ERBB, GRNH, LUNL, IDGC & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Tranzbyte Corp ERBB

ERBB opened at .0048 on Monday, and ran to .0075, where it ran into a key level of resistance. Currently we have a golden cross formation setting up on the chart. This play will be on our watchlist for weeks to come. We are looking for when the 20DMA surpasses the 200DMA, and at the rate it’s been going, we could realistically see that occur within the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday’s volume of 42.5M shares traded represents nearly 7X the current average. is currently listing ERBB as a 64% Overall Buy and placing the brunt of their confidence in the short-to-medium term.

Most of the medical marijuana plays that we’ve been monitoring with the exception of ERBB, were on downtrends yesterday.


GreenGro Technologies, Inc. GRNH

GRNH was one of those med. marijuana stocks that experienced a pullback on Monday, no great shock, granted the recent huge runs we’ve been seeing. It did, however, end up maintaining the support level we had mentioned in the morning reports (.05-.06), closing the day out at six cents.

We need to see GRNH hold a minimum level of support anywhere from the 20DMA (.0322) to yesterday’s foothold at .0465. Moving forward, we are going to have to monitor all of these consolidating marijuana stocks for any bounce actions that may come to pass.


Lumonall, Inc. LUNL

After appearing in our extended watchlists recently, LUNL earned a spot as one of our main focal points this morning, turning in back to back days of abnormally high volume.

On Friday, it traded over $23K in dollar volume, and yesterday, another $16K. With accumulation increases such as these, there often tends to be a corresponding increase in upward momentum, so we certainly want to watch for that.

The stock has enjoyed steadily rising closing prices for the past three consecutive trading days, so we are anxious to see if the recent awakening of the stock can continue to duplicate those results.


IDGlobal Corp. IDGC

This is a high flying, big momentum mover that caught our attention yesterday when it ran from .0004 to as high as .0075. A surge like that is enough to get anyone’s attention, exploding for possible intraday gains of over 1700%

We most definitely want to put this stock on bounce-watch once the dust settles from this amazing run. One would expect to see significant consolidation after such a showing, and the resultant rebound could be impressive in and of itself. In the meantime, we’ll want to make certain that the current run is indeed at an end.

Extended Watchlist:


BCAP, PURE, DRWI, CGUD & Extended Watchlist

Baron Capital Enterprise, Inc. BCAP

BCAP had a momentum-filled day yesterday, trading nearly 100M shares, over 4X its 3mo average volume. The stock managed to maintain a higher low of .0008, and hit a higher high at .0012, where it ran into resistance as we pointed out in yesterday’s afternoon alert.

This is the chart from that alert, identifying key resistance levels, at .0012 and .002. On the flipside, should we see a pullback, we would like to see support hold at .0007.


PURE Bioscience PURE

PURE was a nice addition to yesterday’s watchlist, opening up at 1.30, and running to 1.60 in the first fifteen minutes of trading. We then saw a pullback to 1.42, before it bounced up to 1.68 by one o’clock. The low of day to the high of day marks 29% gained intraday.

As you can see on the chart, a really sharp trader could have played this more than once yesterday, for cumulative gains upwards of 40-50%


Dragonwave, Inc. DRWI

Another nice opportunity for a quick flip, DRWI opened at 2.44 on Thursday, and hit a high of 2.72 right out of the gate, in the first twenty minutes. It then pulled back to 2.45 before shooting back to 2.61 for a quick 11% gain.

____, Inc. CGUD

We began talking about CGUD around the midpoint of last month. After a backslide to .0016 which was reached the day before yesterday, the stock rebounded to close out Thursday’s session at .0034. Ranging from .0016-.0034 marks the possibility of up to 113% gained in just a 48-hour period.

A return to its 52-wk high of .0064 (reached one day prior to our initial alert) would mark nearly another 100% gain.


Extended Watchlist:

BBDA, PRTN, ADHC & Extended Watchlist


Pristine Solutions, Inc. PRTN

When we put out our newsletter pre-market on Monday morning, we noted that we had a hunch that PRTN was Awesome Penny Stocks’ next big play, and as it turned out we were correct. After touching a low of .31 the stock ran as high as .413. for an intraday gain of just over 30% on monstrous volume.

While other newsletters may claim to bring you timely alerts, we strive to be the first to mention big opportunities, and that was certainly the case here. We didn’t start seeing other coverage of PRTN appearing until after the bell Monday morning.


Bebida Beverage Corp BBDA

We have talked about BBDA a lot latelty. On the 22nd it had come down as low as .0045, before starting on its most recent tear that has taken a high of .0148 yesterday. Gains of 229% from that low were possible. From Monday’s low of .008, it represents an 85% gain.


American Diversified Holdings Corp. ADHC

We would classify this as a momentum play just coming off of its 52-week low. We’ve seen a spike in volume, and believe that momentum could carry over into today’s trading.

Extended Watchlist: