BCAP, PURE, DRWI, CGUD & Extended Watchlist

Baron Capital Enterprise, Inc. BCAP

BCAP had a momentum-filled day yesterday, trading nearly 100M shares, over 4X its 3mo average volume. The stock managed to maintain a higher low of .0008, and hit a higher high at .0012, where it ran into resistance as we pointed out in yesterday’s afternoon alert.

This is the chart from that alert, identifying key resistance levels, at .0012 and .002. On the flipside, should we see a pullback, we would like to see support hold at .0007.


PURE Bioscience PURE

PURE was a nice addition to yesterday’s watchlist, opening up at 1.30, and running to 1.60 in the first fifteen minutes of trading. We then saw a pullback to 1.42, before it bounced up to 1.68 by one o’clock. The low of day to the high of day marks 29% gained intraday.

As you can see on the chart, a really sharp trader could have played this more than once yesterday, for cumulative gains upwards of 40-50%


Dragonwave, Inc. DRWI

Another nice opportunity for a quick flip, DRWI opened at 2.44 on Thursday, and hit a high of 2.72 right out of the gate, in the first twenty minutes. It then pulled back to 2.45 before shooting back to 2.61 for a quick 11% gain.


Com-Guard.com, Inc. CGUD

We began talking about CGUD around the midpoint of last month. After a backslide to .0016 which was reached the day before yesterday, the stock rebounded to close out Thursday’s session at .0034. Ranging from .0016-.0034 marks the possibility of up to 113% gained in just a 48-hour period.

A return to its 52-wk high of .0064 (reached one day prior to our initial alert) would mark nearly another 100% gain.


Extended Watchlist: