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FireEye, Inc. FEYE – Options Ideas

The first earnings play to catch our eye this morning is based off of the beat just posted by FEYE during aftermarket hours yesterday. The company’s earnings rose to a record high, and its Q2 revenues also registered as an all time quarterly high.

As a result, FEYE is looking attractive to us on a short and longer term basis. Accordingly, we are going to begin tracking a couple of different sets of ideas for the FEYE chain, the FEYE Weekly $14-15 Calls & 08/14 $15.50-16 Calls

More Options Ideas

The earnings calendar is jam packed once again, and here are a couple of the other big name reporters that are gaining our attention here in the premarket. Stocks in general are rising today in advance of the 2PM Fed Meeting.

BA Weekly $170-172.50 Calls
SHOP Weekly $1055-1065 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom Watchlist, Options Idea & More

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. CBDS

CBDS was part of our cannabis stock watchlist yesterday, and even as the majority of the sector was seen to be fading, CBDS bucked the trend and produced an excellent intraday opportunity.

We watched as the stock took off like a rocket right at the opening bell from a low of 1.26, and didn’t stop until hitting its 2.45 high-of-day shortly before 11’clock. That works out to a 94% swing and it came on immense volume, to the tune of 23X the 3-month average.

Cheers go out to any of our readers who caught a piece of the action on CBDS, which was the first in a trio of selections from yesterday’s premarket report to produce respectable intraday performances.

Cardinal Resources, Inc. CDNL

Next in line was CDNL, which is a stock that we’ve referenced in our reports on numerous occasions over the past several months. This subpenny runner turned in an intraday rip of 77% as it ran from .0047-.0083 on a little more than twice the average trading volume, and managed to hold the majority of its daily advance into the close at .0074.

It marked the second consecutive big day for the stock trending off of its lowest prices in roughly six months, so we’ll certainly want to continue tracking its activity, watching for it to record higher highs and higher lows in coming sessions.

Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CPXX

We caught CPXX yesterday on the heels of an attention-grabbing PR (link below) which hit wires post-market on Monday afternoon, relating to encouraging results from a late-stage clinical trial. Despite already being up close to 300%, we still felt it warranted a tag in our watchlist, and we weren’t disappointed.

As is often the case in such circumstances, we saw a dip-and-rip unfold early, after which time the stock ran from a low of 6.44 to 9.10, for a solid 41% swing on absolutely massive volume.


We’re going to designate the following stocks as bottom-watch plays and reserve a spot on our watchlist for each of them over the next several sessions:

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.  PTX
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc  SNSS
Peak Resorts, Inc.  SKIS
Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc.  QTWW

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. CMG –  Options Idea

We want to throw in a quick options idea this morning as well, and it’s going to come in the form of a short. Specifically, we’re going to be looking at the CMG Weekly $485-475 Puts.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GWPH, GRNH Updates & More

GW Pharmaceuticals, Inc. GWPH

Yesterday morning, we suggested our readers pay attention to the activity in GWPH, which had just published a blockbuster PR regarding top-line success in a late-stage trial of a cannabis-derived treatment (>>View PR).

The breakthrough nature of the study caught many people’s eyes, and throughout the course of the day’s news cycle, the story got significant national attention from multiple media outlets.

As we’d mentioned in our premarket report yesterday, we were going to do some cherry-picking, waiting for the gap-up to lead to an early dip (which it did), and then track in-the-money calls. To give an idea of the sort of scenario that was possible, the GWPH $75 Calls ran from 7.70-16.70 (+116%)

We’ll continue monitoring in-the-money calls in the $75-85 range, and if GWPH appears to want to break $90, consider rolling our strike price up to that level.

GreenGro Technologies, Inc. GRNH

The national attention cast upon GW Pharma also brought some nice activity into other cannabis-related plays, and GRNH was one of them. We’ve got an established history of tracking this stock that stretches back for years. A search of our archive shows that this morning marks the 35th occasion on which we’ve mentioned the stock.

The most recent of those mentions came this past Wednesday, when we tagged it in our morning watchlist, after which time we observed a low of .02.

Yesterday, the stock rode the wave of attention for the sector to an impressive 62% rip as it ran from .0215-.0349. It also marked a total swing of 74% over the low we witnessed last week.

Added Note: We prepared a list of some other marijuana stocks to monitor more closely in the light of heightened investor awareness of the sector:  CANV, CBDS, CANN, CNBX

Extended Watchlist: