Fresh Options Plays, Friday’s Multi-Baggers

SolarWinds Corp. SWI – Bottom Watch Play

Many SWI shareholders have been running for the hills following the company’s software being at the center of a major global hacking effort last week, and that’s precisely why we are becoming interested in the stock as a bottom-watch play.

SWI is apparently on track to report a big year-over-year earnings increase, and while the full ramifications of the company’s role in the breaches is not yet known, we want to get out ahead of the crowd and begin monitoring it for a bottom-bounce entry point nonetheless.

Not only will we track the stock, but we’re going to formulate a longer-term options idea to monitor over the next couple of months, with the SWI 02/19 $12.50-17.50 Calls.

Options Reviews

We signaled just two individual contracts for observation on Friday morning, the DRI Weekly $115 Calls and the WGO Weekly $60 Calls, and in both cases, our readers and ourselves had the opportunity to reap multi-bag gains.

DRI Weekly $115 Calls
$77: .75-2.31 (+208%)

WGO Weekly $60 Calls
1.25-4.55 (+264%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NKE Weekly (12/24) $142-145 Calls
SPY 12/23 $365-367 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Big Options Winners & More

Options Reviews:

To begin this fresh trading week, we are going to recap some of the options trading ideas that we formulated in Friday morning’s premarket report. It was a solid finish for DIS, RIG, and ORCL, and a strong close to what was an exciting week.

Here are the major gains that we identified, as we’re strapping in for what promises to be another fruitful week of stock and options trading:

DIS Weekly $160-165 Calls
$160: 5.93-19.24 (+224%)
$162.50: 4.01-16.62 (+314%)
$165: 2.63-14.35 (+446%)

RIG Weekly $2.50 Calls
$2.50: .06-.18 (+200%)

ORCL Weekly $59.50-61 Calls
$59.50: .32-1.20 (+275%)
$60: .12-.69 (+475%)
$60.50: .05-.25 (+400%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
LEGN Weekly $25-30 Calls
WB Weekly $40-41 Calls 

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PBIO)

The last time we checked in with PBIO, we assured our readers that we would promptly pass along any news updates that came down the pipe, and we have a fresh PR waiting for us as we kick off a fresh week this morning.

It alludes to a webcast conference that will be taking place on Thursday, which is of prime importance to both existing and prospective shareholders, and other members of the investment community. Details below on how to register for participation:  

NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Life Sciences Investor Forum today announced the agenda for its quarterly event for public and private companies, investors and industry professionals from around the world. This day-long virtual event will showcase live company presentations and interactive discussions focused on the life sciences industry.

Individual investors, institutional investors, advisors and analysts are invited to attend. The program opens at 9:15 AM ET on Thursday, December 17th with the first live webcast at 9:30 AM ET.


(>>View Full PR via OTCMARKETS

Extended Watchlist:

Updates on Stocks and Options

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PBIO)

We have been looking closely at PBIO for a week now, first mentioning it last Wednesday the 2nd. We have seen some solid activity during that time frame, and wanted to circle back around this morning to deliver another video chart assessment of the chart.

We are also anticipating the company’s proposed acquisition partner Cannaworx, Inc. to commercially launch its patented immune booster supplement (ImmunaZin™) later this month, as indicated by the company on Friday. (>>View PR). We will certainly relay any updates on that to our readers if and when they become available.

Please take a moment to view the following presentation of today’s PBIO Chart:

View PBIO Chart

Strikeforce Technologies, Inc. SFOR 

We included a mention of SFOR in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and the stock had one heck of an impressive performance on the day.

Shares of SFOR traded up from a low of .032 and reached as high as .115, which marked an intraday run of 259%, which came on huge volume of just over ten times the 30-day moving average. With momentum like that, we’ll certainly be interested in continuing to track its movements going forward.

Options Recaps

We also hit on a couple of really nice options ideas from yesterday’s report, which produced the following trading ranges and potential gain opportunities on the day:

ROKU Weekly $310-315 Calls 
$310: 8.89-20.00 (+125%)
$315: 5.85-16.00 (+174%)

GME Weekly $15.50-14 Puts
$15.50: 1.29-2.04 (+58%)
$15: .94-1.62 (+72%)
$14.50: .71-1.20 (+69%)
$14: .35-.92 (+163%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
ASAN 12/18 $30-35 Calls