Wide Variety of Options Ideas & More

Albertsons Companies, Inc. ACI – Options Rehash: 

We formulated just one single set of options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, zeroing in on the ACI chain and signaling our interest in tracking the ACI Weekly $29-31 Calls on the heels of the company’s second quarter earnings release.

Those figures came back positive, beating expectations on the street, and accompanied by bolstered guidance for the remainder of the fiscal year. As a result, the activity in ACI yielded us some very respectable intraday gain opportunities in our designated targets:

 ACI Weekly $29-31 Calls 
$29:1.00-2.08 (+108%)
$30: .65-1.55 (+138%)
$31: .45-1.15 (+156%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 10/20 $448-450 Calls
NFLX Weekly $635-640 Calls
TRV Weekly $155 Calls
STLD 11/19 $60-65 Calls

Green Globe International, Inc. GGII – Recap:

We were just lauding the performance of GGII in our report yesterday morning, and once again, the stock performed quite well, attaining a new high on the session for the second straight day. Here are the updated figures on the total range we’ve observed over roughly the past 5 weeks of tracking the stock.

Initial Alert: Sept 10th
Range: .0054-.0159
Gained: +194%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CELZ Recap & More

Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. CELZ

We mentioned CELZ at the outset of this week, in our report from Monday morning, and we wanted to return today to recap the stock’s excellent performance since then. On Monday a low of .0283 was recorded, and after a few bullish sessions it attained a new high of .0575 yesterday.

That worked out to a three-day increase of 103% on steadily rising volume, and with the PPS now currently in blue skies, we’re going to be very interested to continue monitoring the activity in CELZ as we head into week’s end.

General Mills, Inc. GIS

We would also like to recap the performance of the options ideas we submitted for General Mills yesterday. The pair of contracts we highlighted, the GIS Weekly $45 & $47.50 Calls, each managed to produce notable intraday moves.

The $45 Calls ran from a low of 1.22 to as much as 2.39 for a gain of 96% The $47.50’s fared slightly better, trading up from a low of .34 to .78; a 129% single-session rip.

Fresh Options Idea:
Accenture plc. ACN Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NEPT Review & More

Neptune Technology & Bioresources, Inc. NEPT

To start off the new calendar year on a high note, we’d like to track back to a stock we placed on our radars on the morning of November 28th, and recap the solid bullish performance that followed.

NEPT has been in a general uptrend ever since our alert, and is showing a strong sign that it may continue. Subsequent to our initial report, we observed a low of 1.30 in the stock, and as of the new high achieved to close out last week at 2.44. it marked an increase of 88%

We’ll continue to observe this stock, and will want to see it maintain support at or above the 2.20-area on any pullbacks.

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. INSY

We formulated an options trading idea for the INSY 01/19 $8 and $9 Calls on Wednesday morning, and on Friday. mentioned that despite only moderate gains in the previous session, that we’d still be looking for our opportunity to come along.

Friday’s session facilitated some solid moves in our highlighted contracts, and current conditions suggest we could see an extension to the already significant gains that were there for the taking to close out the 2017 trading year.

The $8 Calls ran from .90-2.27, for a gain of 152%, while the $9’s traded up from .60 to 1.51, which works out to a 151% move.

INSY has traded as high as 10.25 in premarket trading today, and we will look to roll up our strike price to the $10-level if the stock holds above this morning’s premarket low of  9.75 once the session gets rolling.

Extended Watchlist: