Big Winners, More New Ideas

iBio, Inc IBIO – Update

It was just this past Thursday morning that we were mentioning our great success in tracking IBIO to multibag gains, beginning when we first highlighted it as a potential coronavirus play on March 17th. We subsequently observed a low of .76, and as of our followup last week, it had produced an increase of over 400%

That was before yesterday, in which IBIO took the #3 top gainer spot on the NASDAQ, and broke out to yet another impressive new high of 7.43. That extends the gain we’ve seen on this play since our initial alert to a mammoth 878%  Even as other stocks representing COVID-19 vaccine candidates have been flagging of late, IBIO has continued its impressive uptrend, and we’re excited to see where it goes from here.

Microsoft Inc. MSFT

One of our options ideas from yesterday morning’s report fared quite well during the session, and based on the way things look in the premarket today, we expect to see further increases in our target contracts.

Those were the MSFT Weekly $205-210 Calls and they got off to a really good start with some solid intraday gains: 

MSFT Weekly $205-210 Calls
$205: 6.70-11.30 (+69%)
$207.50: 5.65-10.10 (+79%)
$19: 4.75-8.75 (+84%)

We also want to roll up to include the MSFT Weekly $212.50-215 Calls in our watchlist.

Fresh Options Ideas:
PM Weekly $74.50-76 Calls
LMT Weekly $370-380 Calls
IBM Weekly $130-132 Calls
PLD 08/21 $100-105 Calls

Rising Biosciences, Inc. RBII

Another mention from yesterday morning’s premarket report was RBII, and that too exhibited a very nice move on the day.

We have been bringing some of our focus back to OTC stocks quite a bit more in 2020, and this is another in a growing line of solid calls on that front. The stock traded from a low of .003 mand went on to hit .0068, for an intraday rip of 127%

Extended Watchlist:

OWCP Recap, Fresh Options Ideas

SPY  Options Review 
We had one lone set of fresh options ideas to start the week off yesterday, signaling our interest in the SPY Weekly $284-286 Calls .

The markets did see a sharp rise in the first half of the session, despite returning to close flat on the day. That allowed for some reasonably solid chances for quick-strike gains in our designated target range.

Weekly $284-286 Calls 
$284: 3.52-6.09 (+73%)
$285: 3.79-5.49 (+45%)
$286: 3.29-4.90 (+49%)

Fresh Ideas:
LMT Weekly $385-390 Calls
EFX Weekly $126-129 Calls
CCK 05/15 Weekly $60-65

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. OWCP

It turned out to be OWCP that put up the most notable performance off of our extended watchlist yesterday. We saw the stock do big things last year, but were mentioning it for only the second time in 2020.

It put forth a couple of nice little moves on the day, first trading up from a low of .014 to .0289 (+92%), then pulling back to .0192 before hitting a new high of .036 (+88%). In total, the stock rose 157% from its early morning low to the ultimate high set during power hour.

Extended Watchlist:

LMT Options Review & More

Lockheed Martin Corp. LMT – Recap

Our big winner from yesterday morning’s premarket report turned out to be Lockheed Martin. We’ve had some experience trading options in the LMT chain in the past, and this time around was another really good opportunity for ourselves and our readers to take advantage of some excellent intraday moves.

Our targets of choice were the LMT  Weekly $435-440 Calls and all three contract sets in that range experienced some serious single session multibag gains!

LMT  Weekly $435-440 Calls
$435:1.40-6.30 (+350%)
$437.50: 1.17-5.10  (+336%)
: .55-3.70  (+573%)

Fresh Ideas:

With a huge group of the biggest companies reporting earnings today, here are some options ideas for the ones that we are most attracted to based on premarket activity and a number of other factors.

AAPL Weekly $320-325 Calls
MA Weekly $322.50-325 Calls
BABA Weekly $210-212.50
SPY Weekly $327.50-328.50 Calls
BA Weekly $322-327.50 Calls