Passing the Midway Point of a Solid Trading Week

More Options Review:

As we head into this midweek, we are tracking a number of options plays like a typical week. As usual, most of our targets turned up nice gain opportunities on the day yesterday, with three out of four sets of weekly calls recording notable intraday runs.

We had the UPS Weekly $187.50-192.50 Calls, the RTX Weekly $81.50-82 Calls, and the BP Weekly $25 Calls on our radar, and those three plays delivered multiple chances for our readers following their respective companies’ earnings reports.

UPS Weekly $187.50-192.50 Calls
$187.50: 3.93-10.05 (+156%)
$190 : 2.40-7.87 (+228%)
$192.50: 1.50-5.85 (+290%)

RTX Weekly $81.50-82 Calls
 .60-2.15 (+258%)
$82 : .38-1.92 (+405%)

BP Weekly $25 Calls
$25 : 
.20-.31 (+55%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AMD Weekly $87-89 Calls
SONY Weekly $107-110
V Weekly $230-235 Calls

Rennova Health Inc. RNVA

Continuing along with the trend of OTC runners we’ve recently been unearthing, we’ve got a brief update for you on RNVA. The stock has appeared in our reports multiple times this month as it has begun to come off of its recently established 52-week lows.

Following our signal of RNVA in our report on Friday, the stock traded for as little .0006, and yesterday it surged past the super-subpenny/subpenny border as it hit .0013. That works out to a 117% rise since Friday. Readers who only caught yesterday’s watchlist still had the chance for gains of up to 86% off of its intraday range from .0007-.0013.

Extended Watchlist:

OTC Multibagger, Fresh Options Ideas

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD – Recap

Out of our fresh options trading ideas in yesterday’s premarket report, we were most pleased with the performance AMD.

We had signaled the AMD Weekly $83-85 Calls for observation, and despite a relatively choppy day for the markets at large, we still saw some very nice intraday gain opportunities. Here’s the breakdown on those:

AMD Weekly $83-85 Calls
: .63-1.02 (+62%)
$83.50: .60-.86 (+43%)
$84: .45-.78 (+73%)
$84.50: .44-.66 (+50%)
$85: .37-.61 (+65%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SNE Weekly $79-80.50 Calls
MSFT Weekly $210-205 Puts
MA Weekly $307.50-302.50 Puts 

BioRestorative Therapy, Inc. BRTXQ

We also witnessed new highs from a stock in yesterday’s watchlist, BRTXQ, a play that we’ve been tracking since August, when it was trading for as little as .0092.

Yesterday BRTXQ traded in an intraday range from .0255-.0327 (+29%). As measured from our initially observed low on this OTC play, that represents an overall move of 255%

Extended Watchlist:

Recapping Monday’s Bearish Ideas

Recapping Monday’s Bearish Ideas

After officially wrapping up our last week’s excellent performance yesterday morning, and reporting the nice gains we managed on Friday, we kept the momentum going with some fresh options ideas. We always try to feed new ideas into the mix each and every day when possible, and keep our focus on where the potential action is heaviest.

We went bearish on both NRZ and SAP, signaling the NRZ $9-8 Puts and the SAP $130-120 Puts. In both cases we had access to significant gains on the day, which were as follows:

NRZ $9-8 Puts
: .78-1.14 (+46%)
$8: .20-.48 (+140%)

SAP $130-120 Puts 
$130: 12.10-16.96 (+40%)
$125: 8.82-12.55 (+42%)
$120: 5.30-8.55 (+61%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AMD Weekly $83-85 Calls
MRK Weekly $79-80.50 Calls
NFLX 12/04 $510-515 Calls

Extended Watchlist: