Huge Moves for GNPX & More

Roku, Inc. ROKU – Review

We have been tracking ROKU ever since Tuesday morning, when we signaled our interest in the ROKU Weekly $134-136 Calls. We reported again on Wednesday after a decent first session from those ideas, while mentioning that we expected to see more gains added later in the week.

That’s exactly what are seeing, with ROKU up enormously in the premarket on the heels of its quarterly report, and getting ready to add some impressive new highs to our tracked contracts, just as we foresaw.

The stock itself is up big, having run from a low of Tuesday of 134.10 and hit 152.50 in early trading this morning. A three day swing of 14% out of a $130+ stock is nothing to sneeze at. So in addition to monitoring for new highs in our previously mentioned targets, we’re also going to roll up and track the Weekly $148-151 Calls* throughout the day.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
NVDA Weekly $285-290 Calls*
EXPE Weekly $122-124 Calls*
CGC Weekly $22.50-24j Calls*

*Do not attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds. 

Genprex, Inc. GNPX –  Update

We also want to comment on the impressive move made by GNPX since we put the stock on our radars five weeks ago. We began tracking it on January 6th, and after a short period of modest gains, the stock has kicked into high gear and never looked back.

Our observed low on GNPX on the morning of our alert was .29, and after five weeks, a huge gap up, and a lot of solid sessions worth of gains, yesterday GNPX attained a new high of 2.74. That’s a total increase of 845% and the stock closed at its highs as well, so we’re going to be really interested to see if it can carry this momentum even further.

Bottom Watchlist:

Options Review & More

Options Review

Despite an unproductive session for the markets as a whole yesterday, two of our three fresh options ideas for the session bucked the trend and panned out quite well on the day. We had some ideas for both the RNG and ROKU chains that produced respectable intraday moves for us.

Here were the total possible profits that were there for the taking, some of which did reach multi-bag status for the session:  

RNG Weekly $220-225 Calls
: 6.10-12.93 (+112%)
: 6.35-10.69 (+68%)
: 3.53-9.30 (+163%)

ROKU Weekly $134-136 Calls
$134: 10.45-15.45 (+48%)
: 9.55-14.95 (+57%)
: 9.25-14.17 (+53%)

Based on premarket activity we’re seeing this morning, we would expect both RNG and ROKU to tack even more gains onto these ideas for us today.

More New Ideas:
TEVA  Weekly $12-12.50 Calls
AKAM Weekly $98-101 Calls
SHOP Weekly $535-550 Calls
CVS Weekly $74.50-76 Calls

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QSR Explodes & More

Restaurant Brands International, Inc. QSR

Our top billed options idea from yesterday morning’s premarket report involved the QSR chain, on the heels of the company’s big earnings release, which included the sales from the amazingly popular Popeye’s chicken sandwich that swept the nation at the end of 2019. The craze that was kicked up because of those sandwiches facilitated same-store sales growth of 34% for the company!

We jumped on the QSR 02/21 $65-67.50 Calls and both of those contracts enjoyed substantial intraday gains as a result of QSR’s earnings. The potential for multibag profits for anyone who caught our alert was considerable, including a 26-bagger on the $65 Calls!

QSR 02/21 $65-67.50 Calls 
$65: .05-1.35 (+2600%)
: .05-.35 (+600%)

Loews Corp. L  – We also put the L 02/21 $55 Calls on watch yesterday, and while the numbers paled by comparison to QSR, we still achieved a solid double-bag move off of Loews. Those calls ran from .60-1.20 for an even 100% rip.

Fresh Options Ideas:
RNG Weekly $220-225 Calls
HAS Weekly $107-110 Calls
ROKU Weekly $134-136 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: