NSPX’s Incredible 11-Bag Run

Inspyr Therapeutics, Inc. NSPX

We have been talking about NSPX all week so far beginning in Monday morning’s newsletter, in which we mentioned bringing this play to the participants of our daily live traders chatroom on Friday morning. The stock has been on fire, pushing to new highs ever since.

Friday’s low came in at .0059, and as the stock reached an incredible new high mark of .0718 yesterday, that means in just 3 trading days, NSPX has recorded a PPS increase of 1,117%

Even those who only saw this week’s mentions in our premarket reports, the gains on NSPX from a low of .0154 have been a very impressive 366% But this illustrates why all of our regular readers should be participating in our live traders chats on skype. The potential gains off of this alert would have been over 700% higher to those in the chatroom.

Just send a Skype contact request to “stocksumo” to get invited to the chat and avoid missing these kinds of gains in the future!  

Beyond Meat, Inc. BYND 

We submitted a fresh options idea yesterday morning going bearish on BYND with the BYND Weekly $187.50-182.50 Puts. Quick traders could have bagged the following gains right from the starting gate in the opening minutes of the session:

BYND Weekly $187.50-182.50 Puts
: 4.67-8.75 (+122%)
$185: 4.41-7.20 (+144%)
$182.50: 3.19-5.72 (+157%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GS Weekly $210-215 Calls
INFY Weekly $16 Calls
VOXX Weekly $7.50-10 Calls  

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR, PPCH Recaps & More

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR – Options

After quite some time away from the stock, we revisited PBR in yesterday’s premarket report, and the timing was certainly fortuitous. In the past we had grown quite accustomed to the PBR options chain providing us with chances for quick-strike profits, and it appears some things don’t change.

We made our primary focus the PBR Weekly $5.00 and $5.50 Calls with attention also going the $6 Calls if PBR broke above 5.75, which it did for a brief time. In every case, the opportunity for sizable gains in the first hour of trading was present.

The $5 Calls ran 42% from .55-.78. The $5.50’s went from .20-.36, marking an 80% pop, and the $6’s made the most notable move, running 175% from .04-.11. 

We’re going to keep a continuous eye on these contracts leading right up to their expiration tomorrow afternoon.

Propanc Health Group Corp. PPCH

As we were just mentioning in yesterday’s report, PPCH has been on quite a tear since we tagged the stock in Friday’s extended watchlist. Our observed low from that afternoon was .0276.

The stock has set higher highs and higher lows every single day this week, and yesterday would go on to break a nickel. At its PPS high of .052, it marked an 88% swing from Friday’s low.  We’ll keep PPCH on our radars as long as it maintains support above a previous area of resistance around .04.

Compugen Ltd. PUGE

We also want to take a brief moment to point out the nice move made by another recent mention of ours. PUGE appeared in our extended watchlist on Tuesday, and has turned in a respectable two-session performance since that time.

The stock recorded a low of .006 on Tuesday, and yesterday it cracked the penny barrier, registering a high of .0105; a 75% session-over-session swing.

Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW

We’ve covered AXPW numerous times in the past, and after taking a look at the current setup of the chart, we’re going to begin watching it more intently in the sessions to come. Yesterday the stock was trading just .08 above its 52-week low, and it appears as if a rebound could be in the cards.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Continued Options Success & More

Continued Options Success

We kept pounding the table on SPY options to kick off the week yesterday morning, following some of the largest single-session moves we’ve ever witnessed came to the contracts we were tracking on Friday. The Weekly $191.50-193 Calls served up the chance at earth-shattering intraday gains ranging from 5966-26000% and while our ideas for yesterday obviously didn’t produce figures like those, the potential gains were still exceptional in and of themselves.

Based on the premarket activity mixed with our own expectations of how market activity would unfold, we specifically targeted the SPY Weekly $194-197 Calls and were very pleased with the ensuing action in every set contracts:

$194 Calls  – Daily Range: 3.12-5.07 – Max Gain: 63%
$194.50 Calls  – Daily Range: 2.91-4.57 – Max Gain: 57%
$195 Calls  – Daily Range: 2.42-4.15 – Max Gain: 71%
$195.50 Calls  – Daily Range: 2.19-3.77. – Max Gain: 72%
$196 Calls
  – Daily Range: 1.90-3.35 – Max Gain: 76%
$196.50 Calls  – Daily Range: 1.59-2.95 – Max Gain: 86%
$197 Calls  – Daily Range: 1.33-2.60 – Max Gain: 95%

The markets have now seen five consecutive days of a strong rally, so we’d expect to see a brief consolidation and course correction. In that event, we’ll look for the SPY to hold support in the $195-range in order for us to remain interested in the above-mentioned weekly contracts.

Lululemon Athletica, Inc. LULU

The last time we formulated an options-trading idea for LULU was roughly a year ago, and at that time we caught a single-session move of over 400%. We want to revisit this play again today; this time, with a longer-term idea. The stock itself is attempting to record a sustained rise off of recent lows, and the chart appears to be ripening toward that eventuality.

The idea that we’re going to submit accordingly is going to be the LULU November 6th $53 Calls (Last Trade 1.25)  It’s quite feasible that we could see a return on the chart to the $56-range by the expiration date. That would push those contracts three dollars into the money, and would likely produce double-bag gains, so we’re going to place them on an extended watch.

Extended Watchlist: