Sweeping the Board on Options, Fresh Plays

A Perfect Day of Options Trading:

Just to recap what worked from yesterday morning’s premarket report, we had a clean sweep with our options ideas. Our targets focusing on the Walmart, Applied Materials, and Cisco chains produced huge intraday moves despite as a whole experiencing a general sell-off on the day.

We were targeting the WMT Weekly $133-136 Calls, the AMAT Weekly $143-146 Calls, and the CSCO Weekly $55-56 Calls, all of which recorded multibag runs on the day. We’re used to finding quick-strike options trading success, but nobody can be right every time, so it’s always nice when we can report in with a perfect session.

Here were the big intraday moves posted by our designated contract sets: 

WMT Weekly $133-136 Calls
 2.10-6.05 (+188%)
$134: 1.06-5.30 (+400%)
$135: .32-4.50 (+1306%)
$136: .69-3.40 (+393%)

AMAT Weekly $143-146 Calls
 .21-.78 (+271%)
$144: .19-.59 (+210%)
$145: .08-.43 (+437%)
$146: .06-.35 (+483%)

CSCO Weekly $55-56 Calls
 .92-2.12 (+130%)
$55.50: .58-1.67 (+188%)
$56: .38-1.34 (+253%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ROKU Weekly $115-112 Puts
DE weekly $380-385 Calls
DKNG Weekly $21-20 Puts 

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. INTK – Recap:

We’ve also got a brief update on INTK, which we tagged in our extended watchlist yesterday morning. The stock made a solid move on the day, running from a low of .0299 on up to a high of .0445 on its second-highest volume session of the past year, which made for total possible gains of 49%

Extended Watchlist:

Options Multi-Baggers, Fresh Ideas

Big Options Movers: 

We’ve got our typical options review to start things off with today, and thanks in part to a solid close for the markets at large yesterday, not only did both of our fresh ideas post big intraday moves, but one of our targets from earlier in the week popped off in a big way as well.

Our pair of fresh plays for yesterday’s premarket report were the ABNB Weekly $180-185 Calls and the KHC Weekly $34.50-35.50 Calls, and the play from Monday morning’s report was the PBR Weekly $14-14.50 Calls.

Here were the fantastic moves made by those targets for us during yesterday’s session:

ABNB Weekly $180-185 Calls
 3.20-12.45 (+289%)
$182.50: 2.64-10.13 (+284%)
$185: 2.01-8.27 (+311%)

KHC Weekly $34.50-35.50 Calls
 .85-2.61 (+207%)
$35: .51-2.09 (+310%)
$35.50: .48-1.55 (+223%)

PBR Weekly $14-14.50 Calls
$14: .09-.50 (+456%)
$14.50: .03-.18 (+500%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
WMT Weekly $133-136 Calls
AMAT Weekly $143-146 Calls
CSCO Weekly $55-56 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Big Name Earnings Plays & More

PureCycle Technologies Inc. PCT – Update:

We entered a longer-term recovery idea for the PCT options chain in yesterday morning’s premarket report on a purely technical basis, and it provided instant results.

It was exhibiting most of the classic signals we look for in a potential rebound play. Coming off of recently established lows, a MACD converging toward a bullish cross, a heavily oversold yet rapidly strengthening RSI, and a massive gap on the chart to the upside.  You can see all of these indicators on the chart snapshot below.

We’ll continue to look for signs that PCT may continue the current trend off of last week’s lows which represented the lowest PPS for the stock in roughly 7 months. Here are the intraday gains made by our targeted options contract sets yesterday:

PCT 08/20 $15-17.50 Calls
1.88-2.80 (+49%)
$17.50: 1.25-2.10 (+68%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BIDU Weekly $192.50-197.50 Calls
WMT Weekly $142-145 Calls
HD Weekly $322.50-327.50 Calls 

Nutranomics, Inc. NNRX – Recap:

We flagged NNRX in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, which most often contains the majority of the OTC stocks we’re tracking on any given day, and the stock did end up putting forth a solid intraday performance.

It ran from a low of .0014 and went as high as .0033, which marks a daily push of 136%, and it occurred on volume of over three times the 30-day moving average.

Extended Watchlist: