Blue Horseshoe Stocks: More SPY Action


We want to formulate a new options idea for the SPY, but first, we would like to present the final performance of the Weekly SPY Calls we signaled last Tuesday.

Those were the SPY Weekly SPY Weekly $272.50-274 Calls and the gains they experienced over the course of the short holiday week were exceedingly impressive, with percentage increases in the thousands on two out of four contracts, with the other two set not trailing far behind, with huge multi-bag gains of their own. .

$272.50 Calls – Range: .43-3.35 – Max Gain: 679%
$273 Calls – Range: .28-2.82 – Max Gain: 907%
$273.50 Calls – Range: 17-2.35 – Max Gain: 1282%
$274 Calls – Range: .09-1.82 – Max Gain: 1922%

As we mentioned above, we’ve got a fresh idea for the SPY for today as well. in the wake of this morning’s positive jobs numbers. We’re going to keep an eye on the SPY 07/09 (Expire Today*) 275.50-277 Calls.

*Speculation in these contracts today is tantamount to trading weekly options on a Friday. Should NOT be attempted, except by veteran traders with disposal funds!

Intrexon Corp. XON – Form-4 Bottom Bouncer

We’re very interested in the current scenario with XON. We noticed the CEO purchasing roughly $100M worth of the company’s stock last week at 13.37, and we like the current technical setup as well, with a strong bottom bounce in progress along with a gap on the chart to the upside.

We could see an significant move happening for the stock itself, but we also want to include an extended term options idea for more leverage in the case of a protracted recovery, which is presently looking like a solid possibility. We’ll have an eye on the XON 08/17 $14-17 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NGCG, BABA Options & More

New Generation Consumer Group, Inc. NGCG

Many of the stocks that we’ve placed on the Blue Horseshoe Stocks Stock Tracker lately have really turned some heads, and NGCG is the latest chapter in that ongoing story. We placed the stock on the tracker less than ten minutes into the session, and it was also a topic of discussion in our trading chatroom*.

From there, we witnessed one heck of run as NGCG tore its way up from a low of .0049 to touch .0175, an intraday spike of 257% The huge move came in the wake of the news of a massive share reduction, in which NGCG informed the public that it now has 484,608,753 shares outstanding, with an updated public float of 40,880,342. With such a low float, big volume has the potential to generate huge moves on the chart as yesterday’s session certainly proved.

We also like the company from a business standpoint; their “Mucho Macho Michelada Mix” is already on shelves, currently sold by high-profile retailers like 7/11, Amazon, Kmart, and more. This gives us another compelling reason to have NGCG on our radars moving forward.

Added Note:
We also want to extend our congratulations to one of our chatroom members, DJ, who brought DGLV to the room on Friday afternoon just before the closing bell at a PPS of .025. (You can see his reminder in the snapshot of yesterday’s alert on NGCG above.)  Yesterdays high of .104 registered as a 316% increase, so on behalf of the rest of our members, thanks a ton for your contribution, DJ!*

*Any readers who’d like to get involved in our trading chats in the future can do so easily! For either the Premium or the free chats, simply add “stocksumo” as a contact on Skype and request access!

Options Idea

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA – We’re also looking at BABA for a possible options trading opportunity, specifically with the 03/20 $95 Calls. We noticed that there is a gap to fill on the chart up to the $98-level. If BABA can get back to $98 by March 20th, those calls would be worth roughly 3.00, which would be quite a nice move from yesterday’s closing price of .80.

RadioShack Corp RSHCQ

Our mention of RadioShack in yesterday’s report also paid off, with the newly downlisted stock trading in a daily range from .1251-.1485, a solid 19% intraday gain. It did what we said we wanted to see it do, registering higher highs and higher lows off of its recently established bottom. We’ll continue to watch RSHCQ as the company navigates its way through bankruptcy proceedings.

Extended Watchlist: