Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ICLD, CATB Recaps & More

Intercloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

We caught ICLD coming off of its bottom, and tagged the stock in our report from two Thursday’s ago on the 2nd. Subsequent to that, we would witness a low of .0157 in the stock, and since then it has been one big bullish run that led to an impressive new high on Friday.

We’ve stayed with it each step of the way as it rose from that .0157 low to Friday’s top mark of .0465. That works out to a fantastic move of 196% which occurred over a period of just seven trading sessions.

The sheer amount of activity in the stock on Friday, with more than $6M worth of ICLD shares changing hands, coupled with the strong close has us very interested to track its movements as it leaves the starting gate this morning.

We also prepared a video presentation of the ICLD Chart and its recent movements that you can view by clicking the graphic below:

Catabasis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CATB

Speaking of catching plays coming off of their bottoms, we signaled CATB in Friday’s premarket report, noting the monster gap on its chart to the upside.

We highlighted this one just in the nick of time, as the move it made during Friday’s session ultimately provided for the filling of around three quarters of that gap. CATB ran from a low of 1.58 and went on to hit a high of 2.76, for a very respectable intraday pop of 75%

In terms of what we want to see moving forward, we’ll be looking for CATB to maintain a level of support each day higher than the previous session.

Side Note: These two winners (ICLD, CATB) from Friday’s report also happened to turn in the two top-gaining performances for the entire NASDAQ exchange for Friday’s session!

Aviragen Therapuetics, Inc. AVIR

We also want to issue a quick alert on yet another potential bottom play that appears to be perfectly primed for a rebound. As you can see plainly on the chart snapshot below, there is a sizable gap to fill to the upside, and our favorite indicators are screaming ‘bullish’ at this point.

The chances of seeing a rebound out of AVIR sooner rather than later seem quite good as we kick off another trading week.

Extended Watchlist:
CETX, ORPN (Bottom-Bouncers)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PTBI Makes Huge Run & Extended Watchlist

PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. PTBI

We were on top of PTBI in yesterday morning’s premarket report, catching it off of our scanner after an interesting PR alluded to activist investor George Soros taking up a position in the company. We also identified the attractiveness of the chart, and went so far as to say: “we like its chances of making a nice run.” Our expectations were exceeded roundly, and we actually ended up seeing a terrific run!

From an early low of 4.33 the stock surged to an impressive daily high of 7.77, carving out a 79% intraday rip on the chart. For a NASDAQ-listed $4.00+ stock, that is an incredible single-session performance.

The stock is pushing to new highs here in the premarket, and has officially crossed over the 100%-gainer line in less than a 24-hour period.

Take a look at the video chart we’ve prepared outlining PTBI’s epic performance so far:

Today’s continued momentum can likely be attributed to another PR out this morning, this time referring to a new acquisition. We’d suggest our readers follow the link to that press, included below. We’ll be actively monitoring this stock as we cruise through this midweek.

Extended Watchlist: