Starting 2022 Off the Right Way

Ringing in the New Year with Options Updates

We’ve been tracking several longer-term options plays in recent sessions, and today for the first report of the new calendar year, we’ve got some updates on the moves we’ve observed.

Starting off with BBIO, we were on top of that one from Tuesday of last week, watching as it gradually pressed to new highs each day. The stock itself has run from 12.06-17.34 during that span (+44%). We were targeting the BBIO 02/18 $12.50-15 Calls and thus far here are the total increases we’ve observed in those plays:

BBIO 02/18 $12.50-15 Calls 
$12.50: 1.85-5.11 (+176%)
$15: 1.50-3.60 (+140%)

On the same day last Tuesday, we signaled interest in some MRNA targets as well, highlighting the MRNA 01/21 $250-260 Calls and they too produced some nice increases on the week when all was said and done.

MRNA 01/21 $250-260 Calls
$250: 11.45-22.04 (+92%)
$252.50: 11.17-20.00 (+79%)
$255: 10.21-19.04 (+86%)
$257.50: 10.55-17.90 (+70%)
$260: 9.10-17.00 (+87%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY 01/03 $476-478 Calls*
FB Weekly $337.50-340 Calls 

*Please don’t attempt to trade options on the day of their expiration unless you are an experienced trader with access to disposable funds!

Extended Watchlist:

Potential Swing Trades to Track into 2022

Bottom Play Options Candidates:

The winter holiday season is upon us, and it has been tough sledding over the past week with regard to the low amount of daily earnings reporters. Unfortunately, this down period is going to persist for the next month, but we will still make every effort to scout out and formulate trading ideas. We’ve gotten through other earnings dry spells before, and we’ll do it again this time as well!

Typically when there are no earnings to fuel intraday volatility that we can use to our advantage, we search for insider trading, and favorable technical setups as the next best thing. We’ve got some fresh ideas today that fall into both of those categories, with insider trades recently logged in VZIO and ETLB, and an interesting chart setup on TKR.

All three of these qualify as bottom plays that are going to be prime swing trade candidates to track into the new year:

TKR 01/21 $65-70 Calls
VZIO 01/21 $19-20 Calls
ETLB 01/21 $80-85 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Multiple Key Updates & Big Runners

Medigus, Ltd. MDGS – News Alert:

We’ve got more fresh news hitting the wires this morning from MDGS. One of the things we like best about the company is the frequency with which it communicates with its shareholders.

Today’s release pertains to the hiring of an advisory firm to guide Polyrizon, in which Medigus is a stakeholder, toward FDA approval for its nasal gels which are preventative against viruses, including COVID-19 and the flu.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Oct. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies and electric vehicle and charging solutions, announced today that Polyrizon Ltd., (37.01%), that it has engaged with a full-service Contract Research Organisation (CRO), to advise the Company in its pursuit of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submission for its products. (>>View Full PR)

Watchlist Updates: 

We typically encourage our readers to keep track of not only the featured items in our daily reports, but our ‘Extended Watchlists’ as well. They often include hidden opportunities waiting to be unearthed.

Such was the case yesterday with DWAC, which was included in our premarket report before exploding from a daily low of 12.62 up as high as 52.00. That works out to an intraday run of 312%  Our overall observed range has increased already this morning with a premarket high of 93.43, which marks a rise of 640%

We also signaled MGTI on Monday morning, and it has posted a solid intraweek performance thus far. The stock came up from a low of .041  to a high of .064, an increase of 58%

Options Recap: 

Last but not least, we went three for three on options ideas in yesterday’s report, which provided the following intraday gain opportunities for our readers:

CSX Weekly $34-36 Calls
1.30-1.84 (+42%)
$35: .45-.90 (+100%)
$36: .05-.24 (+380%)

BX Weekly $130-133 Calls
$130: 2.50-4.83 (+93%)
$131: 1.69-3.67 (+117%)
$132: .93-3.05 (+228%)
$133: .72-2.32 (+222%)

T Weekly $25.50-26.50 Calls 
$25.50: .20-.34 (+70%)
$26: .15-.36 (+140%)
$26.50: .05-.11 (+120%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
STX Weekly $82.50-85 Calls
AXP Weekly $177.50-182.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: