the premarket.

PG Weekly $118-121 Calls
RL Weekly $110-113 Calls
LLY Weekly $108-110 Calls
OSTK Weekly $22.50-24 Calls

Extended Watchist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Tons of New Ideas!

Recapping a Huge Options Day 
The whole of last week was a bonanza of options trading opportunities for us, and we left off on Friday by giving readers three final fresh plays to close things out. Thanks to another solidly bullish session for the markets at large, all three of our ideas bore fruit in a big way.

Here are the daily ranges and the fantastic total percentage gains that were on the table:

Twitter, Inc. TWTR Weekly $38.50-41 Calls
$38.50 Calls – Range: 1.80-3.80 – Max Gain: 111%
$39 Calls – Range: 1.14-3.32 – Max Gain: 191%
$39.50 Calls – Range: 1.09-2.79 – Max Gain: 156%
$40 Calls – Range: .25-2.32 – Max Gain: 828%
$40.50 Calls – Range: .49-1.82  – Max Gain: 271%
$41 Calls – Range: .11-1.33 – Max Gain: 1109%

Starbucks, Inc. SBUX Weekly $95.50-96.50 Calls
$95.50 Calls – Range: .79-2.32 – Max Gain: 197%
$96 Calls – Range: .47-3.69 – Max Gain: 685%
$96.50 Calls – Range: .35-3.15 – Max Gain: 800%

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY Weekly $300-301 Calls
$300 Calls – Range: .87-2.24 – Max Gain: 157%
$300.50 Calls – Range: .54-1.80 – Max Gain: 233%
$301 Calls – Range: .29-1.22 – Max Gain: 321%


Fresh Options Ideas:

There appears to be a lot going on this morning as we start off another trading week. We’re going to dive right into the action with a variety of fresh new ideas:

TSEM Weekly $18-20 Calls
BAH Weekly $65-75 Calls
GRUB Weekly $77.50-79 Calls
MYL Weekly $21-22.50 Calls

Tenet Healthcare Corp. THC 

We began talking about THC on Wednesday morning, and tracking its options chain. Over the final three days of last week the stock made a major move on the chart, which facilitated eye popping options trading opportunities.

The stock itself ran from a low of 17.32 on Wednesday to 22.13 on Friday. That represents a three-day swing of 28% That move allowed one of our options targets, the $18 Calls, to make one of the largest percentage moves we’ve identified so far this year. From a low of .10, they soared to 3.59, which works out to a total possible gain of 3490% in a THREE DAY period!

Extended Watchist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updates, New Ideas

SPY Review 

On Friday, as we usualy do, we signaled some last minute ideas for options trading. In this case we called the SPY Weekly $292 Calls, and  we wanted to update readers on the performance those put forth.

Thanks to a surge in the markets later in the day,  which ran hard into the close, the SPY took off, and brought our trading idea with it. From a low of .37, the $292 Calls ran as high as 2.23. That was good for a single-day move of 503%

These instances should serve as an ongoing reminder of why we’ve shifted main focus to quick-strike options trading over the years. We have several multi-bag gainers like this each week. Case in point: Prior to this SPY Call we even had a couple of thousand percent gainers last week as well. We’ll attempt to find similar success once again as we kick off this holiday-shortened split trading week.

Fresh Idea:
SPY Weekly $295-296 Calls

MGM Resorts International Inc. MGM

We’ve been tracking a range of MGM contracts over the past few weeks, and the push into the close on Friday helped move the needle here as well.

Our targets have been the MGM 08/16 $28-30 Calls and while we have seen some decent little moves so far, there’s still plenty of time remaining before expiration. We wouldn’t be surprised to have to revisit these ideas again for more updates on added gains in the sessions to come.

$28 Calls – Range: 1.09-1.66 – Max Gain: 52%
$29 Calls – Range: .74-1.17 – Max Gain: 58%
$30 Calls – Range: .44-.75 – Max Gain: 70%

Other Updates:

We had both PHUN and FRSX in our extended watchlist on Friday and both turned in solid first day performances. 

PHUN – Range: 2.69-3.86 – Gain: 43%
FRSX Range:1.55-2.94 – Gain: 90%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NVAX, NQ & More

Novavax, Inc. NVAX 

NVAX is the latest Ebola-related stock to catch our eye, and while the initial fear that was driving a lot of these plays has calmed as people realize that the virus doesn’t exactly spread like wildfire, there is much being made of efforts to find a working vaccine and NVAX is attempting to answer that call.

The company announced today that it had presented at the 8th Vaccine and ISV Conference in Philadelphia on Sunday on what was called the first Ebola Vaccine Candidate based on the 2014 Guinea strain that caused the current outbreak in West Africa.

The company said it expects to begin Phase I testing by December, so we’re going to add NVAX to our watchlists for the time being. Additionally, the stock is gapping up to the tune of 10% here in the premarket, and the chart appears to have the possibility of a Golden Cross in the making.

NQ Mobile, Inc. NQ

This is a play we’ve tracked continuously since late this spring. After witnessing a nice move back in July from the low $4-range to the mid-$7′s, the stock had been under general consolidation until it found and bounced off of support about 6 weeks ago. It has made a nice steady recovery from that point on, and is gaining more traction this morning as it gaps up in the premarket on the heels of a PR.

The mobile security has just company submitted the necessary back-filings to once again become fully compliant, and no anomalies or adverse findings were uncovered, which adds another dimension to this play.

We also like the space NQ operates in- with mobile devices permeating every aspect of the current culture, the need for mobile security services such as those provided by NQ only stands to grow in the future.

Side Note:
PTIE, DRRX (Two that are gapping down significantly; we will want to watch for an eventual bounce)

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CBDE, MCPI News & More

CBD Energy Ltd. CBDE

CBDE is a fairly new issuer, and built some serious momentum off of its bottom on Friday after the announcement of a lucrative solar farm construction contract. The company reports expected pre-tax revenues from the project amounting to more than $6 Million to be recognized in 2015, so we’re going to place this new stock on our medium-to-long term watchlist.

In the meantime, CBDE appears to be on the cusp of breaking the $4-mark this morning, which is the level at which the stock began trading just a couple of months ago. We’ll be watching for a breach of this psychological barrier, which would effectively put CBDE in Blue Sky mode, with no telling where the ceiling might come.

It should make for an interesting story to follow in the days and weeks ahead.

Med-Cannabis Pharma, Inc. MCPI

Turning focus to the marijuana space, we’ve got a new play to add to our running watchlist. It’s most interesting to us because it has a part to play in the implementation of legalization in Washington, which has been much more subdued than Colorado’s roll-out.

The madness that ensued thereafter led to months of record-breaking gains, but at the same time led to an SEC crackdown on what had become a free-for-all of false claims and hysteria. For that reason, companies involved in the more slowly unfolding Washington cannabis industry have been fewer and further between.

That’s exactly why we want to keep an eye on MCPI moving forward, despite the fact that it has already seen exponential gains; it’s confirmed that the company actually has boots on the ground in Washington, as indicated in this morning’s press release that we think you’ll want to check out:

PORT TOWNSEND, WA, Aug 04, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Med-Cannabis Pharma, Inc. (OTCQB: MCPI), a Nevada Company specializing in Medical cannabis sales will be opening several Medical cannabis stores through its subsidiary Cannabis Hemporium in various towns on the Olympic Peninsula in the State of Washington during the month of August. The towns include Port Townsend, Port Hadlock and the Hood Canal location where work has been continuing for opening. >>> FULL PR

Side Note:

On Friday, we mentioned that we had an interest in PBR $16 Calls for this week, so we just wanted to remind readers that we would be focusing on those contracts as the trading week commences.

Extended Watchlist: