Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Recaps, Fresh Ideas & More

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. CMG 

Our extreme success on the options front continues. We cited the CMG chart setup as the reason for wanting to have our eye on the CMG Weekly $297.50-305 Calls yesterday morning, and were very pleased with the intraday performance we witnessed. It also didn’t hurt that the founder stepped down to make room for a new CEO, which went over well with the investment community.

Regardless of which strike price was chosen, there were some serious multi-bag single-session gains there for the taking:

$297.50 Calls – Range: 1.50-8.10 – Max Gain: 440%
$300 Calls – Range: 1.15-6.50 – Max Gain: 465%
$302.50 Calls – Range: .77-5.00 – Max Gain: 549%
$305 Calls – Range: .54-3.83 – Max Gain: 609%


Fresh Idea:

The Kroger Co. KR – We want to signal some options to watch for Kroger as well after the company tidily topped 3Q forecasts with this morning’s earnings report. We’re going to be looking to the KR Weekly 25.50-27.50 Calls to try to take advantage of the conditions. We’re also anxious to listen in on the conference call slated for later this morning.

Crypto Recaps

Whatever you refer to it as, virtual currency, digital currency, or cryptocurrency, the rise of Bitcoin has fueled a hugely popular market sector, and caused many small companies to shift focus to attempt to capitalize on what has become pure hysteria.  Bitcoin breached $11,300 yesterday, and as a result, some of the BTC-related plays we’ve tagged have enjoyed really nice moves on the chart.

Integrated Ventures, Inc. INTV – Having recently lauched its bitcoin mining efforts, INTV is a stock that we slated for observation in our watchlist yesterday morning. The stock responded with a solid run from .551 to .97, marking an intraday pop of 76% on more than ten times its monthly average volume.

Peer to Peer Network PTOP - This one appeared in our watchlist earlier this month on the 7th. We came early to the party on this one, but with Bitcoin setting its new all-time high once again yesterday, it woke up in a big way. That included a serious intraday move of 1780% as PTOP traded from a low of .0005-.0094. It represented the stock’s highest price in three years, and a new all time record high volume, with over 400 million shares changing hands on the day.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Watch Play & More

Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc. SGYP – Bottom Watch

We noticed SGYP start to sell off rapidly last week, after a poor earnings report and the pricing of a public offering on the stock with shares being offered at 2.58. Combined with the start of tax-loss selling season, and SGYP has approached extreme oversold territory.

We’ve now begun to take interest in this as a bottom watch play to monitor for a rebound in coming sessions, and it could ultimately be quite a recovery. We’ve got a stock that was trading for nearly seven dollars a share at the beginning of this year, beaten all the way down to new annual lows. If SGYP were to regain even a portion of the ground it’s lost in recent months, it would be worth our time to track it.

Wal-Mart Stores, inc. WMT – Options Idea

Looking at this morning’s premarket earnings calendar, it was WMT that jumped out at us the most, with a solid beat, and heightened guidance propelling the stock to a moderate gap up at the moment.

We’re going to formulate a quick options idea to try to take advantage of the situation. Walmart has been exceptionally bullish for most of this year, and is currently soaring into blue skies, setting a new annual high with every uptick.

We’re going to put the WMT Weekly $92-96 Calls on watch for the remainder of the week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Options Plays & More Inc. AMZN – Options Recap

We’ve been tracking a wide range of AMZN calls since our premarket report on Monday morning.

We placed the AMZN 10/06 $965-980 Calls on watch as we were looking for a reversal from the stock that did occur. Yesterday we only provided the moves from the bottom and the top of the range to save time but today we’ll lay out the moves from every set of contracts we’ve been watching.

We mentioned that the gains we had seen up until yesterday morning could be added on to by what appeared to be a bullish session forthcoming, and that came to pass as well. Every set in the range has seen solid intraweek gains.

$965 Calls - Range: 19.25-27.00 – Max Gain: 40%
$967.50 Calls – Range: 25.24 30.20 – Max Gain: 20%
$970 Calls – Range: 15.30-32.05 – Max Gain: 109%
$972.50 Calls – Range: 15.30-28.94 – Max Gain: 89%
$975 Calls - Range: 13.62-26.70 – Max Gain: 96%
$977.50 Calls – Range:  13.48-26.95 – Max Gain: 100%
$980 Calls – Range: 11.39-25.28 – Max Gain: 122%

Lululemon Athletica

LULU was, for the most part, in a general downtrend during the month of August, but to kick off September it looks like a change in pattern in due.

The company posted a solid beat on its post-market quarterly earnings release yesterday, and we want to use that untraded-upon development potentially to our advantage using an options idea.

We’ve had tremendous success with the LULU chain in the past, and this time, we’re going to be tracking the LULU Weekly $60.50-62 Calls* for possible daytrades.

*We never discuss weekly options on a Friday without going out of our way to warn our readers that trading contracts with a weekly expiration on a Friday is exceedingly risky and should only ever be attempted by expert traders!!!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Bounce Watchlist & More

Family Room Entertainment Corp. FMYR

FMYR made an appearance in Friday morning’s premarket watchlist, and was ready to make it’s rip right from the starting gun. The stock rapidly spiked 56% from .005-.0078, before dipping back to a low of .0045 and making a 33% swing back to the close at .006.

When it was all said and done, the stock ended up trading roughly ten times its monthly average volume. These are the type of volatile swingers that we like to track whenever we find them. When properly timed, these rapid intraday swings can be leveraged into quick profits. We’ll be on the lookout in the event of some momentum carryover from Friday.

Bottom-Bounce Watchlist

We’ve got a couple of plays with similar chart setups to tag for extended-term observation as we kick off this new trading week. Each of the following has exhibited signs of rebound action off of fairly recent annual lows, and in each case, a sizable gap on their respective charts is present. We’ve included snapshots of each chart below.

Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. ADMP- As you can see, ADMP gapped down hard in June, and followed that up with a selloff to new annual lows later that month. Recently it has been gaining ground off of its bottom, and at present the RSI is on the verge of cracking into the power zone.

Performance Sports Group Ltd. PSG - The gap on the chart in this case dates back to March, and it will need to break through a channel of resistance that we’ve marked below to make a run at filling it, but if that were to occur, we’d be talking about gains of several hundred percent from current PPS levels.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Kicking Off the Short Week

Good Morning Traders! We hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend; we’re all set to start the short week off strong. We’ve got several different things to talk about this morning, so without further ado, lets take a look: 

Dig-It Underground, Inc. DIGX

DIGX is a new item of interest that we’re going to start things off with today; the stock began to move on Thursday and Friday, and will be among the top plays that we’ll be monitoring for a potential breakout this week.

Per a recent PR, DIGX management has the intent to pursue opportunities in the cannabis sector, which we know as well as anyone, can mean big things on the chart if the company follows through so we’ll definitely be paying attention to that aspect of the story.

In the meantime, the company is supported by the revenues of its existing salon business, and we really like the potential of the chart as well:

We go over the DIGX Chart, as well as some of our other items of discussion this morning in the following video:

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Options

PBR hit yet another new high on Friday, this time pushing to 19.74. That spelled good things for the options contracts we’ve been tracking.

The January 17th $19 Calls, which we’ve seen as low as 1.23 as recently as Friday the 22nd, hit 2.48. That’s a one-week increase of 101% so congrats to anyone who was along for the ride.

Digital Ally, Inc. DGLY

DGLY pushed to new highs on Friday; the stock made a 15% intraday move to 19.86 which represents a sizable move up from recent lows.

We began to talk about this play on August 21st, at which time it was trading at 5.75, meaning we’ve already seen an overall increase of 245%

LabStyle Innovations Corp. DRIO

We brought up DRIO as a topic of discussion a week ago today, and we were pleased at the move we saw that day as the stock bounced from a low of .065 and ran as high as .08, a 23% spike.

The stock spent the next session under consolidation, and found support Thursday at .066, just one tick above our observed low. The bounce we saw from that point on would take DRIO to a new high, reaching its apex on Friday at a price of .093. That swing exceeded the initial run, and was good for gains of up to 40%

RadioShack Corp. RSH

We were seeing new highs attained all over the place on Friday, and RSH was no exception. The stock pressed to as much as 1.77 on more than six times the average volume.  That was just shy of the next key resistance point on the RSH chart, the 200DMA of 1.79.

Considering the fact that we caught this off of its 52-week low of .55 just a couple of weeks ago, we’d say we’ve fared pretty well with RSH. As of Friday’s new high, we were looking at an overall increase of 222%

Drone Aviation Holding Corp. DRNE

On Friday morning, we mentioned that we’d “have our eyes peeled for any chances that might present themselves with a potential rebound” in DRNE, and it was a good thing that we did.

The stock proceeded to trade from a morning low of .84, hit a high of 1.04 and closed just a penny below at 1.03. That was a healthy 24% move on nearly six times the 1-month average volume.

Side Notes:

Kandi Technologies, Inc. KNDI, a stock we’ve been familiar with in the past, got hit pretty hard during Friday’s session, presumably due to an adverse reaction to an announced secondary stock offering. We’re going to be monitoring the situation there, waiting for the dust to settle. It’s possible that it could lead us to some opportunities on a subsequent rebound.

Speaking of plays we’ll be monitoring on the heels of some recent consolidation, we’ve got China Finance Online, Ltd. JRJC. We tracked this play for gains of nearly 30% the week before last, and it had been pulling back off of that spike through last week, so we’ll be watching to see where this one finds support as well.

Extended Watchlist:
PAWS, CPWR, HGSH, ASTI, JDST, ADMP, EXEL(Large gap down radar for a eventual bounce)