Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PCSV Video, EGYF Recap & More

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. PCSV

After catching the news that PCSV had entered into the world of drone racing via an acquisition announced on Friday, we tagged the stock for extended-term watch. What has followed is three excellent sessions of higher recorded highs and lows, along with a monstrous percentage increase.

From Friday’s low of .025 which was logged on the heels of our initial alert, PCSV attained the new high mark of a dime yesterday, which works out to an incredible 300% surge. We’ll continue to track its performance as we head through midweek, looking for the stock to maintain support above a nickel on any course corrections that may occur.

We’ve also prepared a video chart highlighting the finer points of the current PCSV chart:

Energy Finders, Inc. EGYF

EGYF is a stock that we’ve been tracking for exactly three months now, having already witnessed double-bag moves out of it toward the end of the calendar year. We re-tagged it in yesterday morning’s premarket report just in time for our readers to catch a chance at some premium intraday gains.

EGYF ramped up steadily throughout the course of the day, and ended in a flash of brilliance as it ran hard into the close. When the dust finally settled, we’d witnessed an intraday run from .0044 to .0094, which comes out to a rock solid 114% pop!

Macy’s, Inc. M – Options Recap

After an impressive earnings beat from Macy’s yesterday, we signaled our interest in a wide range of options contracts, the M Weekly $41.50-45 Calls, and each and every one gave ourselves and our readers the opportunity to realize some big-time profits on the day, with the $43′s registering the biggest move, a jaw-dropping 15-bagger!

$41.50 Calls – Trading Range:  .73-2.51 – Max Gain: 244%
$42 Calls – Trading Range: .29-1.75 – Max Gain: 503%
$42.50 Calls – Trading Range: .34-1.20 – Max Gain: 253%
$43 Calls – Trading Range: .06-1.00 – Max Gain: 1566%
$43.50 Calls – Trading Range:  .15-.63 – Max Gain: 320%
$44 Calls – Trading Range:   .09-.49 – Max Gain: 444%
$44.50 Calls – Trading Range: .08-.30 – Max Gain: 275%
$45 Calls – Trading Range:  .05-.20 – Max Gain: 300%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Momentum Plays & More

Medbox, Inc. MDBX

MDBX is a stock that we were tracking fairly heavily over the course of the fall season, awaiting a solid bottom-bounce signal as the stock drew back steadily in PPS over a period of many weeks.

Yesterday we were sent into high alert mode with regard to MDBX, and while the observation came just a few minutes late to make it into our premarket report, it was shared in our trader’s chat promptly at the open as you can see from the following snapshot:

What ensued was an intraday run, and the strong bounce signal we were awaiting all along. From a low of .02 MDBX shot up 95% to reach an HOD of .039; that worked out to a 95% pop.

We felt it was another perfect illustration of why we encourage all of our followers to get in on our daily trader’s chats. There are often opportunities mentioned that won’t appear in our premarket reports, appearing in the chatroom throughout the course of a given day.

Once again, all one needs to do is log onto a Skype account and send a contact request to username ‘stocksumo‘, and you will be admitted into the chat!

pSivida Corp. PSDV – News Alert

We’re casting a portion of our attention this morning in the direction of PSDV. As we were examining this morning’s PR feeds, we noticed an announcement from the company referring to positive Phase-III study data and a huge concurring gap-up.

Medidur is PSDV’s treatment in development for an eye affliction known as posterior uveitis, and the results of the trials are said to be “statistically significant”. We’ll be monitoring this play as the session kicks off today in the event that the move up on the chart is significant as well.

Given that it’s traded up over 50% in today’s premarket, we may need to observe for possible dip-and-rip action in the stock.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Yesterday’s Big Winners & More


Lululemon Athletica, Inc. LULU

LULU was our options trading target yesterday as we noticed the stock gapping down more than 10% in the premarket on an ill-received earnings report.

The idea we had was to track each set of contracts within the range of LULU Weekly $47-44.50 Puts for possible intraday swing-trade opportunities. It ultimately turned out to be an awesome call, with blockbuster moves being produced by every single set we’d highlighted.

$47 Puts  – Trading Range:  .19-2.01  – Max Gain: 958%
$46.50 Puts – Trading Range: .13-1.59   – Max Gain: 1123%
$46 Puts  – Trading Range: .09-1.25  – Max Gain: 1288%
$45.50 Puts – Trading Range: .10-.94   – Max Gain: 840%
$45 Puts  – Trading Range: .05-.75  – Max Gain: 1400%
$44.50 Puts – Trading Range: .05-.52   – Max Gain: 940%

Perhaps the most astonishing thing is that single-session gains of this magnitude have become commonplace for our options ideas, as anyone who has followed our reports for awhile can attest. It’s the primary reason behind our shift over the last couple of years as we’ve moved to split our focus between what we like to call quick-strike options trading, and securities trading. The integration of options trading has opened up a lot of doors for us on a consistent basis, and we expect that trend to continue indefinitely.

Premier Biomedical, Inc.  BIEI

We had just finished commenting on the big moves BIEI has been making in yesterday morning’s report, and once again the stock pushed to new highs in what amounted to a very bullish session.

So after witnessing a 121% run from .015-.0334 on Tuesday, we were treated to another big intraday pop as BIEI ran from .0305 to .0529; a solid 73%

We also put together a video illustrating various facets of the BIEI chart:

USA Restaurant Funding, Inc. USAR

USAR was tagged in yesterday’s premarket report on our extended watchlist, and it too produced a significant move on the day, gradually ramping up throughout the course of the afternoon and running into the close.

From a low of .0015 the stock fell just a tick shy of a double-bagger, reaching a new 52-week high of .0029. It marked an intraday performance that allowed maximum gains of up to 93%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BCCI, TPAC Reviews & More

Baristas Coffee Company, Inc.  BCCI

We had a couple of stocks from yesterday’s morning report jump out at us with excellent intraday upswings, the first of which being BCCI. The stock managed to crack into Pennyland as it ran from a daily low of .009 to as high as .014. That was highly respectable single session pop of 89% and it came on four times the 30-day average volume.

Provided BCCI can maintain a level of support at or above its previous swing high of .011 on any pullbacks, we’ll remain open to the possibility of seeing a sustained uptrend in coming sessions.

Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc. TPAC

Yesterday’s other notable mover was TPAC, and it too took its PPS to the next echelon as it began the day as a super-subpenny, and ended it in subpenny territory. We watched as it made its move from .0008 before topping out at .0014. That represented a total possible gain of 75% on the day.

Another Great Chatroom Call

Premier Biomedical, Inc. BIEI is a stock with which we are familiar, and it resurfaced yesterday in our daily live traders chat* thanks to regular participant, DJ!  As you can see from the following mobile screen snap, subsequent to DJ’s signal traders could have entered at a low of .015, and that gave way to a big run into the end of the session where the stock reached a high of .0334.

That was an intraday spike totaling 122%, and it marked the second multi-bag runner offered to the room by the illustrious DJ in as many weeks, so big cheers go out to him!

*As always, we’ll be glad to allow any readers interested in our daily chats into the room, just send a Skype contact request to user ‘stocksumo‘.

Lululemon Athletica, Inc. LULU

LULU is gapping down dramatically in premarket trading this morning, and in the event that a continued backslide occurs we’re going to be monitoring a range of puts in the LULU options chain. The dip is occurring in the wake of an earnings release that, despite including heightened revenues and profits, is being poorly-received.

Accordingly, we’re going to signal LULU Weekly $47-44.50 Puts for observation.

Extended Watchlist:
NPHC, MHRC, USAR, MDBX, EFUT, JGW(Bottom-Bounce Watch)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Successful Bounce-Plays & More

Recent Recovery Plays

As it turns out, Friday was a good day for us in terms of spotting stocks coming off of their recent relative lows that were ripe for a rebound. We tagged both APDN and MIL in that report, and in both cases we’ve seen extended signs of recovery.

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. APDN – We’ve been familiar with APDN for quite some time, and were prompted to include it on Friday as a bottom-watch play after Thursday’s session had sent it hurtling off a cliff. Our observed low on Friday was 3.28, and as of yesterday high mark of 4.56, we had witnessed a 39% rebound.

MFC Industrial, Ltd. MIL - With MIL, we’ve seen a modest, yet healthy two-session swing of 13% ranging from Friday’s low of 2.63 to yesterday’s high of 2.97. We’re going to be very interested to follow its progress in the days ahead, as the chart still appears bullish.

In both cases, we’ll be looking for continued signs of strength with the recording of higher highs and higher lows going forward.

The Pot is Hot: Cannabis Sector Resurgence

We included Hemp, Inc. HEMP in yesterday’s premarket report as a result of the momentum that we’d noticed building up in the stock on Friday.

As our longtime readers are aware, we’ve been heavy followers of the cannabis space since its emergence a few years ago. While HEMP was the most actively traded stock on the OTC markets yesterday, we also saw a number of our other old favorites in the sector showing signs of renewed vigor as well. Among those were MJNA, GRNH, CBIS, MDBX, ERBB, TRTC.

We prepared a quick video containing some thoughts on the situation that we’d like to share, so be sure check it out:

Yesterday’s Other Winners:

Barfresh Food Group, Inc. BRFH – We tagged BRFH yesterday both for the positioning of the chart and the substance of the PR (link below)that the company released in the premarket. The result was a 22% intraday swing from .74-.90. This play will remain on our radars as the week progresses.

Western Graphite, Inc. WSGP - WSGP was another good call, as this super-subpenny performed an impressive dip-and-rip which culminated in an impressive intraday swing. After touching a low of .0003, we saw WSGP run as high as .0007; which registers as a 133% pop.

Extended Watchlist: