Sweeping Options Success

Total Options Success 

We have a multitude of options updates for our readers this morning, including new highs for our Campbell’s ideas from Wednesday morning, and the figures from all three of yesterday morning’s fresh options ideas, which all worked out extremely well.

It is a continuation of what has been an incredibly adept playing of the current market conditions. Our readers are welcome to check our record thoughout this time, and any other (Find ALL of our reports  easily at BlueHorseshoeStocks.com)

CPB Weekly $49-50.50 Calls
$49: 2.03-4.45 (+119%)
$50: 1.25-3.82 (+206%)
$50.50: .98-2.80 (+186%)

VIPS Weekly $13.50-14.50 Calls
$13.50: 1.25-2.79 (+123%)
$14: .85-2.90 (+241%)
$14.50: .40-1.95 (+388%)

MRVL Weekly $23.50-25 Calls
$23.50: 1.10-2.21 (+101%)
 .45-1.78 (+296%)
$24.50: .42-1.32 (+214%)
**$25: .01-.95 (+9400%)**

SPLK Weekly $152.50-149 Puts
$152.50: 5.15-12.80 (+149%)
$150: 3.58-11.00 (+207%)
$149: 3.10-8.79 (+185%)

Fresh Ideas:
SPY Weekly $294-295.50 Calls*

*Don’t trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

Hear AtLast Holdings, Inc. HRAL

We’ve been tagging a lot of OTC stocks for observation in our extended watchlists, as penny plays can often see a rise in activity when uncertainty hits the major markets.

HRAL was the most impressive performer from yesterday’s list, with two distinctive moves on the day, first from .035-.0549 (+57%) and then from .0301-.043 (+43%) works out to cumulative gains of up to 100%

More Pharma Winners

Pharma Updates

Ocular Therapeutics, Inc. OCUL  – We’ve been observing OCUL for a couple months now, beginning with our report from Dec. 30th. The stock did rise considerably in a predictable pattern over the first two months of 2020, and thanks largely in part to the effect the coronavirus is having on many pharma plays, the stock really kicked the increases into high gear this week.

Subsequent to our report just prior to the New Year, OCUL was trading for a little as 3.83 a share, and its new high yesterday came in at 7.48, marking a solid rise of 95%

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. INO  – We signaled INO on Thursday morning, and provided an update again in yesterday’s report. From its low of 3.83, we have now witnessed an upswing of 145% as of the stock’s new high of 9.40 achieved yesterday.

The markets have begun to swing back and forth with just the kind of volatility that we relish, but it is highly unlikely that we are seeing the last of the coronavirus’ effect on stocks in general. With the outbreak not yet contained, it stands to reason that this volatility will persist for the foreseeable future.

Campbell Soup Co. CPB – Options Update 

We offered up an options idea for the Campbell’s chain yesterday, the CPB Weekly $49-50.50 Calls. While the 49.50’s didn’t trade substantial volume, the other three contract sets in the range saw some nice moves.

CPB Weekly $49-50.50 Calls

$49: 2.03-3.10 (+53%)
$50: 1.25-2.58 (+106%)
$50.50: .98-2.10 (+114%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
VIPS Weekly $13.50-14.50 Calls
MRVL Weekly $23.50-25 Calls
SPLK Weekly $152.50-149 Puts 

Extended Watchlist:

Form-4 Alert & More

Options Review 

We closed out the trading week on Friday morning with some fresh options ideas, namely the SPLK Weekly $134-138 Calls. The moves we observed in those contract sets were highly impressive, with enormous multi-bag runs across the board.

The total possible profits on the table for daytraders were as follows:

$134 CallsRange: 1.79-6.50 – Max Gain: 263%
$135 Calls – Range: 1.15-5.80 – Max Gain: 404%
$136 Calls – Range: .83-5.70  – Max Gain: 586%
$137 Calls – Range: .50-3.70 – Max Gain: 640%
$138 Calls – Range: .26-2.74  – Max Gain: 954%

Cheers to anyone who took advantage of this unbelievable quick-strike opportunity!

Ebix, Inc. EBIX – Form-4 Alert

We caught a Form-4 insider buying alert on EBIX this morning. That’s when we noticed the prime bottom positioning of the chart, complete with a significant gap to the topside. This will be a perfect candidate to identify some longer-term options plays we have interest in tracking.

We’ll be looking at the EBIX 03/20 $30-40 Calls in the days and weeks ahead.

Extended Watchlist: