Blue Horseshoe Stocks: WATT Recap & More

Energous Corp. WATT

On our premarket watchlists for both Wednesday and yesterday morning, has been WATT, which received some exciting news this week.

The company revealed that the FCC has granted consumer safety certification for its wireless charging technology, marking the first FCC approval for remote wireless charging, and opening the door to commercialization.

Its applications are plentiful, and the potential is high, and it’s showing on the chart. On Wednesday morning following our alert, the stock was trading for as little as 15.30, and at its high of day yesterday, the stock had reached 33.50. That represented a two-session swing of 119% as it set new all-time highs for volume two days in a row.

We will be very interested to continue tracking the story behind this huge turn of events for WATT.

Helios and Matheson Analytics, Inc. HMNY

We also would like to recap HMNY’s performance yesterday. We tagged this one as a bottom play and ended up timing the bounce with absolute precision.

The stock had been in an overall downtrend since the end of November, and yesterday, began what could be just the start of a more sustained recovery.

HMNY traded up from a low of 5.45 and went on to reach a high of 6.98, for a modest but respectable increase of 28% on the day. It happened on roughly three times the monthly average volume, and closed near the high of day, so we’ll definitely be on the lookout for momentum carryover.

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. INSY

Just a quick reminder about the options idea we had for INSY recently. We already reported the solid gains we’ve witnessed in the INSY 01/19 $8 and $9 Calls on Wednesday morning, but given the current conditions on the chart, we’ll want to keep an eye peeled for further bullish activity in those contracts.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Rehash & More

Kate Spade & Co. KATE – Recap

We began tracking a set of options ideas for Kate Spade in Thursday morning’s premarket report, targeting the KATE Weekly $20 and $21 Calls in the wake of earnings, despite the retail market as a whole being a bit shaky of late. We observed them at lows of 1.41 and .65, respectively.

We then updated our readers as to the excellent gains made by those contracts on Friday, but the party wasn’t over yet. New highs were reached in both cases, with the $20 Calls shooting as high as 3.65 marking a two-session swing of 159% and the $21 Calls topping out at 2.37, a two-day rip of 264%

Unilever PLC (UL)

New for Friday’s morning report was our idea on Unilever following its own earning  report. We caught the stock exhibiting some bullish premarket activity, and came forward to highlight the UL Weekly $42.50-47.50 Calls for potential daytrades.

We were spot on in targeting that range of contracts, as they all provided ample opportunities for intraday profits, including a chance at a massive windfall with the $47.50′s:

$42.50 Calls – Range: 3.80-6.18 – Max Gain: 63%
$45 Calls – Range: 1.40-3.60 – Max Gain: 157%
$47.50 Calls – Range: .05-1.33 – Max Gain: 2560%

Other Updates From Friday

VNUE, Inc. VNUE - We tagged VNUE in Friday morning’s extended watchlist, and it ultimately ended up being our top pick of the day on the stock side of things.

Starting out from a low of .0015, this subpenny streaker broke out to a subsequent high of .0033, marking a 120% rip on roughly three times the monthly average volume. We’ll want to keep an eye skinned for the possibility of further action, as VNUE ended up closing at its high of day.

Franchise Holding International, Inc. FNHI – Also performing notably was FNHI, which made more modest, yet still solid intraday moves. It started out with an early pop from .017-.0269, a 58% uptick, before pulling back to .019 and returning to .025. That added a 32% gain to the daily cumulative total.

Petrogas Co. PTCO – Potential Bottom-Play

We’ve pointed out on the chart below why we think that PTCO could be primed for a bottom-bounce breakout at any minute. The stock is currently looking oversold, with the price rebounding off of a previous support area, over just the last two trading days.

We’re going to want to watch this one like a hawk, as the technical seem to indicate a major run could occur in the very near future.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. WMT – Options Update

Lastly, we want to rehash a longer-term options idea we formulated for WMT back on January 31st. We noticed the stock rebounding off recent lows at the time, and signaled the WMT 03/03 $68-$69.50 Calls. It has been almost nothing but bullish activity on the chart since then, and those ideas have panned out quite nicely.

$68 Calls
– Range: .86-2.29 – Max Gain: 166%
$68.50 Calls – Range: .57-2.02 – Max Gain: 254%
$69 Calls – Range: .48-1.80 – Max Gain: 275%
$69.50 Calls – Range: .41-1.42 – Max Gain: 246%

Additionally, WMT is gapping up hard this morning in premarket trading, so we want to stay laser focused on these ideas, as our observed ranges are almost certain to see increases as a result. In fact, the WMT PPS is so high at this point, we’ll be looking to roll up to the range of $72-73 Calls if the bonanza on the WMT chart continues.

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GIHI, EGCT & Extended Watchlist


Globalgroup Investment Holdings, Inc. GIHI

GIHI appeared for the first time on our extended watchlist yesterday. The stock traded as low as .0025, before running as high as .0039 in just the first hour of trading for substantial intraday gains to the tune of 56% . Not too shabby of a performance for its first day on our radars.


Ecologic Transportation, Inc.  EGCT

We have been following EGCT since July 16th, at which time we saw it run from .30-.48 (+60%), then a slide back to .22, before seeing it surge to .44 (+100%). This week the stock offered up another consolidation, dipping to a low of .25 where it found support. Yesterday saw a close of .30, up 20% from this week’s low. All in all, that’s 180% in cumulative gains for EGCT in approximately six week’s time.

We will continue to keep this play on our watchlist. For those of you who caught EGCT’s interview with Stock Traders Talk Radio a couple of weeks back, you may want to check out the update added yesterday.



These were big volume momentum breakouts yesterday. Each of these stocks were up significantly, and we’re on the lookout for a possible continuation of that today.


Extended Watchlist:

UPZS, RENU, ADHC & Extended Watchlist

Unique Pizza & Subs Corp. UPZS

We first put UPZS on our watchlist on August 15th, at which time the stock was trading as low as .051. Friday, we saw a high of .13, making gains of 155% possible over that range. Yesterday the stock settled at .08, its lowest price since August 17th. The pullback served us up an opportunity to catch a bounce, or an entry for those that missed that first run. We’ve seen some additional newsletters covering this play as well, so we expect to see even more interest coming in on UPZS.

Today the company released some news regarding the progression of a previously mentioned LOI into a Definitive Agreement. Its all too often that we see companies on the penny market announce an LOI, and then fail to execute. That does not appear to be the scenario with UPZS.

Unique Pizza Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Pizza Fusion; Deal to Capitalize on Synergies With Pizza Fusion’s Organic Sector Leadership and Global Growth Business Plan

PITTSBURGH, PA, Aug 29, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (PINKSHEETS: UPZS) today announced that it has signed a Definitive Agreement to acquire privately held Pizza Fusion Holdings, with closing expected by the end of the third calendar quarter. Pizza Fusion will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company Unique Pizza and Subs. The Company announced on March 2 it had signed a binding LOI for the transaction.

The business combination capitalizes on Pizza Fusion’s acclaimed organic menu offering, eco-friendly practices, sector leadership position and global growth business plan. Further, it brings together and leverages Unique Pizza’s highly cost effective franchise business model, which enables the prolific roll up and rebranding of existing ‘mom & pop’ pizza restaurants under the Unique Pizza and Subs brand.

Renuen Corp. RENU

We are still waiting on execution of an LOI announced by RENU in late July.  The stock had another strong trading session yesterday, hitting its highest point that we’ve seen in three months.  RENU hit a high of .006, and closed at .0059, a gain of 300% off its .0015 bottom that we observed at the end of July.

The way that the stock has been performing time and again, is what keeps us coming back to RENU.


American Diversified Holdings Corp. ADHC

ADHC, our momentum alert from yesterday had a heck of a performance, dipping as low as .0063, before running as high as .0105, for an intraday gain of 67%  The stock continued to pick up volume, trading 3 million more shares than the previous day.

We’ll continue to watch for added momentum today.


Extended Watchlist:
PRTN, BBDA, EGCT, GIHI, P (Pandora),

BBDA, PRTN, ADHC & Extended Watchlist


Pristine Solutions, Inc. PRTN

When we put out our newsletter pre-market on Monday morning, we noted that we had a hunch that PRTN was Awesome Penny Stocks’ next big play, and as it turned out we were correct. After touching a low of .31 the stock ran as high as .413. for an intraday gain of just over 30% on monstrous volume.

While other newsletters may claim to bring you timely alerts, we strive to be the first to mention big opportunities, and that was certainly the case here. We didn’t start seeing other coverage of PRTN appearing until after the bell Monday morning.


Bebida Beverage Corp BBDA

We have talked about BBDA a lot latelty. On the 22nd it had come down as low as .0045, before starting on its most recent tear that has taken a high of .0148 yesterday. Gains of 229% from that low were possible. From Monday’s low of .008, it represents an 85% gain.


American Diversified Holdings Corp. ADHC

We would classify this as a momentum play just coming off of its 52-week low. We’ve seen a spike in volume, and believe that momentum could carry over into today’s trading.

Extended Watchlist: