Options Runners & More

More Earnings Hits: 

Our impressive run of options success continued with the fresh ideas we included in yesterday’s premarket report. We were feeling bearish about Campbell’s and United Foods following their quarterly earnings reports, and our instincts proved to be well founded.

Our targets were the CPB Weekly $48-46 Puts, and the UNFI 06/18 $40-35 Puts, and in both cases, we witnessed some very nice intraday moves in our targeted ranges.

CPB Weekly $48-46 Puts
1.11-2.14 (+93%)
$47.50: .70-1.86 (+166%)
$47: .35-1.35 (+286%)
$46.50: .25-.87 (+248%)
$46: .12-.46 (+283%)

UNFI 06/18 $40-35 Puts

$40: 5.90-7.99 (+35%)
$35: 1.03-3.44 (+234%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SIG Weekly $64-66 Calls
RH Weekly $657.50-665 Calls

Majic Wheels Corp. MJWL – Update:  

We have been tracking MJWL for some time now, with our initial tag coming in on the morning of May 13th. Subsequent to that report just a shade under a month ago, the stock changed hands for as little as .0094.

Toward the end of May and into this month MJWL has been streaking to new highs, yesterday reaching its best mark yet at .0791. That’s a total increase of 741% in just a short time. Even those who had only caught our tag of MJWL this Monday morning, still had a shot at some nice gains. Monday’s low came in at .0453, which as of yesterday’s new high marked a three-day upswing of  75%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PCSV Video, EGYF Recap & More

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. PCSV

After catching the news that PCSV had entered into the world of drone racing via an acquisition announced on Friday, we tagged the stock for extended-term watch. What has followed is three excellent sessions of higher recorded highs and lows, along with a monstrous percentage increase.

From Friday’s low of .025 which was logged on the heels of our initial alert, PCSV attained the new high mark of a dime yesterday, which works out to an incredible 300% surge. We’ll continue to track its performance as we head through midweek, looking for the stock to maintain support above a nickel on any course corrections that may occur.

We’ve also prepared a video chart highlighting the finer points of the current PCSV chart:

Energy Finders, Inc. EGYF

EGYF is a stock that we’ve been tracking for exactly three months now, having already witnessed double-bag moves out of it toward the end of the calendar year. We re-tagged it in yesterday morning’s premarket report just in time for our readers to catch a chance at some premium intraday gains.

EGYF ramped up steadily throughout the course of the day, and ended in a flash of brilliance as it ran hard into the close. When the dust finally settled, we’d witnessed an intraday run from .0044 to .0094, which comes out to a rock solid 114% pop!

Macy’s, Inc. M – Options Recap

After an impressive earnings beat from Macy’s yesterday, we signaled our interest in a wide range of options contracts, the M Weekly $41.50-45 Calls, and each and every one gave ourselves and our readers the opportunity to realize some big-time profits on the day, with the $43’s registering the biggest move, a jaw-dropping 15-bagger!

$41.50 Calls – Trading Range:  .73-2.51 – Max Gain: 244%
$42 Calls – Trading Range: .29-1.75 – Max Gain: 503%
$42.50 Calls – Trading Range: .34-1.20 – Max Gain: 253%
$43 Calls – Trading Range: .06-1.00 – Max Gain: 1566%
$43.50 Calls – Trading Range:  .15-.63 – Max Gain: 320%
$44 Calls – Trading Range:   .09-.49 – Max Gain: 444%
$44.50 Calls – Trading Range: .08-.30 – Max Gain: 275%
$45 Calls – Trading Range:  .05-.20 – Max Gain: 300%

Extended Watchlist: