Afternoon Update on Plandai Biotech (PLPL)

Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. PLPL
We’re sending out an update on PLPL this afternoon following this morning’s report. After trading as low as .55, the stock made its way back to .67, registering a 22% intraday gain in the process, and is currently holding support above the 50DMA.
In addition to an opportunity for a tidy profit during early trading, PLPL provided the public with a new press release that you can check out below. It eludes to an intellectual property licensing agreement, under the terms of which the company should be able to increase the effectiveness of its botanical extracts by a significant margin.

SEATTLE, WA, September 3, 2013 – (ACCESSWIRE) – Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. (PLPL), a producer of highly bioavailable plant extracts for industries including health, wellness, nutriceutical, and pharmaceutical, today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa, that holds the patents and associated intellectual property associated with the entrapment of compounds in long-chain fatty acids-based nano- and micro-particles, known as Pheroid(R). Under the terms of the world license, Plandai has the exclusive right to use the Pheroid(R) technology with all Phytofare polyene-based extracts, which includes proprietary extracts of most botanical matter, for human and animal use. >>> FULL PR

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Extended Watchlist:

RENU & Extended Watchlist

Renuen Corp. RENU

RENU appeared on our extended watchlist back on March 14th. At the time, it was trading as low as .0021, and went on to hit .0045 on March 25th. After receding back to its support level at .0022, the stock ran again, this time to .0037. This week, we’ve seen an increase in volume as a result of recent positive news announcements, which bode well for the company. We want to continue to monitor RENU’s activity, as well as participate in tonights conference call, details of which can be found below.

The conditions on the chart are somewhat favorable, though we would like to see momentum and volume continue to pick up. We like the way the RSI is heading North, both the MACD and the Slow STO recently crossed over and are showing divergence at this time.

Included in the recent developments was the acquisition of Total Exteriors Corporation, a solar and renewable energy construction company.

In addition, CEO Don Wood will conduct a webinar tonight, May 2, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. EDT. The company will discuss current projects, acquisitions, growth strategy, and more.To participate, register at the following address: You will then be able to listen on your computer, or call: (470) 200-0305 Access Code: 857-011-329 Webinar ID: 407-072-665.

Extended Watchlist:

PNCH, SKTO, PLUG & Extended Watchlist


IC Punch Media, Inc. PNCH


SK3 Group, Inc. SKTO

We first began talking about PNCH and SKTO last Tuesday, and have seen really good performances out of each stock since that time.

PNCH hit a high of .0149 before closing at .0142, up 42% on the day on over 2X the 3mo. average volume, and bringing our total gains on the stock thus far to 148%. BARCHART.COM is still giving PNCH a 72% Overall Buy Rating.

SKTO hit a high of .03 yesterday, an astonishing 1204% rip from last Wednesday’s low of .0023. We certainly hope that many of our readers took notice of our coverage, and were able to play SKTO for much of those gains.


Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

Yesterday we re-alerted a past play in PLUG. We were rewarded with a powerful session from the stock, as it managed to close at its high of day ( .2687), for a 24% gain on the day. We are seeing that momentum carry it into a morning gap-up, having already traded above .30 pre-market.

The next key resistance will come at the 50DMA of .33, and should we see a break past that level, there is a chance we could see this one trade up to the forty cent-range. The RSI is inclining, but has not yet reached the power zone, so we have reason to believe that the stock is not yet overbought.


Side Notes:

Alot of newsletters struggle to bring you one green play in a day. We’re not sure where else you can go to find several winners a day. Yesterday, three out of four of our selections made significant gains. The fourth, had already seen multi-bag gains this week following a prior alert.

We also want to remind everyone to keep an eye peeled for a special report we will be sending out following today’s closing bell. We have a promising opportunity in the form of a stock that we feel could close out the week with a bang. You won’t want to miss this special report. 


Extended Watchlist:

PNCH, FLPC & Extended Watchlist

IC Punch Media, Inc. PNCH

We are still looking at PNCH this morning. The stock closed strong at its high of day yesterday, marking the sixth consecutive trading sessions in which the stock has posted gains.

After first appearing on our radar on Tuesday at .006, yesterday’s high came in at .0081, an increase of 35% It is always a good bullish sign when a stock rallies into the close, and ends the session at its high of day, so we will certainly be keeping PNCH in our sights.

PUNCH TV is one of the fastest growing channels among viewers 18-54, according to a special report on Multicast Networks published on December 3, 2012, in the Broadcasting & Cable Magazine. PUNCH TV completed the 2012 year with 35 partner stations and reaching 55 million U.S. households, marking a 2500% growth rate in slightly over 1 year.


First Liberty Power Corp. FLPC

We also wanted to send out a quick congratulation to anyone that caught this around lunchtime yesterday. After appearing on the midday report’s extended watchlist, FLPC, trading massive volume, went from .0069 to over a penny, gaining almost 50% in the second half of the day.


Extended Watchlist:

Thursday Midday Report: SKTO & Extended Watchlist

SK3 Group, Inc. SKTO

We wanted to send out a quick alert on SKTO this afternoon, as the stock came out of the gate  We’ve been talking about SKTO since Tuesday, during which time the stock has traded as low as .0023. We are bringing it into focus again today as it is pushing new highs, with shares going for as much .0078, a 239% move from Wednesday’s low.

This large gain over such a short period solidifies our continuing notion to monitor the marijuana sector as a whole in 2013, as it has consistently produced winning picks for us over the past several months, beginning last year.

MIAMI, FL, Mar 13, 2013 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — SK3 Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: SKTO) today announces that it has appointed licensing expert and former Executive of King World Productions, Kevin Allyn, as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“Each of the members voted onto the Board brings experience, a unique perspective and direction,” said A. Mayor, CEO of SK3. “Kevin Allyn has broad experience as a senior executive and entrepreneur in entertainment, television, film, music, sports, licensing, and talent management. Kevin has also been an advisor to a variety of companies both private and multi-billion dollar public companies. Mr. Allyn was also one of the presidents of King World Productions, one of the most successful television companies in history. King World is the leading worldwide distributor of first-run programming, including the two highest-rated, first-run strips in syndication, WHEEL OF FORTUNE and JEOPARDY, as well as OPRAH, CSI, INSIDE EDITION, DR. PHIL, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, HOLLYWOOD SQUARES and THE LITTLE RASCALS. Mr. Allyn’s legendary list of contacts, his ability to innovate and his management expertise allow us to form a team that can scale effectively into this lucrative market.”

Good “Calls” From This Morning
In our A.M. report, we stated that we “want to turn our attention to the 155.00 and 156.00 Weekly SPY Calls.” The 156.00 calls have seen a low of day of .38, and a high of .64 (last traded at .50, up 56%). The 155.00 Calls saw a 1.24 low, and a subsequent high of 1.60, having last traded at 1.40, up 32%


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