Blue Horseshoe Stocks: More SPY Action


We want to formulate a new options idea for the SPY, but first, we would like to present the final performance of the Weekly SPY Calls we signaled last Tuesday.

Those were the SPY Weekly SPY Weekly $272.50-274 Calls and the gains they experienced over the course of the short holiday week were exceedingly impressive, with percentage increases in the thousands on two out of four contracts, with the other two set not trailing far behind, with huge multi-bag gains of their own. .

$272.50 Calls – Range: .43-3.35 – Max Gain: 679%
$273 Calls – Range: .28-2.82 – Max Gain: 907%
$273.50 Calls – Range: 17-2.35 – Max Gain: 1282%
$274 Calls – Range: .09-1.82 – Max Gain: 1922%

As we mentioned above, we’ve got a fresh idea for the SPY for today as well. in the wake of this morning’s positive jobs numbers. We’re going to keep an eye on the SPY 07/09 (Expire Today*) 275.50-277 Calls.

*Speculation in these contracts today is tantamount to trading weekly options on a Friday. Should NOT be attempted, except by veteran traders with disposal funds!

Intrexon Corp. XON – Form-4 Bottom Bouncer

We’re very interested in the current scenario with XON. We noticed the CEO purchasing roughly $100M worth of the company’s stock last week at 13.37, and we like the current technical setup as well, with a strong bottom bounce in progress along with a gap on the chart to the upside.

We could see an significant move happening for the stock itself, but we also want to include an extended term options idea for more leverage in the case of a protracted recovery, which is presently looking like a solid possibility. We’ll have an eye on the XON 08/17 $14-17 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BABA Review & More

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA – Update

After noticing a strong double-bottom setup on the chart, we threw our hat in the ring with BABA yesterday morning by formulating an options idea to track during what we described as an overdue recovery.

The stock did exhibit the first signs of that recovery, thereby producing some nice single-session gain opportunities for ourselves and our readers. Our targeted options were the BABA 05/04 $180-187.50 Calls, and regardless of the strike price chosen within our designated range, notable able intraday profits were there for the taking.

$180 Calls – Range: 3.60-5.10  – Max Gain: 42%
$182.50 Calls – Range: 2.80-3.75 – Max Gain: 34%
$185 Calls – Range: 2.21-3.05 – Max Gain: 38%
$187.50 Calls – Range: 1.74-2.27 – Max Gain: 30%

There is, of course, plenty of time before these contracts expire, so we’ll continue monitor these ideas going forward in the event that BABA stock continues its rebounding ways. Further opportunities may arise and we’ll want to be ready.

Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. TNDM – Update

We also wanted to update everyone on another longer term idea we formulated that has definitely worked out in our favor. We’ve had a number of stocks that we signaled our interest in earlier in 2018 slowly and steadily make monster moves for us, and TNDM is the latest one.

We initially slated this play for observation In mid-January, and after only a slight consolidation at the beginning of February, the stock established support at a low of 2.14, reversed, and began a really impressive bull run that was amplified by a significant degree yesterday. TNDM ran to a new high of 7.22. That works out to a 237% increase here in the early goings of the 2018 calendar year.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe: The Week in Review

For as long as we can remember following the Penny Stock Rumble, we can’t recall a time when a newsletter took the top spot on 3 out of 4 days, but with yesterday’s session, we did in fact reach that difficult achievement! We were anticipating our first ever hat-trick, and we were not disappointed. The following video outlines some of this week’s biggest successes:

Tiger Oil & Energy, Inc. TGRO

We started off Monday with TGRO, which traded as low as .36, and hit .635 on Tuesday for a 76% gain. It would then dip back to .38 before reversing again and surging as high as .62 yesterday for up to 63% on the rebound.

That brought this week’s cumulative gains from TGRO to a total of 139%.

BG Medicine, Inc. BGMD

Next came BGMD, which we spotted on Tuesday trading as low as .6115. We would witness this play running to a high of 1.70 by Wednesday, giving us the opportunity at 178% in possible gains.

CytRx Corp. CYTR

Last but not least, was Wednesday’s alert of CYTR, which looks like it could sprout legs again today. CYTR was as low as 3.45 at the time of our initial alert, and hit a high of 6.36 yesterday, racking in 84% in gains!

This morning, CYTR is gapping up once again, trading in the 6.55 range; if the breakout continues, consider it another triple-digit winner for us.

This was the play that gave us our third winning appearance on the Rumble:

Coronado BioSciences, Inc. CNDO

CNDO jumped out at us as a stock with a serious gap to fill on the chart. As you can see below, back in October the stock fell off a cliff from the $6-8 range all the way down to present levels.

This is a potential play that we’ll want to monitor closely moving forward, because a break of the 50DMA could very well lead to the filling of at least a portion of that gap, a move which would carry with it some significant gains.

With calls like these this week, we’ve made other newsletters obsolete! Nowhere else can you find both diversification into many areas of finance(from microcaps, to big-boards, to options-trading & more), and winning picks on such a consistent basis. Why would you go anywhere else? The word ‘quit’ is not in our vocabulary, which is why we’ll come back time and time again, providing our readers with the highest-quality picks available! We’re wrapping up another hugely successful week, so be sure to get back with us on Monday when we’ll do it all over again!

Extended Watchlist:

ARIA, PVG, ATRM, TEMN, INVA & Extended Watchlist

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  ARIA

ARIA is the first of three solid winners to come off of our Extended Watchlist from Friday morning. The stock began by touching a daily low of 3.30, followed by a run into the 4.04 high, marking the opportunity for intraday gains of up to 33%

Just a word of caution, the company has a pending lawsuit in which it is being sued by a multiple plaintiffs in a securities fraud case that will commence next month. On October 9, 2013, the Company announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration placed a partial clinical hold on all new patient enrollment in clinical trials of Iclusig, following reports of non-serious and serious adverse events in Iclusig-treated patients. Following this news, the price of ARIAD shares dropped nearly 66%, or $11.31 per share, from the previous day’s closing price of $17.14 per share, to a closing price of $5.83 per share on October 9, 2013, on extremely heavy volume.

As a result, investors who purchased ARIA stock between Dec.’11 and Oct.’13 are eligible to take part in the class-action suit.

Pretium Resources, Inc.  PVG

PVG was another substantial gainer for us on Friday, bringing us gains to the tune of 48% as the stock tore out of the gate, pausing only briefly near its low of 3.93 before skyrocketing as high as 5.80 early in the session. For the remainder of the day, PVG held much of those daily gains, and managed a strong close at 5.32.

That kind of momentum makes PVG a good candidate for a possible continuation of momentum, so we want to make sure we’re paying close attention as we begin this short trading-week.

Aetrium, Inc. ATRM

ATRM is another one that came out of the gate with guns blazing on Friday. After opening at 8.46, the stock spiked sharply to a morning high of 10.45, nice 24% move.

Later in the session, we observed a bounce from 5.60 back up to 6.68, which added an opportunity for an additional 19% gain, bringing the total cumulative gains for ATRM to a very respectable 43%

When added to the gains we saw from our other selections, our total possible gains for Friday’s session topped out at 124% All in a day’s work!

Team Nations Corp. TEMN
Inova Technologies, Inc. INVA

We observed these two sub-penny plays hitting our scanner on Friday, trading substantial volume. We want to be on the lookout for any possible continuation of momentum heading into this week.

In the case of INVA, the stock was trading at more than a penny as recently as October, and is now coming off of a bottom, so it will interesting to see how much of its lost ground it can gain back. A return to October levels would mean gains up to and exceeding 100% from its current price.

TEMN Video Chart:

Extended Watchlist:

GOGO, AZC, PHOT, CBMX & Extended Watchlist


Yesterday after appearing as a focus in our morning report, GOGO responded by posting yet another solid performance. After sinking to a daily low of 27.11, we witnessed a 12% intraday move to 30.26 on twice the 3mo. average volume. That was followed by a strong close, as it held the majority of its gains at 29.70.

The following screenshot captures the activity of the options we were interested in: The 01/18 $30 Calls made a 78% intraday move, and with the way GOGO is trading up pre-market, it’s fair to expect these contracts to be pushed even deeper into the money, adding to our already impressive chances for profit.

Augusta Resources Corp.  AZC

AZC also had a positive showing after yesterday’s report; the stock traded in a range from 1.06-1.25, giving us the opportunity to bank up to an 18% gain. We were correct in assuming that this recovery play was worth our attention, and a return to pre-11/20 levels would still mean significant gains from where it sits now.

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

We’ve continuously covered PHOT for over a year now, and the stock has definitely brought us some prime opportunities for sizable gains, as a quick glance at the chart will show. A recent dip back to the .06-range has been immediately followed by a significant bounce. We are looking at resistance sitting at .095 and from there it has a good chance to re-test recent highs.

We’d like to see higher lows today to confirm that PHOT is indeed back on an uptrend.

To take an even more in-depth look at the PHOT chart, view the video we prepared this morning:

CombiMatrix Corp. CBMX

CBMX came off of yesterday’s extended watchlist to have a big day. The stock opened at 2.48, and would ultimately touch a high of 4.44, which was good for a 79% intraday rip. This came on roughly 48X times the 3mo. average volume, so a stock with this kind of momentum flowing through it will surely continue to be on our watchlist as we close out the week.

Extended Watchlist: