Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ACHN, PBR & Extended Watchlist

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR

PBR had another solid day yesterday, dipping below $15 only briefly where it found support at 14.88 before going on to push its upper limits over the course of the session, acvhieving a new high for us at 15.34.

All of the options contracts that we’ve been monitoring on PBR served up chances to gain a significant amount as the stock continued to bull its way north.

Even our longer-term idea, the 07/19 $15 Calls we’ve been tracking since last week from a low of .25 has already given us the triple-bagger we suggested it might in last Wednesday’s report. They closed out the day at .88, an overall move of 252% and it would appear they want to gap up along with PBR stock this morning, so we expect that figure to increase even further.

PBR has come a long way since we caught it coming off of 10-year lows back on March 21st. The stock itself has regained a lot of ground, coming from our observed low of 11.25 all the way up to current levels above $15. As we stated yesterday, if PBR has a tough time breaking through resistance at its previous swing high of 15.85, we’ll start to think about taking profits off of the table.

Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ACHN

We have to begin this morning by congratulating any of our readers who picked up on our coverage of ACHN yesterday, which allowed us the chance to make sizable gains for the second day in a row.

The stock gapped up as it did on Monday and continued to roll, trading in a range from 6.02 to 7.81 on the day, giving traders the opportunity to pocket close to 30% in profits intraday on inordinately high volume (To the tune of more than 22x the 3-month average).

From the low of 3.72 that we observed on Monday, the stock has already made a fantastic  110% move to the upside over the span of just two sessions.

The company put more news out this morning as well:

NEW HAVEN, Jun 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:ACHN) announced today that members of the senior management team will present a corporate overview at two upcoming investor conferences:– 2014 Wells Fargo Healthcare Conference on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 1:15 p.m. ET at the InterContinental Hotel in Boston, MA; and– JMP Health Care Conference 2014 on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. ET at the Westin New York Grand Central Hotel in New York, NY.

The live audio and subsequent archived webcasts of the Company’s presentations will be accessible from the Company’s investor relations website,

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LWSP Report & Yesterday’s Winners

Legacy Platinum Group, Inc.  LWSP

This morning we have a new play to introduce that recently embarked on a new path into a very trendy market space.

LWSP, through its acquisition of the rights to the complete “Wee-Cig” line of portable herb vaporizers and e-cigarettes from Wee-Cig International Corp., has essentially entered into two fast-growing industries, simultaneously.

Estimates place the value of the electronic cigarette industry at nearly two billion dollars a year. While that figure measures up to just a fraction of the market for traditional cigarettes, the disparity is narrowing as the public becomes more health-conscious, and tobacco smokers look for cleaner ways to consume nicotine.

In addition, because Wee-Cig products function with a variety of materials, folks who make their own herbal smoking blends, and even those living in states where marijuana usage is now legalized, can utilize the Wee-Cig for their own purposes. This expands the potential market for these products even further.

We don’t need to remind you how well stocks that have even a remote connection to cannabis have been faring in 2014. We’re excited to see how LWSP can utilize the influx of interest in cannabis stocks, coupled with its flagship product’s ability to vaporize marijuana; a huge selling point, in our opinion.

The growth potential of the cannabis sector is even greater than that of e-cigarettes, so it’s safe to say that LWSP is in a choice position, with the apparent ability to cater to both markets. To service these markets, there are two current models of Wee-Cigs: The “Wee-C”, and the “Wee-T.”

Both offer the same smoking experience customization; the difference being, that the Wee-C is a re-usable, rechargeable model, while the Wee-T is a disposable model meant to be used, and discarded.

Additionally, on its website,, the company states that is already researching the next generation of Wee-Cig devices, with specific aim toward innovations like increasing battery life, and developing recyclable parts that will increase the overall life of the products themselves.  We’ll be waiting intently for the next update from LWSP on its progress into this new and exciting venture.

We also are looking forward to the completion of LWSP name and symbol change. According to a PR released this morning, the name-change should go into effect on May 16th.

Moving on to the technical side of things:

One of the main aspects that we find attractive about LWSP is its skin-tight share structure. With just 100M shares authorized, and 51.85M outstanding, LWSP is just the type of low-float play that can go up on a breath of air. With stocks structured in this way, just the slightest amount of buying pressure could potentially give rise to substantial upward movement.

We’ve made a few annotations to the following LWSP chart which show just that:

If LWSP were to re-test its previous swing high of .39, it would mean gains in excess of 129% from the current price.

Yesterday’s Winners

We’d also like to take a minute to call attention to the start of another great week. A number of mentions from yesterday fared quite well and offered up nice gain opportunities:

SRNA – Daily Range: 3.00-8.73 – Max Gain: 191%

BIOF – Daily Range: 4.00-7.80 – Max Gain: 95%

PSID – Daily Range: .077-.107 – Max Gain: 39%

WATT – Daily Range: 11.58-16.00 – Max Gain: 38%

TTDZ – Daily Range: .0228-.0275 – Max Gain: 21%

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR Updates & More

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR – Options
We were pleased with the potential for quick intraday gains provided by the PBR options chain on Friday. Our thoughts on moving up our strike price turned out to be warranted, as the $12.50 and $13 Weekly Calls we mentioned both did well on the day.In fact that $13’s actually made a heck on an intraday rip from .04 to more than .20.

We’re still optimistic that PBR stock can continue to recover (after recently hitting all-time lows) and even test the 14.50-15.70 range, filling its gap on the chart. The next major resistance hurdle appears to be the  200DMA at 13.88.

As for the contracts holding our attention moving forward, we’re still looking at the May $12 Calls (which we’ve already followed from a low of .31 to Fridays high of 1.10, +255%) and also considering the June $14 Calls which closed at .47 on Friday.

Positive ID Corp. PSID

PSID is garnering our attention once again this morning. This was a winner for us when we re-alerted it back on Feb. 18th.  If you recall, the stock was trading at a low of .0572 at the time, and we’d follow it all the way up to a subsequent  high of .125. It then came back to find support off of the 200DMA in the mid-.06 range.

We observed a Golden Cross on the chart last week, a signal we are always looking out for, and an 8-K filed this morning only adds to our interest as we kick off another trading week.

It is in regard to a lucrative purchase order that the company has received from UTC Aerospace Systems, which will service the US Dept. of Defense contract for the JUPITR program (Joint United States Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition):
On March 28, 2014 PositiveID Corporation (the “Company” or “PositiveID”) entered into an agreement, in the form of a purchase order, from UTC Aerospace Systems (“UTAS”) to support a contract for the U.S. Department of Defense (“DoD”). This agreement is expected to be performed over the next seven months, between March and September, 2014. The terms of this fixed price agreement include a total value of $841,000 to PositiveID, paid in monthly installments over the next seven months.

This agreement will support the DoD Joint United States Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition (“JUPITR”) Program, which is intended to detect biological threats in order to protect our nation’s warfighters and allies. The JUPITR program will test and evaluate PositiveID’s biological detection and identification technology called M-BAND (Microfluidic Bioagent Autonomous Networked Detector). The assessment will baseline performance, reliability, maintainability, ease of use, and cost of operation to provide the “best of breed” and most affordable options for the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force.

A copy of the agreement will be filed as an Exhibit to the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2013. The description of certain terms of the agreement set forth herein do not purport to be complete and are qualified in their entirety by the provisions of that agreement.

Surna, Inc. SRNA

On Friday we added SRNA to our marijuana related watchlist, and were glad to have done so. We learned that SRNA’s new CEO is a former co-founder of Zynga, and the news was well received.

The stock shot out of the gate, rather quickly ballooning from its opening price of 2.99 up to 5.50 (+84%).

We also learned that in addition to a group of new directors, Surna entered into an agreement which effectively gained the company 14 intellectual property patents related to indoor climate control systems for cannabis growing in states where it is legal.

Extended Watchlist:
CLNT, MNGA, ARTX, BIOF, WATT, HIVE, PRAN (Huge gap down, possible bounce-play)