Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Winning JD Calls & More, Inc. JD – Options Recap

In yesterday morning’s premarket report, one of the idea we included for some quick-stike options trading possibilities were the JD Weekly 27.50-29.50 Calls. They were our clear-cut winners of the day after the company beat on Q2 sales and earnings, aided by a reasonably bullish day for the markets at large.

Each and every contract in our highlighted range produced absolutely huge multi-bag intraday gain opportunities on the day for anyone with some skin in the game. Those moves were as follows: 

$27.50 Calls – Range: 1.05-3.49  – Max Gain: 235%
$28 Calls – Range: .76-3.00 – Max Gain: 295%
$28.50 Calls – Range: .52-2.50  – Max Gain: 381%
$29 Calls – Range: .32-2.05 – Max Gain: 541%
$29.50 Calls – Range: .21-1.60  – Max Gain: 662%

Fresh Options Ideas:
HUYA Inc. HUYA Weekly $21-22 Calls
Agilent technologies, Inc. A 9/20 $65-70 Calls 

Taronis Technologies, Inc. TRNX

We’re back to update on TRNX for the second straight session today. The stock turned in one heck of an intraday performance for us yesterday, trading in a range from .55 to a new high of .96. That’s an intraday rise of 75% and TRNX highest PPS since April.

From the .1832 low we observed following our initial alert last month, yesterday’s new high mark represents an overall increase of 424%

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updating Recent Picks

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. RKDA

As we were just mentioning yesterday morning, we’ve seen RKDA run from a low of 2.70 after placing it on watch Friday morning, and it was high flying in the premarket yesterday, causing us to warn readers of further gains incoming.

The stock strung together its second straight bull run, adding to Friday’s gains and reaching a subsequent high of 7.35. That registers as a two-day swing of 172% and continues to give us cause to keep RKDA on the it streaks to 5-month highs.

Taronis Technologies, Inc. TRNX

We began tracking TRNX last month as the stock was trading for as little as .1832 a share and observed a subsequent run of 244% to .63.

More recently, stock made a consolidation down to .401, and as of yesterday had returned back to a high of .544, representing a swing of 36% We’re going to want to keep an eye for TRNX to retest its previous highs and potentially breaking into new territory.


Finally, PCTL was appearing in our reports quite a bit at the end of last month into the beginning of August. Subsequent to our last alert, the stock ran from .0085 to a new high of .0228, a gain of 168%

There is a patch of resistance around the .029 area that we wouldn’t be surprised to see PCTL test in upcoming sessions.

Fresh Options Ideas: 

JD Weekly 27.50-29.50 Calls
AAP Weekly $140-135 Puts

Extended Watchist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: OTC Updates & More

OTC Updates
Tautachrome, Inc. TTCM - We pointed out yesterday morning that TTCM was well into Blue Sky Breakout territory, and the stock continued its bullish run for us to start off the new week yesterday. It traded in a range from .0241 up to its new high of .0309, which marked an intraday rise of 28%

From our initial alert last Monday, which occurred as TTCM was trading for as little as .0103, yesterday’s new high mark works out to an overall increase of 200% in just a week’s time. Buzz over the release of the company’s app continues to drive interest to this play, with the stock gapping up here in the premarket. If the stock continues to trade with the same type of momentum and volatility we will remain interested.

PCT Ltd. PCTL - Another OTC play that is really hot right now appeared in our report yesterday morning, and in our first day of observance, we witnessed a really nice run from .0089-.015 (+69%).

Crossing the barrier between subpenny and penny territory is no small feat. We’ll continue to watch PCTL with interest.

Taronis Technologies, Inc. TRNX

Another update we’ve got this morning is for TRNX. We signaled our interest in this play two weeks back, on the 8th, and subsequently observed a low of .1832.

Yesterday the stock traded in a range from .47-.63 (+43%) after announcing a huge $165M contract. In total we’ve now seen TRNX make a move of 244% inside of two weeks.

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TTCM Update & More

Tautachrome, Inc. TTCM

We closed out the week on Friday with another mention of TTCM, which we’ve been tracking closely for a couple of weeks now. The stock kept pace with recent trends and responded with more bullish activity.

This has without a doubt been the highest potential play that we’ve uncovered on the OTC Markets in quite some time, with recent sessions provided some considerable gain opportunities. On Friday the stock traded in a range from .0194-.024 (+24%). From our initially observed lows at .0103 just the week before last, the stock has now increased by 132%

The stock is now in what we classify as Blue Sky Breakout territory. As such, there’s no telling where this ride will end, but we’ll be tracking this play until it does.

PCT Ltd. PCTL – Chatroom Call

Similar to TTCM is PCTL, another OTC play in a comparable position to where the former was prior to our catching its incredible wave of momentum.

This stock was called to our attention by a member of our daily stock traders chats on Skype; over the years, the illustrious “DJ” has brought us several of these over-the-counter runners. Our traders chat is open to any of our readers, with no strings attached! Please send a Skype contact request to username ‘StockSumo’ to be included!

Taronis Technologies, Inc. TRNX

Speaking of stocks we’ve been recently tracking, TRNX has provided us with some significant swings of which to take advantage, exhibiting some nice volatility of late.

We wanted to rehash our interest in this stock on the heels of this morning’s PR concerning a massively lucrative contract the company has announced. We wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this event catalyze the stock’s next leg-up.

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2019 / Taronis Technologies, Inc., (“Taronis” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ: TRNX), today announced a binding, definitive purchase contract for up to 30 gasification units on behalf of Taronis Fuels, Inc. The contract consists of an initial purchase of 15 units over 18 months. The contract also includes an option to purchase an additional 15 units over 18 months. If a minimum of 15 units are purchased, the purchaser will receive a perpetual license for the Turkish market to the counterparty.

Each gasification unit carries an upfront purchase price of $3.75 million, and would include a 10 year maintenance contract for an additional $1.75 million per unit. The overall contract also includes a perpetual 3% royalty on all gas produced. If all 30 units are purchased, the total value of the contract, excluding royalties would be $165 million. (>>View Full PR)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Multiple Updates

JB Hunt Transport Services, Inc. JBHT

The most interesting options trading candidate we are seeing from the pool of un-traded upon earnings reporters is JBHT, which dropped an extremely solid quarterly in the post-market yesterday. The company beat on earnings, year-over-year revenue, and bested expectations on guidance as well.

We are going to track a pair of contracts, the JBHT Weekly $95-100 Calls to try to take advantage of the resulting activity.

CORRECTION: Reviewing Friday’s Winners:

Yesterday, through a small error, our newsletters went out without the proper figures for our options ideas on Friday. Here are the correct gain totals.

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY Weekly $299-300 Calls
$299 Calls – Range: .67-1.75 – Max Gain: 161%
$299.50 Calls – Range: .34-1.20 – Max Gain: 252%
$300 Calls – Range: .13-.75 – Max Gain: 477%

Cigna Corp. CI Weekly $167.50-175 Calls
$172.50 Calls – Range: 1.26-4.30 – Max Gain: 241%
$175 Calls – Range: 3.70-6.55 – Max Gain: 77%

American Electric Technologies, Inc. AETI

We try to keep running tabs on everything we mention in our daily reports, and in AETI we have a stock that we tagged for observation at the end of May. In the seven ensuing weeks, the stock has more than doubled.

We observed a low of .60 in AETI subsequent to our initial alert and the stock managed to register a new high of 1.45. That works out to an overall rise of 142% and was good for the #2 spot on the NASDAQ gainers list for the day. If it can break previous resistance at 1.61, it will officially be in blue sky territory.

Tautachrome, Inc. TTCM

Our OTC play from yesterday morning was indeed a runner. The stock made an intraday move from a low of .0103-.0197, which marks a 91% gain on what amounted to more than five times the monthly average daily volume.

The extreme volatility here, like the options plays we select, is what makes this attractive to us as short-term traders. We’ll continue to keep an eye on TTCM for any other possible swing trade opportunities.

Taronis Technologies, Inc. TRNX

One we’ve been watching since Monday of last week is TRNX, which was trading for as little as .1832 following our most recent update.

It trended up to and closed at a high of .35 yesterday, and so far in the premarket this morning it has reached as high as .53. That’s an incredible swing of 189% inside of a week! We’ll want to see previous resistance at the 50DMA to hold as support on any pullbacks.

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