Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPU Continues Epic Run & More

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. SPU

Since we tagged SPU in our morning report the Friday before last, the stock has done nothing but break into blue skies. The first day we caught it at a low of 4.00 and its performance since has been nothing short of incredible, with Friday being the fifth consecutive session it recorded higher lows and higher highs.

On Friday, we were remarking about just that, and mentioned that based on premarket activity, we thought SPU could be in line for another solid session despite having reached overbought status.

Our instincts proved reliable, as SPU once set a new high for us, running  24% intraday from 11.54 to 14.29, before closing with strength at 14.25. The new high represented an total increase of 257% over our observed low from just a week earlier! Congrats to anyone who was along for this epic ride!

QUALCOMM, Inc. QCOM – We’ve also got some updated figures on the QCOM Calls we began tracking on Thursday. The QCOM Weekly $58-61 Calls, despite having already brought us chances for gains ranging from 79% up to 575% that day, still produced further opportunities on Friday.

Astonishingly, some of the single-session gains we observed actually made Thursday’s opportunities seem small by comparison!

$58 Calls – Range: 2.10-3.14 – Max Gain: 49%
$58.50 Calls – Range: 1.49-2.63 – Max Gain: 97%
$59 Calls – Range: 1.03-2.16 – Max Gain: 77%
$59.50 Calls – Range: .53-1.60 – Max Gain: 202%
$60 Calls – Range: .15-1.18 – Max Gain: 687%
$60.50 Calls – Range: .05-.56 – Max Gain: 1020%
$61 Calls – Range: .01-.21 – Max Gain: 2000%

Universal Apparel & Textile Co. DKGR

DKGR was an inclusion in Friday’s watchlist, and it saw a modest yet solid intraday upswing. It ran from a low of .036 to .048 for a gain of 33% which came on slightly over twice the average monthly trading volume.

We’ll keep an eye skinned for further activity as the stock maintained more than half its daily advance into the close at .045.

Golden Cross Watch:

We are going to be monitoring both  Anavex, Inc. AVXL and Kopin Corp. KOPN in sessions to come, as both chart appear to be working toward the possibility of a Golden Cross.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: QCOM, SPU Updates & More

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. SPU

Yesterday we were just remarking on the excellent performance of SPU, a stock we’d just tagged for observation last Friday, which had gone on a major upswing over the four preceding sessions. To that point, it had run from a low of 4.00 up to Wednesday’s high of 10.13 (+153%).

SPU proceeded to pile up the gains as it streaked to a new high once again during yesterday’s session. From an early low of 8.82, the stock broke past previous resistance and hit 12.30. That was good for an intraday gain of 39% as well as an overall increase over our observed low of 4.00 from Friday, amounting to 207%

Though the chart is beginning to look a bit toppy, we’ll stay on SPU’s trail provided it can continue to record higher daily lows as it has done each day since we initially brought it to the table. With the stock gapping up back into the $12-range in premarket trading, the table could be set for another interesting session.

We caught QCOM on the heels of an earning beat yesterday and formulated a range of corresponding options ideas. Our highlighted target range was the QCOM Weekly $58-61 Calls, and all seven of the contracts within came up with solid single-session moves:

$58 Calls – Range: 1.35-2.42 – Max Gain: 79%
$58.50 Calls – Range: .99-1.95 – Max Gain: 97%
$59 Calls – Range: .60-1.50 – Max Gain: 150%
$59.50 Calls – Range: .34-1.05 – Max Gain: 209%
$60 Calls – Range: .15-.70 – Max Gain: 367%
$60.50 Calls – Range: .07-.40 – Max Gain: 471%
$61 Calls – Range: .04-.27 – Max Gain: 575%

It was the second day in a row that our options ideas yielded multi-bag profit potential, and a great example of why we continuously return to options trading as an alternative to traditional securities.

MaxSound Corp. MAXD

We also want to quickly congratulate anyone who caught our re-alert on MAXD this past Friday, when the stock was trading as low as .0043. Yesterday, it cracked though and held above the barrier into Pennyland, reaching a high of, and closing at .0125. That marks a 191% rip that we’ve witnessed here in under a week’s time!

Extended Watchlist:
KONE(Abnormal Activity, Potential Dip & Rip)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: OPTT, MSFT Recaps & More

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. OPTT

It was June 16th when OPTT started appearing on our scans, and subsequent to that, we’ve witnessed the stock trading as low as 2.33.

The stock has really been ramping up the intensity in recent sessions, causing us to tag it on Monday (low of 5.72), and then again in yesterday’s report. OPTT had a really nice intraday performance in yesterday’s session, wherein traders could have banked up to 97% in gains as it ran from 7.94 to a new high of 15.65.

From our alert on Monday, that high represents an upswing of 174%, and from our overall observed low from last month, a PPS increase of 572%  For us to stay keen on OPTT moving forward, we’ll want to see it hold at Tuesday’s swing high of 9.87 on any forthcoming pullbacks.

Microsoft Corp. MSFT – Options Update

With MSFT’s recent aquisition of LNKD and an exciting earnings beat yesterday, MSFT was causing a buzz on the Street. We honed in on some corresponding options ideas for a potential daytrading opportunity, and it unsurprisingly turned out quite well in our favor.

The specific range we highlighted was the MSFT Weekly $54.50-56.50 Calls and the total possible gains on each were as follows:

$54.50 Calls – Range: 1.16-2.31 – Max Gain: 99%
$55 Calls – Range: .76-1.86 – Max Gain: 148%
$55.50 Calls – Range: .46-1.36 – Max Gain: 196%
$56 Calls – Range:  .24-.95 – Max Gain: 296%
$56.50 Calls – Range: .10-57 – Max Gain: 470%

We’ll continue to trail these contracts for the remainder of the week, as further opportunities may be present.

Fresh Options Idea:

QUALCOMM, Inc. QCOM – We’ve got an earnings beat causing this stock to move in the premarket, so we’re going to be monitoring the QCOM Weekly $58-61 Calls.

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. SPU

We placed SPU on watch on Friday, and the stock has been gaining some excellent ground this week over our observed low of 4.00 from that morning. Yesterday it hit a high of 10.13, marking a move of 153%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Afternoon Updates

Virtual Sourcing, Inc. PGCX

Each time PGCX has bounced in recent weeks, it has achieved higher lows with each following cycle. That trend continued today, with the lowest trade going off at .097, and currently, the stock is trading at its high of day, .1225, a 26% intraday increase.

This morning we mentioned that we were curious to see how high this bounce would be, and we’re still interested in finding out. This could very well be a play that we follow into next week.

Extended Watchlist Winners

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

ICLD jumped off of our watchlist this morning, having already given folks an opportunity at gains in excess of  97% from 4.41 to 8.67.

Fonar Corp. FONR

FONR has also turned in a decent performance thus far, trading in a range from 13.14 to 15.48, a possible gain of up to 18%

These, as well as several of our other mentions from this morning (FNMA, FMCC, PLUG, QCOM) are faring extremely well today. We’re wrapping up another solid week of trading, and hope to see you all back here Monday morning when we’ll do it all over again! 

PLUG, YRCW, VNDA, PCGX, FNMA, FMCC & Extended Watchlist

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG
PLUG continues to be a winner for us, seemingly, every time we mention it in one of our reports. Yesterday, we were anticipating a potentially profitable session based on observed indicators on the chart, and once again our timing proved to be extremely accurate.After touching a low of .58 early in the day, PLUG would climb for the rest of the session, closing at its high-of-day, .67. That represents a solid 16% increase on slightly less than twice the 3mo. average volume. With a head of steam like that building, we’ll be sure to continue monitoring PLUG today.

YRC Worldwide, Inc. YRCW

On Wednesday, YRCW appeared in our extended watchlist as a play that was gapping down, noting that we were on the lookout for a reversal. That’s just what happened, as we observed a 13% intraday move from the stock on that day. We continued to monitor YRCW yesterday and were once again met with positive results.

Trading in a daily range from a low of 7.51, YRCW was up as high as 8.699, marking a 16% intraday gain.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. VNDA

After an appearance in Tuesday’s extended watchlist, and a feature in Wednesday’s report, wherein we were expecting FDA-related news from VNDA regarding a New Drug Application. The result was so highly-anticipated that it warranted NASDAQ to halt the stock on Thursday.

The FDA committee indeed met and are recommending approval of the company’s drug “tasimelteon, proposed tradename HETLIOZ(TM), for the treatment of Non-24-Hour Disorder (Non-24) in the totally blind.” Non-24 is

As expected, the stock has resumed trading today and is gapping up this morning, with trades going off in the 14.60-16.50 range. This is already a substantial increase from our initial alert price at 11.07, and with positively-charged FDA news hot off the presses, profit margins could very well expand even further.

Virtual Sourcing, Inc. PGCX

Our timing was just a little bit early in our October 24th mention of PGCX. We were looking out for a bottom that would take until early last week to occur. However, when it did, it bounced off of support at .08, and subsequently made a 100% rip to .16.

The stock caught our eye yesterday, as it appeared to be searching out support once again, and found it at .09. We are curious to see how high the resulting bounce here could be in comparison to the one we observed previously.

Fannie Mae FNMA
& Freddie Mac FMCC

We follow this mortgage lending pair fairly regularly, and began re-introducing them onto our main watchlist on October 24th. At the time FNMA was trading as low as 1.86, and FMCC at 1.69.  Each has been on a steady increase since that time, with Fannie hitting a high of 3.08, and Freddie, 2.90. Both show no signs of relenting today, and are gapping up in premarket trading. (FNMA last traded at 3.42, FMCC at 3.30)

Some of you might remember the gains amounting to 350% we saw from these play earlier this year, so if past results are any indication of what we can expect from these two moving forward, we could be in for yet another wild ride at their expense.

Extended Watchlist: