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Paltalk, Inc. PALT – Recap: 

We want to track back slightly this morning to talk about the alerts we posted on PALT last week. We didn’t get a chance to highlight the stock’s performance in our packed Friday newsletter, so we’re going to outline the moves it made as we kick off a fresh trading week today.

Our initial flag of PALT came on Monday morning, at which time the stock was trading for as little as 4.39 a share. PALT subsequently made a dramatic run to a high of 15.20, which marks a total possible gain of 246% for anyone who was along for the ride.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. ZM – Options Review:

We offered up exactly one quick-strike options idea on Friday morning, with the ZM Weekly $265-272.50 Calls, and we’re pleased to report that not only did those contracts post multi-bag gains on the day, but i one set even breached into thousand-percent-gainer territory on the day!

Regardless of which strike point was chosen, massive gains were there for the taking as a result of our alert. Here were those intraday moves and total possible profits:

ZM Weekly $265-272.50 Calls
 1.30-6.30 (+384%)
$267.50: .63-4.00 (+534%)
$270: .25-2.10 (+740%)
$272.50: .05-.80 (+1500%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
DNLI 11/19 $50-55 Calls
SPY 10/04 $434-432 Puts*

*Please don’t trade options on their day of expiration unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

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Options Recaps, Fresh Ideas

Options Reviews

We issued a couple of fresh options ideas in yesterday morning’s report, concerning SMAR and SFIX, which had both reported quarterly earnings in the premarket. We took interest in the SMAR 12/18 $70-75 Calls and the SFIX Weekly $45-50 Calls. 

We witnessed good intraday performances in both cases, with SMAR outperforming SFIX, but not by a whole lot. Both plays will have provided our readers with plenty of opportunity to get in and out for some nice gains on the day.

Here were the total ranges and possible profits on those contracts: 

SMAR 12/18 $70-75 Calls
: 2.10-6.80 (+136%)
$75: 1.11-3.65 (+219%)

SFIX Weekly $45-50 Calls 
$45: 5.00-7.99 (+136%)
$46: 4.46-7.29 (+219%)
$50: 1.90-4.59 (+222%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

GME Weekly $15.50-14 Puts
ZI 04/16 $45-50 Calls
SPLK Weekly $160 Calls
ROKU Weekly $310-315 Calls 

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CURR Double Bagger, Fresh Options Idea

CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. CURR

We did a little profile on, and urged our readers to look at CURR in our recent report from this past Wednesday, November 25th. On that morning, the stock recorded its low just a hair under a dollar at .99.

After a solid week of gains, yesterday’s session brought all new highs in the stock, as it soared to 2.12 on its highest daily volume since September of 2018. That move comes out to a five session upswing of 114% for us since our initial alert on CURR. The company also has some news out that we’ll share below.

Proshares Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas (ETF) BOIL – Options Idea

We’re also liking the look of the BOIL Nat Gas ETF at its present positioning on the chart, coming off of a recent bottom and heading into the cold season, when gas consumption is going to be at its yearly highs for the next few months.

We’re going to signal a little bit of a longer term set of options ideas, the BOIL 12/18 $30-35 Calls, which gives us a couple of weeks until expiration.

Bonus Idea:
SPY 12/02 $365-366 Calls*

*Take caution, these contracts expire at the end of the day today.

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