Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Gainers & More

Options Recaps

We formulated a fresh idea yesterday morning for the PEP options chain and found some instant success there. We also want to track back to an idea we hashed out for ROKU a couple of weeks ago, on the morning of Sept. 23rd, and the performance it has recorded since then.

PepsiCo, Inc. PEP Weekly $134-136 Calls 

$134 Calls – Range: 2.92-5.75 – Max Gain: 97%
$135 Calls – Range: 2.10-4.60 – Max Gain: 119%
$136 Calls – Range: 1.38-3.85 – Max Gain: 107%

ROKU 11/01 $115-118 Calls
$115 Calls – Range: 3.00-5.81 – Max Gain: 94%
$116 Calls – Range: 3.60-5.15 – Max Gain: 43%
$117 Calls – Range: 2.82-4.90 – Max Gain: 74%
$118 Calls – Range: 2.50-4.06 – Max Gain: 62%

Fresh Options Idea:
SDPR S&P500 (ETF) SPY Weekly $289-291 Calls

Ocugen, Inc. OCGN

We also want to designate OCGN as a bottom-watch play this morning. The stock recently became NASDAQ-trading after a merger with Histogenics, and the PPS fell off a cliff.

OCGN is currently hanging around just above the two dollar level here in the premarket, and we will be tracking its movements over the next few sessions to see if it can pick up some steam as a bottom-bouncer.

We released a Special Report on CBNT (Click here to view) Wednesday morning, and the stock made a solid 30% move up yesterday. We’re going to continue tracking this nanotech play. Stay tuned for updates. 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SRPT Bottom-Watch

Ulta Beauty, Inc. ULTA

Before we broke for the holiday weekend on Friday, we designated a last minute bearish options idea for ULTA in our premarket report, and thanks to a lackluster day for stocks in general as the markets fell, we saw some nice gains out of those plays, which were the ULTA Weekly $265-260 Puts..

The company also had reported and missed on earnings, receiving multiple analyst downgrades to add fuel to the fire. All of those elements converged to make for the following possible gains for anyone who had caught our alert in the morning.

The $265 Puts traded up from a low of 12.30 and more than doubled as they ran to 26.46 for an intraday move of 115%  The $260′s posted an even bigger gain, running form 7.40-19.90, which worked out to a total possible profit of 169%

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. SRPT 

We want to take a look at SRPT as we kick off this short trading week, and form an extended term idea. The stock is heavily oversold at present time as it searches out a bottom, and we would like to be ready and waiting when what we feel is an imminent recovery begins.

There is also a massive topside gap on the SRPT chart that could give the stock even more breathing room when it finally makes its reversal and begins to trend up again. We are going to give ourselves plenty of time on this one, signaling the SRPT 10/04 $91.50-94 Calls to watch in coming weeks.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPOM, SRPT Recaps & More

Winning Pick Review

SPO Global, Inc. SPOM
is a subpenny play that appeared in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and we got some good action out of the stock on our first day of tracking. We witnessed a run from .0042-.0058, which marked a respectable 38% pop on more than triple its monthly average trading volume.

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. SRPT – We began talking about SRPT last Wednesday, and cleaned up with a couple of ideas we had for trading weekly options contracts. We tagged it once again in yesterday’s watchlist, and the stock went on to set a new high. It traded in an intraday range from 14.52-18.14 for a 25% gain on the day. The stock is gapping up morning. From our observed low on Wednesday at 10.45, today’s high of 18.80 represents a 80% swing overall.

xG Technology, Inc. XGTI

We’ve tracked this stock in the past, most recently mentioning it in our report on 04/21. It took a few sessions beyond that to see the stock find support at .08, but we’ve seen it inch its way up since, and this morning we witnessed a premarket high of .1751 in the stock.

It marks an upswing of 150% over our observed low, and signals us to pay careful attention in coming sessions.

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. PTX

PTX is another stock catching our interest after we noticed some abnormal activity on the heels of a large investor boosting his stake in the company while it had simultaneously reached a new 52-week low.

The stock is moving again in the premarket, and will be another worthy candidate for our watchlist as we head into midweek.

The last time one of our tracked plays caught momentum off of a large institutional investor taking up a big position was VLTC. Some of our more seasoned followers will surely remember that stock and the astronomical moves it made in such a situation.

Extended Watchlist:
AWGI, CRDS, CBBT(Abnormal Volume)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GLBS Recap & More

Globus Maritime Ltd. GLBS – Update

GLBS was among the shipping sector plays that we were talking about in Friday morning’s premarket report, and it ultimately ended up being the most interesting one of the bunch. The sector as a whole seemed to be buzzing leading into Friday, and the activity that coincided in the GLBS chart, which made several tradeable swings on the day.

It started from the opening bell when the stock initially ran impressively from .66-1.63 for gains of up to 147% right off the bat. We then observed a pullback whereafter the stock bounced from .95 on up to the high of day at 1.78; that added an 87% rip. Subsequent to that, yet another dip and rip carried from .97-1.41, tacking on another 45% upswing.  In total, cumulative single-session gains for GLBS came in at 279% as the stock traded record volume.

We often search for plays with volatility of this magnitude because they can be excellent for quick intraday flips as GLBS demonstrated on Friday. We’ll be interested to see how it establishes itself as things get going this week. More opportunities may be on the horizon.

Bottom Watchlist

The following trio of stocks caught our interest off of our bottom-play scan this morning. In the case of RCPI we’ve got a stock that’s been steadily beaten back into heavily oversold territory, while BIOC and STX have both violently gapped down in recent sessions. We’ll have all three on extended watch for potential bounce-play opportunities.

Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. RCPI
Biocept Pharmaceuticals,Inc. BIOC
Seagate Technology Public Ltd. Co. STX

We’ve also included a conglomerate snapshot of all three charts:

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SRPT Options Through the Roof & More

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. SRPT – Update

We caught SRPT Wednesday on the heels of the stock’s 52-week low, and immediately pounced with an options idea. The SRPT Weekly $10.50 and $11 Calls produced gains of 237% and 159% respectively that day, and when we followed up in yesterday’s premarket report, we made sure readers understood that those gains would “pale in comparison” to the ones we expected once the session kicked off. We were absolutely correct.

The $10.50′s which we caught at .40 on Wednesday, set a new high of 4.23 to extend our total possible gains to 958%   $11′s whose low from Wednesday was .39 rushed to a high of 4.04, marking a two-day swing of 936%

Pertaining to SRPT stock itself, the two-session move has been impressive there as well, trading up in a range from 8.00 to 15.38, for a highly respectable 92% increase. Cheers to any of our followers who caught on with SRPT, because there were profits to be made across the board!

Chatroom Reminder

We don’t inundate our readers with reminders about our daily live traders chats (Open to all, just send a Skype contact request to ‘stocksumo‘) but every so often we like to give everyone a peek into what typically goes on.

We had our old friend DJ provide the room with a trio of ideas at midday in the shipping sector and all three (PRGN, EGLE and DRYS) continued to stack on some serious gains subsequent to the alert.

Once again, we welcome participation on any level from all of our readers, even if you just want to drop in and see what’s buzzing in the room. Just send that Skype contact request to our very own ‘stocksumo’ and he’ll get you in right away!


Bonus Shipping Play: We also want to add GLBS to the list of shippers we’ll be monitoring after this sector-wide momentum boost. We’re looking for a continuation of that today and possibly into next week.

Fresh Friday Options Ideas

We’ve got a few prime ideas based off of more Q1 earnings beats, so it’s time to put our options-trading hats back on for the following three plays:, Inc. AMZN  – Weekly $670-680 Calls

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD – Weekly $132-134 Calls

Shire plc SHPG – Weekly $190-192.50 Calls

*As we always caution our readers, remember that trading weekly options on Friday is very risky. To be attempted only by expert traders!

Extended Watchlist: