AAPL, MDHI & Extended Watchlist

Apple Inc.  AAPL

Apple options continue to be a lucrative venture for us. The October 20th $650 Calls that we pointed out last week did a bang-up job, yesterday running from 1.06 to 6.81 before closing at 6.15.  We also mentioned how the stock likes to bounce off of the 100DMA. As the week comes to a close those options are going to expire, however as yesterday’s 500% rip showed us, the remainder of this week could provide added opportunity. After Friday we will be turning our attention to the Nov. 17th $650 Calls.


Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. MDHI

MDHI experienced a minor pullback yesterday, dipping to .0035, then rebounding to close at .0042, which did make for a possible 20% intraday gain. We are looking for support to hold at .0035 moving forward. There was also a bit of positive press that hit the wires this morning that we’ve highlighted below.

Fall Promotion Results in Blow Out Sales — Expect to Sell Out of Inventory — More MediPendant Product on Order from Factory
KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Oct 16, 2012 (eTeligis.com via COMTEX) Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. (OTCQB: MDHI.PK) today announced it has kicked off its fall retail Internet sales promotion programs, which are resulting in extremely strong incremental sales. In order to meet this very strong demand, the company is in the process of hiring additional staff and acquiring additional MediPendant inventory via the acceleration of factory deliveries.

ADDED NOTE: We’d also like to congratulate anyone that capitalized on yesterday’s medical marijuana round-up report. HEMP earned us a spot on the Penny Stock Rumble top gainers list for its 39% intraday run from .027-.0374.

(We also still want to keep the rest of the plays we mentioned on watch: GRNH, RFMK, MWIP MJNA, CBIS)

____Extended Watchlist:

BRND, MDHI & Extended Watchlist

Premier Brands, Inc. BRND

Late last week. one of the investors in our extensive network gave us a heads-up on an upcoming promotion for BRND, which prompted us to include it on our watchlist. Sure enough, this weekend, we found our inboxes flooded with promo material on the stock. Some of the same groups that covered IDOI and ran the stock from .29-.74 in five sessions, also seem to be involved here.

Like IDOI, we brought you BRND ahead of the crowd, with the stock trading as low as .65 on Friday.  Already premarket, the stock has traded over 150K shares, and hit a high of .775, leading us to believe that the party has just begun on this promotion, and we have handed everyone VIP tickets to the event! We could be in for another multi-day runner here.


Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. MDHI

We first alerted MDHI on August 6th, at which time the stock was trading as low as .003. On September 19th, it hit a high of .0065, representing a possible gain of 117%

Also, for those who might have missed the exclusive interview with MDHI’s CEO, conducted by Stock Traders Talk Radio on Friday, you can listen here.

As we point out on the chart below, we are at a key support level, and it looks as if we are getting ready to see a nice bounce.


Extended Watchlist:


ANTS, PPHM, MDHI & Extended Watchlist

ANTs Software Inc. ANTS

Once again, ANTS earned us a spot on Penny Stock Rumble on Friday. The stock hit a high of .034 before closing at .03. We had mentioned that we wanted to keep an eye on ANTS heading into this week as a result of the heavy momentum we observed, and currently we are up over 150% from Wednesday’s low. At this stage of the game, we are considering taking half off of the table, and playing the rest of the way with the house’s money. It is always vital to protect your profits, should the stock take a turn for the worse.


Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PPHM

Speaking of stocks heading in the wrong direction, PPHM is experiencing a huge gap-down today as a result of a disconcerting press release.

We first mentioned PPHM on August 14th, after which time it saw a low of 2.37 before hitting a high of 3.05. for a three-day, 29% gain. By the 27th it had pulled back to 1.27, and then on Friday hit its high of 5.50, and at that point marked a gain of 213%  That would have been the time to lock in profits, as we just stated; you really never know when some poor news can begin to damage a stock’s performance.

This drastic pullback this morning, should offer a bounce opportunity, which is why we want to continue to monitor it despite the current situation.


Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. MDHI

MDHI hit a new high of .0065 last week, a gain of over 100% since we first began covering the stock back on August 6th when it was trading as low as .003.

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