Run of Success Continues, 4 New Earnings Ideas

Another Beautiful Options Trading Session:

We kept things moving along at a solid pace yesterday, with our trend of successful options ideas being extended yet another day. Out of four potential ideas in our premarket report which included a total of twelve sets of contracts/possible strike points, only one set of that dozen failed to produce notable intraday upswings.

We’d call that pretty high, accuracy-wise, and that’s what we expect from ourselves on a daily basis. Yesterday’s plays were the, the AMD Weekly $117-119 Calls, the HUM Weekly $475-485 Calls, the EA Weekly $132-130 Puts, and the EMR Weekly $94-96 Calls, and here’s the rundown of the intraday pops they recorded on the session:

AMD Weekly $117-119 Calls
.23-.43 (+87%)
$118: .19-.33 (+74%)
$119: .15-.25 (+66%)

HUM Weekly $475-485 Calls
7.00-14.40 (+106%)
$480: 4.10-10.20 (+149%)
$485: 2.41-6.70 (+178%)

EMR Weekly $94-96 Calls
$94: N/A
$95: .55-1.25 (+127%)
$96: .30-.55 (+83%)

EA Weekly $132-130 Puts
$132: 3.99-5.50 (+38%)
$131: 3.17-4.28 (+35%)
$130: 1.55-4.40 (+255%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PYPL Weekly $69-67 Puts
QCOM Weekly $119-118 Puts
SHOP Weekly $62-61 Puts
BUD Weekly $57-58 Calls

T2 Biosystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTOO) – Recap

In our daily extended watchlists, we typically include a mix of stocks from the OTC as well as the upper exchanges, and TTOO is a NASDAQ play that we’ve been tracking over the past couple of weeks. Our most recent tag of the stock came on July 21st, and since that day we have witnessed a run from a low of .0972 up to this morning’s premarket high of .4095, which works out to a rise of 321%

Extended Watchlist: