EGCT, RAYS, STWG & Extended Watchlist

Ecologic Transportation, Inc. EGCT

We’ve been a long time follower of EGCT. Some of our long-term readers will remember a report we released way back in September of last year. Ecologic had just announced its plans to aquire ACE Rent-a-Car. As yet, this has not taken place, although we are hoping to hear word of its status in today’s conference call.

During the call, CEO William Nesbitt will provide an overview of the Ecologic Car Rental business, the Company’s Ecologic Products Ecologic Shine brand and the Ecologic Transportation Environmental Transportation market.

Start Time: 11:00am PDT (2:00pm EDT)
Participant Dial-In: 1-800-914-8405
Access Code: 2475741

Over the past nine months, EGCT stock has subsided, touching a 52-week low (.101) a few weeks ago. We could be looking a triple-digit gainer from these levels, if it can return to last year’s prices, so we are putting EGCT back on our watchlist.

Raystream Inc. RAYS

RAYS is going on our watchlist today as well, as a bigtime momentum play. This stock gained more than 1000% yesterday.

Whenever we track a high-flyer like this, we are always keeping in mind that huge runs of this nature are virtually certain to be followed by a significant pullback, leading to a nice bounce opportunity. We’ll be scanning RAYS continuously until that occurs.

S2C Global Systems, Inc. STWG

STWG made another step toward going current on yesterday, filing an attorney letter with respect to current information. We are expecting their concerted efforts to go current to come to fruition in the near future. We want to continuously monitor the stock for a status update.

Extended Watchlist:

Wednesday’s Midday Report | BTHR, GNIN, VRNI

Big Three Restaurants, Inc. BTHR

BTHR first appeared on our extended watchlist back on January 2nd. At that time we observed the stock make a run from a low of .0012, and culminate into a high of .0036 on the 7th, following our morning feature that day. That gained us 200%

This past Tuesday morning, BTHR appeared on our extended watchlist for the first time since January, and was as low as .0009 that same trading day. This morning, we observed shares trading hands at .0027, representing the second 200% move from BTHR in as many months.

We will continue to keep this gem on our radars moving forward.

Green Innovations Ltd. GNIN

Yesterday, when we published a video chart on GNIN, we mentioned that we wanted to see support hold above its 50DMA, and break through the 20DMA. GNIN has performed just as we had hoped it would. With a low of 1.00 during trading yesterday, the stock saw a 49% move to 1.49 this morning.

We would now like to see the 20DMA at 1.25 to hold as support, and we feel there is a good chance of that. We can see the PPO pinching and getting ready for a cross, the RSI is through the 50-line and is making its way toward the 50DMA and the power zone. The indications on the chart seem to point toward an uptrend, so we definitely want to keep an eye peeled for GNIN.


Virogen, Inc. VRNI

VRNI came out of the gate strong this morning, gapping up to .0008 and running to .001 following our morning alert that a bounce seemed likely. We saw some profit taking pull the stock back to .0007, where it filled part of that gap-up. In that sense, it’s good for the chart to fill in those gaps, so we like what we’ve seen from VRNI thus far today. The stock is trading record volume, with more than 110M shares trading hands as of 1:40PM.

The L2 shows solid support with over 20M shares on the bid at .0006 as illustrated in the screen shot below:

This Mornings News:

SAN GERONIMO, Calif., March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Virogen Inc. (OTC Pink: VRNI), a holding company specializing in data security and encryption technology, today announced the creation of a new technical consulting division, which will be the focal point of the company’s Q2 2013 strategic initiative.

Virogen’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Tiger Team Technologies (“T3”), established its new technical consulting division in response to client requests for the company’s high-level services on an ongoing basis. Recognizing that technical consulting services have long served as significant profit centers for many major technology companies, in some cases producing 60% or more of these companies’ operating profits, T3’s technical consulting services division will spearhead the company’s strategic entry into this market niche.  The move into this market niche will serve to enhance and support the marketing of the company’s flagship business offerings.


Extended Watchlist:

BMSN, AMBS & Extended Watchlist

Yesterday in reference to BMSN, we stated that “we are expecting to see a pullback at some point. In such an event, we’d like to see the support hold off of the 50DMA of .001.”  Sure enough, that’s exactly what we saw, as the stock bounced off of .0011 before closing at .0018. Not only did BMSN follow our prediction to the letter, but it managed a 64% intraday gain off of the bounce as well.Accumulation remains at an all-time high, with close to three-quarters of a million dollars changing hands yesterday, a record-setting volume day for the stock. This leads us to believe that there is certainly something left in the tank for BMSN, and we will continue to monitor the Level 2 as we do with every ticker that’s high on our watchlist, to make sure that support holds in the .001’s.


Amarantus Bioscience, Inc. AMBS

AMBS had another great day on Wednesday, raking in some more serious gains. We observed a new high of .195, on heavy momentum, much like BMSN. Yesterday was the third highest volume day the stock has logged in the past two months, with $4.5M in dollar volume. When we see momentum in a high-flyer like this, it’s easy to get excited, yet we remain vigilant. It’s important not to let greed run the table, and protect those profits where you can, after all, we’ve already seen cumulative gains of 1047% from AMBS.


Extended Watchlist: