Closing Out Another Excellent Trading Week

Solid Options Sweep: 

We posted another clean sweep on options ideas in yesterday’s premarket report, offering up a pair of fresh ideas, and knocking them both out of the park with multi-bag gain opportunities on the day!

We were specifically targeting the DRI 10/15 $155-160 Calls and the ACN Weekly $337.50-342.50 Calls,  on the heels of the companies’ earnings reports. Despite being in a relative down-period for earnings reporters, we have been able to work with what we’ve got.

Here are the total possible intraday gains that were on the table for those ideas yesterday:

DRI 10/15 $155-160 Calls
$155: 5.00-10.22 (+104%)
$160: 1.85-6.70 (+262%)

ACN Weekly $337.50-342.50 Calls
$337.50: 2.63-7.30 (+178%)
$340: 1.40-5.40 (+286%)
$342.50: .90-3.00 (+233%)

Eargo, Inc. EAR – Bottom Watch: 

We’re also looking at a possible long term recovery play in EAR, which got severely beaten up yesterday with a major gap-down. It may end up being a decent bottom play for the stock itself but we’re going to signal a longer-term options idea to track as well, in the EAR 11/19 $7.50-10 Calls.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
NKE Weekly $155-152.50 Puts*
COST Weekly $452.50-457.50 Calls*
SKX Weekly $48-46 Puts*

*Do not attempt to trade options contracts on their day of expiration unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: More Big Winners

The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. EL – Recap

At this point, mentioning that our most recent fresh options idea turned in a great performance seems to be a foregone conclusion. Nearly everything we’ve touched in 2019 with respect to earnings related options ideas has turned to gold.

EL is just the next link in that chain of premium options tradings ideas we’ve delivered to our readers so far this. It was a new idea for yesterday morning’s premarket report, the EL Weekly $145 & $150 Calls,  and both of those strike points produced big-time single-session gains.

The $145’s ran 128% from 5.28 to 12.00, while the $150’s exploded from a low of 1.99 and hit 7.50, for potential intraday profits of up to 276%

Fresh Idea:
GSK Weekly $39.50-40.50 Calls
GM Weekly $39-41 Calls

Travena, Inc. TRVN

We also want to review a call we made on a stock at the end of 2018 that has found success in the early goings of 2019. We highlighted TRVN for observation in our report dated December 28th, and that day, the stock was trading for as little as .40, and it would never fall lower.

The reached .60 around the halfway point through January, and last week, exactly a month following our tag, TRVN kicked into high gear, reaching 1.45; an increase of 263% over our observed low from the morning of our initial alert.

The stock is currently flirting with its 200DMA, and if it can break previous resistance around the 1.50 area, there is a massive gap to the upside. Things could get even more interesting from there.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SBUX Options & More


Yesterday was a day for options, with a whole calendar full of earnings reports, and we formulated a couple of fresh ideas in LUV and MKC, going bullish and bearish, respectively. Both sets of contracts produced really good opportunities for intraday gains.

Southwest Airlines Co.

LUV Weekly $52-54 Calls

$52 Calls
 – Range: 1.25-2.63 – Max Gain: 110%
$52.50 Calls – Range: .99-1.90 – Max Gain: 92%
$53 Calls – Range: .56-1.85 – Max Gain: 230%
$53.50 Calls – Range: .40-1.25 – Max Gain: 213%
$54 Calls – Range: .20-1.00 – Max Gain: 400%

McCormick & Co. Inc.
MKC 02/15 $125 & $120 Puts
$125 Puts – Range: 3.11-5.51 – Max Gain: 77%
$120 Puts – Range: 1.51-1.91 – Max Gain: 26%

SBUX Weekly $66-67.50 Calls*
WDC Weekly $43.50-45 Calls*

*Please do not attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you an advanced level trader with disposable funds.

Briggs & Stratton Corp. BGG

We want to close things out this week by commenting on Briggs & Stratton’s gap down to its lowest PPS since the the early 1990’s. While it may see more short term losses first, we still want to radar this as a bottom-watch play.

Extended Watchlist: