Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updates on LWSP, TTDZ & PBR

Legacy Platinum Group, Inc. LWSP

We’d like to update everyone on the status of one of this week’s successful picks. We first brought LWSP to our readers on Tuesdaymorning, at which time the stock opened up at .187.LWSP spent the next two sessions on the upswing, culminating in yesterday’s push to  a new high of .33. That marks a three-day overall increase of 76%

Moving forward, we’ll need to see support hold at or above .21 in order for us to remain interested in LWSP.

Remember, per Tuesday’s PR, we’re waiting for an upcoming name and symbol change, expected to begin on May 16th.  We’ll also be on the lookout for further updates from the company on its new direction in the e-cigarette and portable vaporizer market.

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. TTDZ

For some of our newer readers, allow us to do a quick recap of how TTDZ has become one of 2014’s superstar picks for us. Beginning with our first alert on the stock on January 30th, we observed a low of .0012. and it has been pushing its upper boundaries ever since.

By the time mid-March rolled around, the stock had punched above .015, gaining well over 1200% from our first call, but the party was just getting started.

Flash forward to the present, and TTDZ has pressed its way all the way to an impressive high of .0385. Which means that in less than two months, we’ve seen a total increase of 3108% out of TTDZ.

This is another play that recently transitioned into the cannabis sector that has applied for a name and symbol change, and we expect to have an update on that within the next few weeks.

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR

After picking up on PBR exactly two weeks ago today, we’ve seen some impressive trading action in that short time, especially with regard to the options chain.

Besides coming across this stock shortly after it hit all-time lows, and witnessing the start of one heck of a recovery, we also received news this week of PBR’s boosted production numbers from February, which were significantly higher than those of previous months.

Today we’ll be looking at the $13 and $13.50 Weekly Calls for possible intraday flip-opportunities. For those without the ability to stay glued to your screens all day, for longer-term possibilities, we’ve noted our interest in the May $12 Calls and the April $14 Calls.

In the event that PBR fails to hold support at or above the 13-dollar mark, we would have to reassess our opinions.

Extended Watchlist:
UDHI (News), LATF (Financials), JRJC, RGDX, ROSG, USAT, ZGNX

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom Plays, Pot Stocks & More

Legacy Platinum Group, Inc. LWSP
The latest addition to our cannabis watchlist, we introduced LWSP in yesterday’s daily report. After consolidating off of a recent 39-cent high, the stock has made higher highs and higher lows off of its bottom.

Yesterday the stock traded from its low of .187, and ran 12% into the close, ending the session at its high-of-day, .21. We always like to see a stock finish on a high note, as it is often a precursor to further gains.

BARCHART.COM is currently giving LWSP a 96% Overall “Buy” Rating 

MannKind Corp. MNKD

MNKD serves as the latest example of why we highly suggest all of our readers keep a running list of the stocks we place in our daily Extended Watchlists.

We included this play in Friday’s report as it had been in near free-fall and the possibility of a bounceplay was present. The stock ended up finding support at 4.02, and yesterday after-hours we spied a PR regarding recommendation from an FDA Advisory panel to green-light the company’s AFREZZA(R) insulin inhalation powder.

As a result, the stock is gapping up significantly in pre-market action today, so we’ll want to keep a close watch over this potential breakout play.

VALENCIA, Calif., April 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MannKind Corporation (MNKD) today announced that the Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted 13 to 1 to recommend that AFREZZA(R) (insulin human [rDNA origin]) Inhalation Powder be granted marketing approval by the FDA to improve glycemic control in adults with type 1 diabetes and voted 14 to 0 to recommend that AFREZZA be granted marketing approval by the FDA to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. If approved, AFREZZA would be the first ultra rapid-acting mealtime insulin therapy available in the United States. >> FULL PR

Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. AFAI

Speaking of potential bottom plays with fresh news on the wires, we caught AFAI in our morning scan today, and as it turns out, this is another marijuana-related stock. That fact alone is enough to grab our attention.

We have yet to see much news in this sector from Florida, one of the latest states with a medical marijuana initiative on its ballot, so we’ll be interested to follow this storyline as well.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. (AFAI) announced today that its subsidiary Marijuana Holdings Americas, Inc. has founded and will sponsor the Florida Cannabis Industry Association (FLCIA), the primary trade association for Florida’s emerging cannabis industry. >> FULL PR

Prana Biotechnology, Inc. PRAN

In Monday’s Extended Watchlist, we called PRAN a “Huge gap down, possible bounce-play”. The downward pressure continued through yesterday’s session, and the stock closed at 2.30, just .03 off of its low.

This morning, we are seeing the beginning signs of a potential recovery; PRAN is gapping up to the tune of 4% in pre-market trading. We’ll continue to keep this stock on watch, in the event it can regain some of its recent lost ground. Trading over $10 as recently as March 26th, a return to even a fraction of those levels would mean significant opportunity for the sharp trader.

Extended Watchlist:
ENVI, RNN, KIOR, SOL, CPST, DLLR(Possible Buyout)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LWSP Report & Yesterday’s Winners

Legacy Platinum Group, Inc.  LWSP

This morning we have a new play to introduce that recently embarked on a new path into a very trendy market space.

LWSP, through its acquisition of the rights to the complete “Wee-Cig” line of portable herb vaporizers and e-cigarettes from Wee-Cig International Corp., has essentially entered into two fast-growing industries, simultaneously.

Estimates place the value of the electronic cigarette industry at nearly two billion dollars a year. While that figure measures up to just a fraction of the market for traditional cigarettes, the disparity is narrowing as the public becomes more health-conscious, and tobacco smokers look for cleaner ways to consume nicotine.

In addition, because Wee-Cig products function with a variety of materials, folks who make their own herbal smoking blends, and even those living in states where marijuana usage is now legalized, can utilize the Wee-Cig for their own purposes. This expands the potential market for these products even further.

We don’t need to remind you how well stocks that have even a remote connection to cannabis have been faring in 2014. We’re excited to see how LWSP can utilize the influx of interest in cannabis stocks, coupled with its flagship product’s ability to vaporize marijuana; a huge selling point, in our opinion.

The growth potential of the cannabis sector is even greater than that of e-cigarettes, so it’s safe to say that LWSP is in a choice position, with the apparent ability to cater to both markets. To service these markets, there are two current models of Wee-Cigs: The “Wee-C”, and the “Wee-T.”

Both offer the same smoking experience customization; the difference being, that the Wee-C is a re-usable, rechargeable model, while the Wee-T is a disposable model meant to be used, and discarded.

Additionally, on its website,, the company states that is already researching the next generation of Wee-Cig devices, with specific aim toward innovations like increasing battery life, and developing recyclable parts that will increase the overall life of the products themselves.  We’ll be waiting intently for the next update from LWSP on its progress into this new and exciting venture.

We also are looking forward to the completion of LWSP name and symbol change. According to a PR released this morning, the name-change should go into effect on May 16th.

Moving on to the technical side of things:

One of the main aspects that we find attractive about LWSP is its skin-tight share structure. With just 100M shares authorized, and 51.85M outstanding, LWSP is just the type of low-float play that can go up on a breath of air. With stocks structured in this way, just the slightest amount of buying pressure could potentially give rise to substantial upward movement.

We’ve made a few annotations to the following LWSP chart which show just that:

If LWSP were to re-test its previous swing high of .39, it would mean gains in excess of 129% from the current price.

Yesterday’s Winners

We’d also like to take a minute to call attention to the start of another great week. A number of mentions from yesterday fared quite well and offered up nice gain opportunities:

SRNA – Daily Range: 3.00-8.73 – Max Gain: 191%

BIOF – Daily Range: 4.00-7.80 – Max Gain: 95%

PSID – Daily Range: .077-.107 – Max Gain: 39%

WATT – Daily Range: 11.58-16.00 – Max Gain: 38%

TTDZ – Daily Range: .0228-.0275 – Max Gain: 21%