Finishing Up a Solid Trading Week

CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. (OTCMKTS:CURR)

As we mentioned in Wednesday morning’s premarket report, CURE officials conducted a Zoom webcast on the current state of the company yesterday afternoon. Today we just wanted to remind our readers that if you were unable to catch the presentation live, you can still get it on demand at the following link:

CURE has a lot happening right now, so we would highly suggest getting the story straight from the horse’s mouth and hearing what company directors had to say.

Direct all investor inquiries on CURR to:

Gary Zwetchkenbaum
Plum Tree Consulting LLC
Phone: (718) 224-3123
Cell: (516) 455-7662

Options Recaps

Our LEN and ACN idfeas from yesterday’s report panned out pretty well, and we have a couple of fresh ideas to add to the mix as well.

LEN Weekly $75.50-77 Calls
2.55-6.14 (+140%)
$76: 2.26-5.60 (+148%)
$76.50: 1.51-5.10 (+238%)
$77: 1.35-4.90 (+263%)

ACN Weekly $255-262.50 Calls
9.99-15.00 (+50%)
$257.50: 8.19-12.30 (+50%)
$260: 5.79-10.01 (+73%)
$262.50: 4.15-9.00 (+117%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
WGO Weekly $60 Calls
DRI Weekly $115 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

TSNP Goes Parabolic

Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. TSNP

As we were just mentioning on Friday morning, we have only been tracking TSNP for just over a couple of weeks (October 28th), at which time the stock was trading for as little as .0005. The stock posted multibag intraweek gains last week but was still in the subpenny range.

Thanks to a surprise retirement of over half a billion shares announced Friday, our potential gains on TSNP have gone parabolic. Yesterday’s recorded high was .0315, meaning that our overall observed increase on TSNP over a span of just two and a half weeks, works out to an astonishing 6200%

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We also got a selection of bullish and bearish options ideas based on the earnings calendar and the activity we’re observing in the premarket this morning. 

YY Weekly $102-104 Calls 
BIDU Weekly $145-140 Puts 
HD Weekly $277.50-275 Puts 

Extended Watchlist:

WW Options Review & More

WW International, Inc. WW – Update 

To open up the last full trading week 2019 yesterday, we signaled a range of calls in the Weight Watchers options chain based on the technical setup, and to help us along at 9:15AM, just a few minutes after our reports went out, the company announced the extension of its partnership with Oprah Winfrey through 2025.

The resulting activity allowed ourselves and our readers the chance at the following intraday profits:

WW Weekly $39.50-40.50 Calls
$39.50 Calls – Range: .35-.85 – Max Gain: 143%
$40 Calls – Range: .23-.65 – Max Gain: 183%
$40.50 Calls – Range: .18-.45 – Max Gain: 150%

Fresh Options Ideas:

JBL posted an earnings beat, and we’ve picked up on some bottom buying by directors of PLCE. Here are the ideas that we will want to track in accordance with each situation.

JBL Weekly $43.50-45 Calls
PLCE 01/17 $65-70 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: