Closing Out Another Huge Week

Welcome New Members! 

First thing’s first today, we would like to welcome our large group of new subscribers to our daily newsletters. Just a reminder for you folks: We also run a daily Skype traders chat during market hours that you are all encouraged to join! Send a contact request to username “stocksumo” and welcome aboard!

PDD, VRM Options Recaps 

Our unbroken streak of excellent options ideas continued yesterday morning with the two fresh ideas we formulated. We went long on PDD and short on VRM, and both targets recorded some very nice intraday moves.

Here were the total ranges and possible gains on the day in those ideas: 

PDD Weekly $125-140 Calls 
$125: 5.50-11.49 (+109%)
$130: 2.95-7.77 (+163%)
$135: 1.49-4.25 (+185%)
$140: .58-2.22 (+283%)

VRM Weekly $45-35 Puts
$45: 8.00-9.47 (+18%)
$40: 3.40-5.45 (+60%)
$35: .90-1.80 (+100%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
DIS Weekly $137-140 Calls
DKNG  Weekly $45-46.50 Calls
CSCO Weekly $40-41,50 Calls
GRWG Weekly $23.50-25 Calls 

*Please do not attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. TSNP

We have been tracking TSNP for a couple of weeks via our extended watchlist, first mentioning it on October 28th, at which time the stock was trading for as little as .0005. We included followup reminders on both Wednesday and yesterday morning. What the stock has done in the short time we’ve been watching it has been really impressive.

From Wednesday morning alone it has posted a range of .0025-.0061 (+144%), but from our initial low of .0005 to yesterday’s high of .0061 marks an incredible run of 1120% in just over two weeks!

Extended Watchlist:

Earnings Related Options Ideas

Options Roundup 

We are back in the options trading saddle this morning, with the earnings calendar chock full once again. We endured a rather long dry spell in that regard, and it’s great to see the calendar filled up with quarterly reporters once again.

For some of our newer subscribers who may not yet be familiar with how we operate, we always try to utilize the inherent volatility that follows a company’s quarterly earnings drop to fuel short to intermediate term options plays. Our ideas are successful more often than not because of this dynamic.

Today, with the calendar full of symbols, here are the chains and strike ranges that we are most attracted to, and are going to want to monitor:

PG Weekly $143-144 Calls
LOGI 11/20 $95-100
DKNG 11/20 $46-48 Calls 

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. NWBO

We have been tracking NWBO for the better part of two months now. We initially signaled the stock on the morning of September 2nd, and that day it saw a low of .405.

Fast forward to yesterday, and the stock has achieved a high of 2.08 which represents an increase of 414% in roughly six weeks’ time!

Extended Watchlist:

Options Winners, New Targets

Blink Charging Co. BLNK 

We initially began tracking BLNK during the first week of last month, subsequent to which time we would witness a spectacular run in the stock that took it from a low of  5.05 up to 14.58 for a gain of 188%

We wanted to check in on BLNK again today as we close out another solid trading week, as it appears the stock could be gearing up to test those recent highs and potentially add to our observed range of increases.

Fresh Options Ideas 

Both of our fresh options ideas in yesterday’s report turned in solid cards for the day:

TSLA Weekly $1625-1640 Calls
 7.95-50.08 (+530%)
$1630: 12.35-47.50  (+285%)
$1635: 11.55-45.00 (+290%)
$1640: 10.87-43.00 (+296%)

SPY 08/17 $337-339 Calls

$337: 1.76-2.57  (+46%)
$338: 1.16-2.39 (+106%)
$339: .81-1.85 (+128%)

Fresh Ideas:
FTCH 08/21 $28-30 Calls
VRNA 08/21 $7.50 Calls & 09/18 $10 Calls
DKNG Weekly $35.50-34 Puts 

Extended Watchlist: