BRND, MDHI & Extended Watchlist

Premier Brands, Inc. BRND

Late last week. one of the investors in our extensive network gave us a heads-up on an upcoming promotion for BRND, which prompted us to include it on our watchlist. Sure enough, this weekend, we found our inboxes flooded with promo material on the stock. Some of the same groups that covered IDOI and ran the stock from .29-.74 in five sessions, also seem to be involved here.

Like IDOI, we brought you BRND ahead of the crowd, with the stock trading as low as .65 on Friday.  Already premarket, the stock has traded over 150K shares, and hit a high of .775, leading us to believe that the party has just begun on this promotion, and we have handed everyone VIP tickets to the event! We could be in for another multi-day runner here.


Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. MDHI

We first alerted MDHI on August 6th, at which time the stock was trading as low as .003. On September 19th, it hit a high of .0065, representing a possible gain of 117%

Also, for those who might have missed the exclusive interview with MDHI’s CEO, conducted by Stock Traders Talk Radio on Friday, you can listen here.

As we point out on the chart below, we are at a key support level, and it looks as if we are getting ready to see a nice bounce.


Extended Watchlist: