Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TSLA Options & More

Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, Inc. ANW

Despite the holiday lull this week, we did manage to unearth one interesting play coming off of 4th of July break, which was the sole focus of yesterday morning’s premarket report.

Apart from the big news of a $1B refinancing plan (>>View PR), ANW was exhibiting the telltale signs of an oversold stock ready to rebound, and sure enough, it moved to partially fill the large gap on the chart to the upside. The stock traded from a low of 1.22 and subsequently hit a high of 2.05, which represents an intraday upswing of 68%

The stock fell just a penny shy of its 50DMA yesterday, and with a significant portion of its gap still left to fill, we’ll want to continue to track its movements for the time being.

Tesla, Inc. TSLA

We’ve had our eye on TSLA for the past few sessions as the stock was spiraling downward. At this point in time, we feel it too may in line for a forthcoming recovery swing, and w want to have an options idea handy for such an event.

We’re going to signal our interest in following the TSLA 08/02 $300-315 Calls in the days and weeks ahead.

Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. GALT

We caught GALT for chances at some really nice gains last month as we tagged the stock on June 12th at a low of 5.83. It went on to register a high of 9.49 (+63%) in the days following that report,. After a period of consolidation of leading into this week, the stock has begun to show signs of perhaps its next leg up.

We’ve pointed out why we’re attracted to the current setup of the chart on the snapshot below:

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom Plays, Pot Stocks & More

Legacy Platinum Group, Inc. LWSP
The latest addition to our cannabis watchlist, we introduced LWSP in yesterday’s daily report. After consolidating off of a recent 39-cent high, the stock has made higher highs and higher lows off of its bottom.

Yesterday the stock traded from its low of .187, and ran 12% into the close, ending the session at its high-of-day, .21. We always like to see a stock finish on a high note, as it is often a precursor to further gains.

BARCHART.COM is currently giving LWSP a 96% Overall “Buy” Rating 

MannKind Corp. MNKD

MNKD serves as the latest example of why we highly suggest all of our readers keep a running list of the stocks we place in our daily Extended Watchlists.

We included this play in Friday’s report as it had been in near free-fall and the possibility of a bounceplay was present. The stock ended up finding support at 4.02, and yesterday after-hours we spied a PR regarding recommendation from an FDA Advisory panel to green-light the company’s AFREZZA(R) insulin inhalation powder.

As a result, the stock is gapping up significantly in pre-market action today, so we’ll want to keep a close watch over this potential breakout play.

VALENCIA, Calif., April 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MannKind Corporation (MNKD) today announced that the Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted 13 to 1 to recommend that AFREZZA(R) (insulin human [rDNA origin]) Inhalation Powder be granted marketing approval by the FDA to improve glycemic control in adults with type 1 diabetes and voted 14 to 0 to recommend that AFREZZA be granted marketing approval by the FDA to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. If approved, AFREZZA would be the first ultra rapid-acting mealtime insulin therapy available in the United States. >> FULL PR

Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. AFAI

Speaking of potential bottom plays with fresh news on the wires, we caught AFAI in our morning scan today, and as it turns out, this is another marijuana-related stock. That fact alone is enough to grab our attention.

We have yet to see much news in this sector from Florida, one of the latest states with a medical marijuana initiative on its ballot, so we’ll be interested to follow this storyline as well.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. (AFAI) announced today that its subsidiary Marijuana Holdings Americas, Inc. has founded and will sponsor the Florida Cannabis Industry Association (FLCIA), the primary trade association for Florida’s emerging cannabis industry. >> FULL PR

Prana Biotechnology, Inc. PRAN

In Monday’s Extended Watchlist, we called PRAN a “Huge gap down, possible bounce-play”. The downward pressure continued through yesterday’s session, and the stock closed at 2.30, just .03 off of its low.

This morning, we are seeing the beginning signs of a potential recovery; PRAN is gapping up to the tune of 4% in pre-market trading. We’ll continue to keep this stock on watch, in the event it can regain some of its recent lost ground. Trading over $10 as recently as March 26th, a return to even a fraction of those levels would mean significant opportunity for the sharp trader.

Extended Watchlist:
ENVI, RNN, KIOR, SOL, CPST, DLLR(Possible Buyout)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR Updates & More

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR – Options
We were pleased with the potential for quick intraday gains provided by the PBR options chain on Friday. Our thoughts on moving up our strike price turned out to be warranted, as the $12.50 and $13 Weekly Calls we mentioned both did well on the day.In fact that $13′s actually made a heck on an intraday rip from .04 to more than .20.

We’re still optimistic that PBR stock can continue to recover (after recently hitting all-time lows) and even test the 14.50-15.70 range, filling its gap on the chart. The next major resistance hurdle appears to be the  200DMA at 13.88.

As for the contracts holding our attention moving forward, we’re still looking at the May $12 Calls (which we’ve already followed from a low of .31 to Fridays high of 1.10, +255%) and also considering the June $14 Calls which closed at .47 on Friday.

Positive ID Corp. PSID

PSID is garnering our attention once again this morning. This was a winner for us when we re-alerted it back on Feb. 18th.  If you recall, the stock was trading at a low of .0572 at the time, and we’d follow it all the way up to a subsequent  high of .125. It then came back to find support off of the 200DMA in the mid-.06 range.

We observed a Golden Cross on the chart last week, a signal we are always looking out for, and an 8-K filed this morning only adds to our interest as we kick off another trading week.

It is in regard to a lucrative purchase order that the company has received from UTC Aerospace Systems, which will service the US Dept. of Defense contract for the JUPITR program (Joint United States Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition):
On March 28, 2014 PositiveID Corporation (the “Company” or “PositiveID”) entered into an agreement, in the form of a purchase order, from UTC Aerospace Systems (“UTAS”) to support a contract for the U.S. Department of Defense (“DoD”). This agreement is expected to be performed over the next seven months, between March and September, 2014. The terms of this fixed price agreement include a total value of $841,000 to PositiveID, paid in monthly installments over the next seven months.

This agreement will support the DoD Joint United States Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition (“JUPITR”) Program, which is intended to detect biological threats in order to protect our nation’s warfighters and allies. The JUPITR program will test and evaluate PositiveID’s biological detection and identification technology called M-BAND (Microfluidic Bioagent Autonomous Networked Detector). The assessment will baseline performance, reliability, maintainability, ease of use, and cost of operation to provide the “best of breed” and most affordable options for the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force.

A copy of the agreement will be filed as an Exhibit to the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2013. The description of certain terms of the agreement set forth herein do not purport to be complete and are qualified in their entirety by the provisions of that agreement.

Surna, Inc. SRNA

On Friday we added SRNA to our marijuana related watchlist, and were glad to have done so. We learned that SRNA’s new CEO is a former co-founder of Zynga, and the news was well received.

The stock shot out of the gate, rather quickly ballooning from its opening price of 2.99 up to 5.50 (+84%).

We also learned that in addition to a group of new directors, Surna entered into an agreement which effectively gained the company 14 intellectual property patents related to indoor climate control systems for cannabis growing in states where it is legal.

Extended Watchlist:
CLNT, MNGA, ARTX, BIOF, WATT, HIVE, PRAN (Huge gap down, possible bounce-play)

EGCT, BVSN & Extended Watchlist

Ecologic Transportation Inc. EGCT

Yesterday, EGCT managed a gain of 12.5% on 41,500 shares traded, and with zero sells on the bid. It looks like the selling pressure that took the stock down to .20 last week has dried up. From watching the level 2 yesterday we noticed that the support was forming at .34. This is the third successful bounce we’ve seen off of support, and if the stock can test recent highs at .46 and .48, we could be looking at gains on the order of 28-33% from yesterday’s close of .36. A break of those recent highs will send us into full-on blue sky breakout mode, where we could see a new 52-wk high.

(Snapshot taken at yesterday’s close)

If you didnt check out our article on EGCT that we sent out yesterday you might want to do so now. It provides a good look at the market of which EGCT is about to become a part.


BroadVision, Inc. BVSN

BVSN had a stellar performance yesterday, opening at 8.66, dipping as low as 8.50, and hitting 11.75 before closing out the day at 10.68. This range gave us the opportunity to see between 26-38% in gains. It isn’t often that we cover stocks over 5.00, but we seem to have the timing down just as well as we do for any other play.


Extended Watchlist: