Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GNCA Review & More


We wrapped things up on Friday by going over some of our successes for the week,. and we also provided readers with a couple of quick strike options ideas for Friday’s session itself. It should come as no surprise, given the sheer numbers of winners we routinely unearth, that both of our ideas proved to be excellent chances to finish the week on a very high note.

Here are the ideas along with the total possible gains that could have been achieved on the day.

OKTA Weekly $111-113 Calls
$111 Calls – Range: 2.20-8.62  – Max Gain: 292%
$112 Calls – Range: 1.81-7.69 – Max Gain: 325%
$113 Calls – Range: 1.28-6.20 – Max Gain: 384%

BIG 06/21 $30-32.50 Calls
$30 Calls – Range: .15-.35   – Max Gain: 133%
$32.50 Calls – Range: .05-.15 – Max Gain: 200%

If the SPY can break 275.27, we’ll be looking at the Weekly $275.50 Calls, and if it falls below 274.50, we’ll be tracking the Weekly $274 Puts.

Genocea Biosciences, Inc. GNCA

We originally began tracking GNCA in our very first report of the new year (01/02) and we wanted to follow up with it now, five months later, as we are very impressed with where the stock has ended up. The stock actually set its 2019 low of 2.50 on January 2nd and it hasn’t looked back since.

By the end of February, the stock had doubled to five dollars, and now, it has doubled again. This morning in premarket trading, we’ve witnessed a new of 12.22 from GNCA, representing an total rise of 388% over our observed low. We’re going to be very interested to see what it’s going to do in this newfound blue-sky territory.

Extended Watchlist:

RMTI, PHOT & Extended Watchlist

Rockwell Medical, Inc. RMTI

We mentioned RMTI in Friday’s extended watchlist, and it turned out to be a good decision on our part. After opening at a low of 8.75, the price surged ahead to touch 10.20, marking an opportunity at intraday gains of up to 17%

We’re going to leave RMTI on our radars as we kick off a fresh week of trading, as the stock appears to be gapping up this morning, (presently above Friday’s high, trading at 10.50 premarket). The stock also traded high volume on Friday, so we want to monitor the situation for any further gains the current flux of momentum might provide.

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

PHOT had a good day on Friday as well, breaking a recent double-top, posting gains on increased volume. The stock hit a high .0477, which from the low following our most recent mention of this play (.0318), represents a 50% move.

We’ve got this and other marijuana-related stocks on continuous watch since the USDOJ announcement that the federal government would not be interfering with individual states that have voted to legalize the plant for both medical and personal use.

Extended Watchlist:

BMSN, NEWL, KNDI & Extended Watchlist

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. BMSN
BMSN is an old-time favorite of ours, that we’ve most recently mentioned in both Friday and Monday‘s extended watchlists. On Friday, the stock was as low as .0032, which, at yesterday’s .0048 high, marked a two-session spike of 50% BMSN managed to get above the 200DMA, and broke above resistance at a recent swing high (05/06/13 @.0045). The next key resistance comes at .0062.

Side Note:
Also included in Friday’s report with BMSN was Entest Biomedical, Inc. (ENTB). The two companies are headed up by the same management team. After trading as low as .0019 yesterday, ENTB also made a run, closing at its high of .0026, a 37% move. We’ll be monitoring for a continuation of that momentum this morning.

NewLead Holdings Ltd. NEWL
Speaking of momentum plays, here’s one fresh off our morning scan: NEWL was rebounding off of a recent 52-week low and having a breakout session yesterday. The stock closed at its high of day, and even continued its ascent after-hours. We are going to want to watch this mover into today’s trading. Momentum like that often produces extended multi-day runs, and if that is the case here, we’ll want to take full advantage.

Kandi Technolgies Group, Inc. KNDI & Other EW Winners
We also wanted to give ourselves a hearty pat on the back for our timely inclusion of KNDI in yesterday’s Extended Watchlist. This NASDAQ-traded stock made quite an impressive daily run for a security in this its price-range, trading from a low of 7.20 up to 8.31, gaining 15% on the day.

Other gainers on the day from yesterday’s win-filled extended watchlist include OSH, IGLD, & RNN.

Extended Watchlist: