Another Massive Options Runner & More

Continued Options Excellence:

The current earnings season has been very kind to us so far, facilitating all sorts of big time opportunities in the options plays we have targeted. Yesterday was no different, as all three of the fresh options ideas we kicked off the week with recorded notable intraday gains on the session.

We had highlighted in the SPY 11/01 $459-460 Calls, the DKNG Weekly $46-47 Calls, and the ON Weekly $50-52 Calls in our premarket report, and the kinds of figures they put up on the day were exceptional.

SPY 11/01 $459-460 Calls
 .19-1.20 (+531%)
$460: .01-.28 (+2700%)

DKNG Weekly $46-47 Calls
$46: 2.13-3.60 (+69%)
$47: 1.58-2.88 (+82%)

ON Weekly $50-52 Calls 
$50: 2.00-5.54 (+234%)
$51: 1.69-5.00 (+196%)
$52: 1.20-3.60 (+200%)

Another OTC Update:

We’ve also had more of our extended watchlist plays going for solid gains. It’s always important to radar not only the things we feature, but our watchlists as well. There’s almost always a hidden gem to be uncovered, like INND.

Innerscope Hearing Technologies, Inc. INND
Initial Alert: Oct 21st
Range: .0086-.0191
Gained: +122%

Fresh Options Ideas: 
PFE Weekly $43.50-45 Calls
BP Weekly $29 Puts 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Winning JD Calls & More, Inc. JD – Options Recap

In yesterday morning’s premarket report, one of the idea we included for some quick-stike options trading possibilities were the JD Weekly 27.50-29.50 Calls. They were our clear-cut winners of the day after the company beat on Q2 sales and earnings, aided by a reasonably bullish day for the markets at large.

Each and every contract in our highlighted range produced absolutely huge multi-bag intraday gain opportunities on the day for anyone with some skin in the game. Those moves were as follows: 

$27.50 Calls – Range: 1.05-3.49  – Max Gain: 235%
$28 Calls – Range: .76-3.00 – Max Gain: 295%
$28.50 Calls – Range: .52-2.50  – Max Gain: 381%
$29 Calls – Range: .32-2.05 – Max Gain: 541%
$29.50 Calls – Range: .21-1.60  – Max Gain: 662%

Fresh Options Ideas:
HUYA Inc. HUYA Weekly $21-22 Calls
Agilent technologies, Inc. A 9/20 $65-70 Calls 

Taronis Technologies, Inc. TRNX

We’re back to update on TRNX for the second straight session today. The stock turned in one heck of an intraday performance for us yesterday, trading in a range from .55 to a new high of .96. That’s an intraday rise of 75% and TRNX highest PPS since April.

From the .1832 low we observed following our initial alert last month, yesterday’s new high mark represents an overall increase of 424%

Extended Watchist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Form-4 Alert & More

Options Updates 

We offered up a couple of fresh options ideas in yesterday morning’s report, GIS Weekly $37.50 Calls, and the MU Weekly $31-32 Calls. Despite the markets taking yet another hit in the wake of the Fed’s interest rate hike, both of those ideas managed to produce some positive intraday movement prior to the announcement.

The GIS $37.50’s traded up from 1.31 to 1.80, for a modest 37% rise, but the MU calls did considerably better, logging multi-bag gain opportunities:

MU Weekly $31-32 Calls
$31 Puts – Range: 1.03-2.47 – Max Gain: 140%
$31.50 Puts – Range: .70-2.21 – Max Gain: 216%
$32 Puts – Range: .46-1.83 – Max Gain: 298%

Axovant Sciences Ltd. AXON – Form-4 Alert

We routinely keep an eye out for brow-raising insider trading activity, and have run across AXON today. A trio of stakeholders filed Form-4’s on Tuesday alluding to the purchase of a total of $30M in AXON stock in three $10M transactions, at the current relative lows near a dollar. That amounts to over a quarter of the company’s total market value.

To us, this would seem a fairly big indicator that these institutional investors are very confident that the stock will not fall below these levels. We’ll go ahead and place AXON on an extended term bottom-watch into the New Year.

Extended Watchlist: