Perfect Sweep on Options, Fresh Ideas

Hot Options Runners:

We got right back into the swing of things with potential options trades yesterday morning. Our premarket report contained a trio of fresh earnings-related ideas, and we hit the trifecta, with each and every one of our targets producing huge multibag moves on the day. It’s a uniquely satisfying, yet quite common event around here for us to hit on every idea we formulate on a given day.

Our contracts of interest in this case were the PANW Weekly $400-415 Calls, the PDD Weekly $89-92 Calls, and the BBY Weekly $116-119 Calls. We were very pleased with each and every move we observed in those designated ranges, which all gave traders ample opportunities to reap quick profits.

PANW Weekly $400-415 Calls
 20.01-46.03 (+130%)
$405: 14.94-42.00 (+181%)
$410: 15.13-36.86 (+144%)
$415: 12.06-31.58 (+162%)

PDD Weekly $89-92 Calls
 3.89-10.70 (+175%)
$90: 3.35-10.19 (+204%)
$91: 2.93-9.15 (+212%)
$92: 3.08-8.40 (+173%)

BBY Weekly $116-119 Calls
$116: 2.30-8.00 (+248%)
$117: 1.73-6.80 (+293%)
$118: 1.41-6.20 (+340%)
$119: 1.09-5.23 (+380%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
AMC Weekly $44-46 Calls
DKS Weekly $122-130 Calls
KC 09/17 $30-35 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: More SPY Action


We want to formulate a new options idea for the SPY, but first, we would like to present the final performance of the Weekly SPY Calls we signaled last Tuesday.

Those were the SPY Weekly SPY Weekly $272.50-274 Calls and the gains they experienced over the course of the short holiday week were exceedingly impressive, with percentage increases in the thousands on two out of four contracts, with the other two set not trailing far behind, with huge multi-bag gains of their own. .

$272.50 Calls – Range: .43-3.35 – Max Gain: 679%
$273 Calls – Range: .28-2.82 – Max Gain: 907%
$273.50 Calls – Range: 17-2.35 – Max Gain: 1282%
$274 Calls – Range: .09-1.82 – Max Gain: 1922%

As we mentioned above, we’ve got a fresh idea for the SPY for today as well. in the wake of this morning’s positive jobs numbers. We’re going to keep an eye on the SPY 07/09 (Expire Today*) 275.50-277 Calls.

*Speculation in these contracts today is tantamount to trading weekly options on a Friday. Should NOT be attempted, except by veteran traders with disposal funds!

Intrexon Corp. XON – Form-4 Bottom Bouncer

We’re very interested in the current scenario with XON. We noticed the CEO purchasing roughly $100M worth of the company’s stock last week at 13.37, and we like the current technical setup as well, with a strong bottom bounce in progress along with a gap on the chart to the upside.

We could see an significant move happening for the stock itself, but we also want to include an extended term options idea for more leverage in the case of a protracted recovery, which is presently looking like a solid possibility. We’ll have an eye on the XON 08/17 $14-17 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Cannabis Roundup & More

Cannabis Roundup

We wanted to take some time out this midweek to get back to cannabis, the rapidly growing industry that we’ve always said we felt has as much or more potential than any other out there. The first quarter of the 2018 calendar year was rather low key, but with some major cannabis dates coming up, we wanted to sharpen our focus on the sector.

The 04/20 Holiday is generally a time when you see heightened visibility, and an influx of sales for recreational marijuana businesses. It’s the “Super Bowl” for many of these businesses, which will see their highest customer volume of the year.

It’s a time of increased awareness in the investment community for the space as a whole, and that’s why we wanted to refresh our running watchlist of pot stocks on our radar:

As for the ones based here in the U.S. some of our favorites (in no particular order) have been: OWCP, AGTK, HEMP, SGMD, SING, GRNE, GOHE, MCOA, MCIG, POTN, PNTV, RMHB, CANN and CBIS.

We also have July to look forward to, which marks the nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, where some of the most impressive cannabis companies, like ACBFF and APHQF reside. Other notable Canadian players include ATTBF, GLDFF, GLNNF, NXTTF, MRRCF, SPRWF, and CRON.

Facebook, Inc. FB

We started off the week on Monday by signaling some options ideas, the FB Weekly $155-160 Calls. Despite a terrible start to the week for the markets as a whole, yesterday’s bounce-back helped began to provide us with the kind of moves we were looking for out of those plays.

In fact, each of three contracts in our designated range yielded the chance at multi-bag gains yesterday, with the following moves:

$155 Calls – Range: 1.55-4.27  – Max Gain: 175%
$157.50 Calls – Range: .90-2.75 – Max Gain: 205%
$160 Calls – Range: .49-1.69 – Max Gain: 245%

Extended Watchlist: