Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SVSN Review & More

Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc. SVSN

It was roughly six weeks back that we put SVSN on our radars on a routine news scan, and as we always say, it’s better to be early to the party than late. All the way up until last week, the stock wasn’t trading with any real vigor, but things have picked in a huge way, both in volume and price.

From its low at .08 at the beginning of last week, the stock finished out at a high of .89, for an intraweek rip of 1012% This came on the news that the company will file a $50M Real Estate Investment Trust on behalf of its CannaVision subsidiary, with the goal of organically growing cannabis for the purposes of extracting CBD.

Progressive Care, Inc. RXMD

We also want to swing back around to RXMD this morning, which we intially tagged onthe morning of February 22nd. Since that time the stock has exhibited a fairly steady climb up the chart.

We observed a low of .0663 in RXMD on that first day, and as of Friday’s new high of .129, we had watched as the stock rose 95% over a period of just seven trading sessions. It’s streaking to its highest PPS in nearly five years, so it’s safe to say RXMD is in blue sky breakout territory, and we’ll be eager to continue tracking its movements.

Fate Therapeutics, Inc. FATE

We also wanted to recap the solid move we’ve witnessed in FATE, since mentioning the stock toward the end of January. It dipped slightly to a low of 6.76 shortly thereafter, and has since gone a very impressive run.

The stock reached a new high of 14.02 on Friday, which worked out to a 108% upswing in a matter of less than a month.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DAL, GALT Updates & More

Delta Air Lines, Inc. DAL  – Options Recap

We followed a range of Delta options beginning on Thursday morning, when we signaled the DAL Weekly $57-58 Calls in the wake of the company’s across-the-board Q4 earnings beat. We were glad to report on Friday that in a single session those three sets of contracts yielded gains ranging from roughly 780% to 1980%

Despite making such big moves already, Friday’s session brought more success for our tracked calls, so we wanted to open up this short trading week with a final recap on the maximum gains allowed by those excellent weekly contracts. The total ranges we observed over just two sessions were amazing.

$57 Calls – Range: .24-3.44 – Max Gain: 1313%
$57.50 Calls – Range: .14-2.96 – Max Gain: 2014%
$58 Calls – Range: .06-2.40 – Max Gain: 3900%

Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. GALT

We also want to swing back around for GALT, a stock we routinely tracked throughout 2017. It finished off that yea with a bang, and has continued its excellent run into 2018.

From lows it saw at the beginning of December at 1.28, to the new highs it made at the end of last week at 6.15 , GALT had executed a 380% increase in roughly five weeks!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TEUM Update & More

Pareteum Corp. TEUM

The last time we mentioned TEUM was December 8th, shortly after which time the stock was trading for as little as .661. At the time the company had no involvement in the trendy cryptocurrency space.

Flash forward to this week, and an announcement that the company is adding blockchain capability for cryptocurrency support on its global cloud billing platform has the stock soaring to new highs.

TEUM hit 3.15 yesterday, which marks an increase of 377% in less than three weeks’ time. Volume for the day was on the order of roughly five times the monthly average.

Bitcoin itself has been making a nice rebound after the pullback which followed its big run to nearly $20K, and there is no reason to suspect that the push toward blockchain related technologies, both cryptocurrency and otherwise, is just a passing fad.

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. INSY - Options Recap

We made our interest in the INSY 01/19 $8 & $9 Calls known yesterday morning, and it barely took any time at all for our ideas to come to fruition.

As we were mentioning yesterday, the company recently initiated Phase II trials of its synthetic Cannabidiol (CBD) Oral Solution for Treatment of Refractory Childhood Absence Epilepsy, and the FDA granted Fast Track status to the ‘drug’ for the treatment of a rare genetic disorder (Prader-Willi).

This news allowed for some very nice moves in our designated contracts. The $8 Calls ran from .35-1.00 for a gain of 186%, while the $9′s traded up from .20-.55, trending up 175% on the day.

Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AMPE

We also want to swing back to remind our readers of last week’s alert on AMPE. We tagged this play seven days ago (four trading days), and saw it trading for as little as 2.57. As of yesterday’s high of 3.55, the stock had thus far risen by 38%

The stock’s peak PPS represented a new annual high, so we’ll be interested to see how the stock performs in blue skies.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: KRFT Recap & More

Kraft Foods Group, Inc.  (KRFT)
In yesterday’s morning report we took note of the huge merger news concerning Kraft and Heinz, and stated our interest in using the resultant activity to our advantage. The dip-and-rip happened just as we predicted, and shortly after 10AM, it was off to the races for every single idea we put forth!

We mentioned our specific interest in KRFT April $75-85 Calls for intraday options trading possibilities, and were extremely pleased with the results.

The $75 Calls traded up from a low of 7.15 to hit a high of 12.30, an intraday gain of 72%  $80 Calls went on a monstrous run from 1.86-8.62, which equaled a 363% move, and the $85 Calls were the hottest ticket of all, running from a low of .30 all the way up to 4.72; a mega-rip of 1473%

It marked our second single-session, thousand-percent gainer in as many weeks, since we hit it big with ESPR Calls last Tuesday. We want to extend a hand of congratulations to anyone who was able to take advantage!

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR

Last year around this time, we were making a killing off of PBR. We had caught it coming off of 10-year lows, and it enjoyed an epic rally lasting a period of many months where we were able to pick off large gains on countless occasions. A quick tag search of our archives on the stock will demonstrate just how often it brought us chances to make winning trades.

The last several months have been rocky for the state-controlled oil giant, as oil prices had been in free-fall while company officials were simultaneously wrapped up in a scandal, and it led to the lowest prices for PBR since 2003.

There appears to have been a rebound on the 13th of this month, so we thought now might be a good time to put PBR on our radar once again. Oil prices have been rebounding as well, so we’ll venture a couple of options ideas to keep an eye on moving forward.

We’re going to put a spotlight on PBR 05/01 $6 & 6.50 Calls which could provide significant opportunities if PBR can sustain this recovery off of its recently established lows.

Vascular Biogenics, Inc. VBLT

VBLT appeared in our reports for the first time yesterday, and it turned out to be a well-timed call. The stock traded in a daily range from 6.25-7.86, representing 26% intraday gain. Several of our chatroom members profited off of it, and we certainly hope some of our readers did as well!

Going ahead, we will use 6.25 as a baseline of support; in order for us to stay interested in VBLT we will want to see the PPS maintained above that level.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CNET Recap & More

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. CNET

CNET made an excellent move following its inclusion in yesterday’s morning report, as the stock would go on to trade in an impressive range from  a low of 2.41 up to a new annual high of 3.98 on nearly 34x its one-month average volume. The strong 65% intraday run came in the first hour of trading, so folks had the chance at some very rapid, very substantial gains. Congrats if you were among them!

Direxion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bear 3X ETF (JDST)

We introduced JDST as a way to leverage against the falling prices of gold yesterday, and it’s working out in our favor so far. This ETF didn’t waste any time Monday morning, as it began a morning ascent that would last all day and carry it from a low of 14.65 to 16.88, a modest yet solid gain of 15%

We’ll have our eyes on this one for as long as it appears that the dollar will continue to strengthen.


Our scanner yielded three interesting plays with news out of varying subjects.

NXT-ID, Inc. NXTD, has a mobile wallet product that they bill as the truly the first universal secure payment solution, which, as it does not require a smart-phone, provides certain advantages over other eWallet-type products now being pushed by Apple (ApplePay) among others. The stock made a significant move in yesterday’s trading, and will be on our radars today. >>> Shareholder Update PR

China Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc. CJJDreleased financials yesterday and received a warm reception from traders. Some of the highlights included:

  • Online sales contributed $2.6 million in revenue, an increase of 103.5% from the comparable quarter of prior year
  • Retail sales, which includes online sales, accounted for approximately 80.0% of total revenue, and increased by $2.3 million, or 20.7% year over year to $13.2 million
  • Wholesale, which accounted for approximately 20.0% of total revenue, decreased to $3.3 million from $4.4 million for the same quarter of last year. >>> VIEW FULL PR

Synthetic Biologics, Inc. SYN Earlier last wee the FDA granted orphan drug status to SYN’s monoclonal antibody (mAb) combination, “SYN-005″. After a period of consolidation off of the initial run that produced, the stock is gapping up in the premarket today, so we’ll definitely want to keep an eye peeled.

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