GGII FIFTY-Bagger & More

Yesterday’s Options Runners:

We offered up a pair of fresh options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, zeroing in on the TSN Weekly $79-79.50 Calls and the BNTX Weekly $195-197.50 Calls. Despite a poor day for the markets at large, we saw some intraday trend-bucking from our designated interests, which logged multibag moves across the board.

Here are the intraday moves and total possible gains for anyone who was also tracking these contract sets: 

TSN Weekly $79-79.50 Calls
$79: .24-1.11 (+362%)
$79.50: .16-.88 (+633%)

BNTX Weekly $195-197.50 Calls
5.00-13.47 (+169%)
$197.50: 4.30-11.00 (+156%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 05/12 $415-413 Puts
PLTR Weekly $17.50-17 Puts
RBLX Weekly $63-64 Calls 

More OTC Success:

For those of our readers who are not aware, we started in this business in the mid 2000’s almost solely on the back of our interest in OTC-traded securities. The past TEN of those years worth of newsletters is still available for perusal on our permanent archive at

That’s why, even as we’ve shifted primarily to quick-strike options trading as our main focus over the years, we still take great pleasure in tracking and reaping benefits from the recent success we’ve seen in a lot of these lower exchange plays.

Here are new highs from yesterday in some of the stocks that we’ve been mentioning in our newsletters of late:

Green Globe International, Inc. GGII:

First Alert: 04/14
Subsequent Range: .0018-.105
Total Possible Gain: 5733%

Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. GVSI:

First Alert: 04/20
Subsequent Range: .0036-.0545
Total Possible Gain: 1414%

Elray Resources, Inc. ELRA:
First Alert: 05/06
Subsequent Range: .0023-.0085
Total Possible Gain: 270%

Extended Watchlist:

Private Chat Play Blows Lid, Options Ideas

Why Sign Up for Our Premium Tier? 

Our premium service, Veteran Trading, has been operating for several weeks now, with more new subscribers signing on all the time. Our basic package entails a private Telegram chat where we provide realtime trading ideas that do not appear in our daily premarket reports.

Yesterday, on the heels of a Secretary of State reinstatement, we tagged NGCG in the private room just prior to the open, as you can see on the snapshot below.

Following our signal, NGCG ran from a daily low of .0066 to as high as .03, which represents an intraday upswing of 355%, a serious intraday gain opportunity. We urge you to send a brief email indicating your interest in our premium service, along with a short description of your trading experience to

Another potential reinstatement play that we are going to be watching today is PFND. Get in touch with us about commencing your subscription with Veteran Trading today, and never miss another chance for big gains!

Swing-Trade Options Ideas:

We like the look of the charts on both ATNX and OTRK, and will be issuing some extended-term potential swing trade ideas to correspond.

ATNX 07/16 $5-7.50 Calls
OTRK 05/21 $40-45 Calls

More Options Plays:
TLRY Weekly $24.50-25.50 Calls
JD Weekly $93-96 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 

Bottom-Watch Signal & More

The Cato Corp. CATO

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, we’ve been forced to move away from our traditional technical-based trading methods and become more opportunistic. In the case of CATO, however, we have an interesting opportunity with the stock being pressed down to its lowest prices in over a decade, just yesterday.

We are always looking for stocks that are searching out new lows, and will observe carefully in the days and weeks ahead as CATO establishes its own bottom. The company announced at the beginning of last month that would reopen most of its stores.

ABM Industries Inc. ABM 

In yesterday’s premarket report, we signaled a pair of contract sets to put on watch in the ABM chain, and we did see some solid movement in those on the day. They were the ABM Weekly $30 & 35 Calls and both made notable increases, with an especially impressive performance coming from the $35’s.

ABM Weekly $30-35 Calls
$30: 5.00-8.60 (+72%)
$35: 1.11-4.00 (+260%)

Fresh Ideas:
JBL Weekly $33.50-34.50 Calls*
KMX Weekly $98.50-100 Calls* 

*Please do not attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds.

Extended Watchlist: