Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Friday’s Big Movers & More

LifeLogger Technologies Corp. LOGG

LOGG ended the week on an extremely high note, which was particularly impressive considering the fact that we had already witnessed a fantastic 91% pop from .0995-.19 subsequent to our mention of it in Thursday’s morning report.

The stock would follow up one great performance with another, running from an early low of .17 to a new high of .30 on Friday morning. It represented an intraday run of 76%, and a two-day overall rise amounting to 202% Our heartiest congratulations to any of our readers who were along for the ride on this one!

We’ll be sure to keep tracking LOGG for as long as its activity continues to provide these excellent intraday chances.

Encompass Compliance Corp. ENCC

ENCC turned out to be our top-gaining prospect of the day on Friday  when all was said and done. After slowly ramping up from its low of .012 over the course of the morning, the stock suddenly took off in the last hour, streaking to a high of .025.

The move amounted to an intraday increase of 108% and ENCC closed at its high point as well, so we’ll definitely want to assume our standard position for instances such as these, monitoring the stock for continued momentum, in addition to dip-and-rip patterns that could lead to further opportunities down the road.

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. PCSV

On Friday, we classed PCSV as a stock to watch over the longer-term, and while that’s still the case, it also produced immediate results of an impressive nature.

We witnessed the stock trading in a range from .025-.045, which amounted to a respectable 80% intraday move.  As previously stated, we feel the company’s recent entry into the fledgling sport of competitive drone racing warrants extended observation of this stock. (>>View PR)

PositiveID Corp. PSID – Update

We want to touch upon PSID this morning with an update in the form of a video chart presentation, as well as a reminder that the company will be presenting its wares at SeeThruEquities’ 2nd Annual Innovations Investor Conference today in Miami, FL.

We’d also encourage any of our readers who may as yet be unfamiliar with PSID to visit our blog archive on the company and peruse recent posts. (>>PSID Archive)

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb. 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PositiveID Corporation (“PositiveID” or “Company”) (PSID), a life sciences company focused on detection and diagnostics, announced today that its Chairman and CEO, William J. Caragol, will present at the SeeThruEquity Second Annual in Miami, FL, on Monday, February 22, 2016, at the Ritz Carlton on South Beach.

Mr. Caragol will provide an update on PositiveID’s Firefly Dx real-time pathogen detection system, as well as an overview of the Company’s recent acquisitions of Thermomedics, which markets the FDA-cleared, non-contact Caregiver® thermometer, and E-N-G Mobile Systems, Inc. (“ENG”), a leader in mobile labs, homeland security and communications vehicles. (>>FULL PR)

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PSID Update, SCTY Recap & More

PositiveID Corp. PSID

Our first order of business this morning is to go back and highlight the significant news from PSID yesterday concerning one of its recently acquired subsidiaries. Our regular readers will certainly recall from our initial report on PositiveID, that the company had completed the acquisition of Thermomedics and its  FDA-cleared Caregiver® non-contact infrared thermometer back in December (>>View PR).

Yesterday it was announced that five new healthcare product distribution firms had been added to its client roster for the Caregiver thermometer. We believe the reason the product has been able to catch on so quickly is largely due to the potential savings it offers healthcare facilities over more traditional thermometer technology. Thermometer covers cost money, and expend resources in their storage and disposal. The Caregiver, being totally non-contact, eliminates the need for covers along with their associated costs.

According to the company, the new agreements will effect “sequential monthly sales growth” and open up “near-term pipeline opportunities” for Thermomedics, which was already producing notable revenue prior to the announcement. This also represents excellent progress in terms of  PSID’s plans for growth in 2016.

SolarCity Corp. SCTY – Options Recap

With so much else to talk about yesterday morning, we had to hold off on congratulating any of our subscribers who caught our red-hot options idea for SCTY Weekly $19-17 Puts in Wednesday morning’s report.

We called for “potential intraday/intraweek swing-trade chances” in those contracts, and as is often the case when we set our sights upon a range of options ideas, every single strike point yielded ridiculously huge gain opportunities. The ranges provided represent Wednesday’s observed lows to yesterday’s closes at the highs-of-day.

$19 Puts – Trading Range: .26-2.35 – Max Gain: 804%
$18 Puts – Trading Range: .16-1.79 – Max Gain: 1018%
$17 Puts – Trading Range:  .06-1.11 – Max Gain: 1750%

Although it was an astonishingly good two-day play, SCTY is rebounding in the premarket today so it’s time to move on from this particular idea. Still, cheers to anyone who got in on the fun while it lasted! 

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Momentum Play, Options & More

Shark Reach, Inc. SHRK

We’re going to be tagging SHRK for observation as a momentum mover this morning after noticing the huge activity in the stock yesterday. It came in conjunction with an article that Forbes ran about the company and its “influencer marketing” strategies. (>>View Article).

Many of our readers will have been aware of the marketing campaign that accompanied the theatrical release of the movie Straight Outta Compton, which was orchestrated by SharkReach. They promised Universal Pictures 7 million impressions and delivered more than 130 million, thanks in large part to the graphical memes that gained viral popularity for a period of months leading up to and following the film’s debut.

The rapid growth into a major player in less than three years of business definitely puts the company on our radar long term, but for the time being, there may be some short-term advantage to press with SHRK. We’ll look for profit-takers to surface after the stock’s rapid and meteoric rise, and be ready for a classic dip-and-rip scenario.

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options Ideas

With regard to a fresh options trading idea, we’re going to be watching Facebook for a possible move to the short side. The stock recently made a run that proved unsustainable, and the chart is looking rather toppy at the moment with a significant gap to fill to the low side.

For potential daytrading and intraweek swing-trade ideas we will be monitoring the Feb 5th $113-110 Puts. For a longer-term idea, assuming more hardship lay ahead for the stock, we’ll want to keep an eye on Feb 19th $109-105 Puts.

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