PEP Options Review, SPY Calls & More

PepsiCo, Inc. PEP – Options Recap:

We had a quick-strike idea based off of PEP earnings in yesterday morning’s premarket report. It was basically the only game in town on the earnings front, as we continue to trudge along through an extremely dry period. As we’ve mentioned in previous newsletters recently, this earnings drought will persist until the week of the 18th.

Our sole set of earnings play targets were the PEP Weekly $149-152.50 Calls, and those produced some very respectable intraday gain opportunities on the day for ourselves and our readers. Multibag runs were recorded by all three contract sets.

PEP Weekly $149-152.50 Calls
 1.84-3.51 (+91%)
$150: 1.19-2.73 (+129%)
$152.50: .28-1.04 (+271%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 10/08 $430-431 Calls

VizConnect, Inc. VIZC – Recap:

We’re also going to take a minute to relay the move made by VIZC, a subpenny stock that we flagged a couple of times last month beginning on the morning of the 10th.

The stock traded for as little as .0031 subsequent to our alert. During yesterday’s session it recorded a new high of .0072. That works out to an increase of 132% over our observed low.

Extended Watchlist:

Stock and Options Updates, Fresh Ideas

Paltalk, Inc. PALT – Recap: 

We want to track back slightly this morning to talk about the alerts we posted on PALT last week. We didn’t get a chance to highlight the stock’s performance in our packed Friday newsletter, so we’re going to outline the moves it made as we kick off a fresh trading week today.

Our initial flag of PALT came on Monday morning, at which time the stock was trading for as little as 4.39 a share. PALT subsequently made a dramatic run to a high of 15.20, which marks a total possible gain of 246% for anyone who was along for the ride.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. ZM – Options Review:

We offered up exactly one quick-strike options idea on Friday morning, with the ZM Weekly $265-272.50 Calls, and we’re pleased to report that not only did those contracts post multi-bag gains on the day, but i one set even breached into thousand-percent-gainer territory on the day!

Regardless of which strike point was chosen, massive gains were there for the taking as a result of our alert. Here were those intraday moves and total possible profits:

ZM Weekly $265-272.50 Calls
 1.30-6.30 (+384%)
$267.50: .63-4.00 (+534%)
$270: .25-2.10 (+740%)
$272.50: .05-.80 (+1500%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
DNLI 11/19 $50-55 Calls
SPY 10/04 $434-432 Puts*

*Please don’t trade options on their day of expiration unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

Extended Watchlist:

Multiple Thousand+ Percent Gainers!

Alpine 4 Technologies, Inc. ALPP 

We’ve been tagging ALPP in our extended watchlist for some time, and as we mentioned in last Thursday’s morning report, we have been on the trail of this stock since November 18th, at which time it was trading as low as .0735.

This week, we’ve continued to follow the incredible rise of ALPP, which soared to a new high of 4.79, marking an unreal upswing of 6417% in the time we’ve been talking about the stock. Even if you had only caught our update on Thursday, you still could have owned ALPP for 2.01/share, and been up as much as 138% at the new high.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. AITX 

Speaking of thousand-percent gainers, we have been following AITX closely since our report just a couple of weeks ago on the 15th. The very next day it saw shares change hands for as little as .002, and we have now witnessed as it ran to a new high of .045. That represents a ten trading day swing of 2150%

As we were just mentioning yesterday morning, OTC plays like these are currently a large part of our successful calls along with plenty of diverse options ideas. It’s also why we implore our readers to add our Extended Watchlists to their own watchlists each morning, as gems like these get unearthed more often than you’d think!

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We are currently in an extreme earnings dry spell that figures to last until the week of January 18th, when the calendar begins to get busy again. In the meantime, there are still plenty of potential plays out there, and here’s what we dug up today:

BABA Weekly $240-245 Calls
NVAX 01/15 $127-130 Calls

Extended Watchlist: