Enormous Options Gains

Continued Options Success

In our morning report on Friday, we offered up four different options trading targets, and saw sizable gains in every single set. It capped off a fantastic week of options plays for us, and we’re going to kick this week off by highlighting the moves that were made.

UBER Weekly $31-33 Calls 
$31: .75-1.95 (+160%)
$31.50: .42-1.48 (+252%)
$32: .16-.99 (+519%)
$32.50: .04-.55 (+1275%)
$33: .03-.26 (+767%)

OSTK 05/15 $16-17 Calls
$16: 1.11-2.00 (+80%)
$16.50: 1.25-1.80 (+44%)
$17: .95-1.60 (+68%)

ROKU 05/15 $124-126 Calls 
$124: 3.42-9.21 (+169%)
$125: 2.39-8.43 (+253%)
$126: 1.95-7.62 (+291%)

SPY Weekly $295-294 Puts
3.02-4.12 (+36%)
$294: 2.10-3.13 (+49%)

We also had MRNA stack up some really impressive gains following our alert on the Weekly $53.50-55 Calls in Thursday morning’s premarket report.

MRNA Weekly $53.50-55 Calls
.71-6.00 (+745%)
$54: .60-5.80 (+867%)
$54.50: .54-5.09 (+842%)
$55: .38-4.70 (+1137%)

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. AMC – We’re going to add a new idea to our existing one on AMC. We signaled the AMC 06/19 $4 Calls a couple of weeks ago, and we expect the gains we’ve already seen there to jump a lot higher today. The addition we’re going to make is to track the AMC 05/15 $6-7 Calls as well following the rumors of a potential buyout by Amazon.

Fresh Ideas: 
CAH Weekly $52.50-54 Calls & 06/12 $55.50-56.50 Calls 
MYL Weekly $18-19 Calls 
MAR Weekly $86.50-85 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Hugely Successful Options Ideas

Prime Options Payoffs

We have unearthed multi-bag caliber options ideas every day this week, and yesterday was no exception to that trend. Fresh ideas in Viacom, Marinus Pharma, and PayPal all gave us and our readers a chance to at least double our money on the day.

Here is the rundown of the the intraday profit potential of each of those contract sets: 

VIAC Weekly $16-18 Calls
.80-2.00 (+150%)
$17: .32-.77 (+141%)
$18: .11-.31 (+191%)

MRNA Weekly $53.50-55 Calls
$53.50: .71-1.90 (+111%)
$54: .60-1.65 (+168%)
$54.50: .54-1.45 (+169%)
$55: .38-1.28 (+237%)

PYPL Weekly $135-145 Calls

$135: 4.30-12.21 (+184%)
$140: 1.66-7.27 (+338%)
$145: .50-3.40 (+580%)

Fresh Ideas: 

UBER Weekly $31-33 Calls
SPY Weekly $295-294 Puts
ROKU 05/15 $124-126 Calls
OSTK 05/15 $16-17 Calls

SPO Global Inc. SPOM – Update

We also have an update on the stock side of things, we included a tag of SPOM in both Monday and yesterday morning’s premarket reports. This is a stock that we have had a good bit of success with in the past even prior to this week. The stock has been steadily climbing all week, with its run kicking into a higher gear yesterday.

From Monday’s low of .0781 to yesterday’s new high of .28, we’ve now witnessed an intraweek increase of 259%

Extended Watchlist:

Reviewing Winning Ideas, Formulating New Ones

Johnson & Johnson JNJ

We were correct in assuming yesterday would be a good day to put some options trading ideas for Johnson & Johnson on the table. The company is now at the center of the frantic pursuit of a vaccine to eradicate the deadly COVID-19 virus. We expect we will be following its role in this endeavor to completion.

For now, while we have signaled some longer-term options as well, we’re mainly interested in the short term plays we’re tracking and the moves they began to make yesterday. We will include the modest moves made by our September calls, but would expect to have to wait for them to come into play in a more meaningful way.

JNJ Weekly $125-130 Calls
 5.15-9.81 (+90%)
$126: 4.00-9.00 (+125%)
$127: 4.00-8.00 (+100%)
$128: 2.95-7.37 (+150%)
$129: 2.86-6.65 (+133%)
$130: 2.45-5.96 (+143%)

09/18 $150-155 Calls
 3.50-5.00 (+43%)
$155: 2.80-3.50 (+25%)

Top Ships, Inc. TOPS 

Our chatroom call from Friday, which we highlighted in yesterday morning’s premarket report, tacked considerable gains onto our observed range after another huge bullish session. It saw a daily run from .36 to a new high of .62, which comes out to an intraday increase of 72%

From the low of .135 that TOPS saw on Friday morning when we offered it to our traders chat participants, yesterday’s new high mark represented a two-day upswing of 359% We’re seeing a significant pullback in the stock this morning, so this run has had it, but we’ll keep an eye skinned as it searches out a bottom, as a another swing to the upside may follow shortly thereafter.

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Streaming Stocks 

More people are at home streaming content than ever before, and that is going to be true throughout the duration of the coronavirus crisis, which most experts agree will persist until a vaccine is successfully produced, sometime in 2021. Here are a couple of obvious players who stand to maintain solid business through this new dynamic, and some corresponding ideas.

ROKU Weekly $87.50-89 Calls
NFLX $365-372.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: