Options Update, Fresh Earnings Plays

Options Review: 

As promised yesterday, we’re swinging back around to the fresh options plays that we formulated in Wednesday morning’s premarket report. If you didn’t catch our special focus report on an exciting up-and-comer in the junior gold mining space, click here and check it out!

On Wednesday, we offered up a trio of options trading targets, those being the UNH Weekly $455-465 Calls, the BAC Weekly $46.50-48 Calls, and the SPY 01/19 $458 Calls. We ended up seeing some nice movement in those plays that day, which amounted to the following ranges and total potential profits for anyone who got involved.

UNH Weekly $455-465 Calls
11.30-17.00 (+50%)
$460: 6.40-16.50 (+158%)
$465: 3.69-12.01 (+225%)

BAC Weekly $46.50-48 Calls
.43-.95 (+121%)
$47: .23-.62 (+170%)
$47.50: .12-.34 (+183%)
$48: .05-.17(+240%)

SPY 01/19 $458 Calls
$458: .39-1.32 (+238%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NFLX Weekly $420-400 Puts*
ISRG Weekly $278.33-276.67 Puts*
SPY 01/21 $446-444 Puts*

*Please use extreme caution when trading options on their day of expiration. It should only be attempted by experienced traders with access to disposable funds. 

Vortex Brands, Co. VTXB – Recap:

We’ve also got an update on VTXB, a stock that we tagged for observation last Thursday morning, and over the course of a week, it has performed exceptionally well for us.

From Thursday’s low of .0125, VTXB ran up as high as.0494 during yesterday’s session. With this type of momentum going, we’ll be sure to continue to monitor its activity in upcoming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

Into the Thick of Earnings Season!

Keeping the Options Train Rolling:

We have been faring extremely well with regard to our recent options ideas, which carries over into 2022 a winning trend that we have established as ‘the norm’ around here. Out of the four sets of fresh targets we offered up in yesterday’s premarket report, the only one that didn’t produce instant results were the ASAN 02/18 $65-70 Calls which were intended as a longer-term play, and that we will most likely come back to in the days and weeks ahead.

As for the rest, which were the SI Weekly $125-120 Puts, the GS Weekly $372.50-365 Puts, and the OPK 02/11 $4.50-5.00 Calls, we saw gains ranging from moderate to major on the day. Here are the overall trading ranges and total possible single session profits that were up for grabs on those ideas yesterday.

SI Weekly $125-120 Puts
6.83-22.10 (+224%)
$120: 4.01-17.55 (+338%)

GS Weekly $372.50-365 Puts
$372.50: 13.50-25.45 (+89%)
$370: 12.15-22.89 (+88%)
$365: 8.55-18.36 (+115%)

OPK 02/11 $4.50-5.00 Calls
$4.50: .18-.46 (+156%)
$5.00: .05-.16 (+220%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
UNH Weekly $455-465 Calls
BAC Weekly $46.50-48 Calls
SPY 01/19 $458 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Back to Work! Fresh Options Ideas

Special Notice: 

Due to severe weather on the East coast earlier this week our chief editor was without power and we were unable to send out our newsletter yesterday. We apologize for that, and most of our readers know that it is very unlikely that we ever miss a beat. It was perhaps only the second trading day in our 10 year history where we were unable to publish a premarket report. We are now full operational once again, and back to business as usual!

In the meantime, we did put out some ideas in our live Skype traders chat yesterday with respect to ROKU calls and SPY calls that both worked out well. See below for instructions on how to access the live traders chatroom. Today it appears as though the markets are giving back some of the gains we saw yesterday and the week prior.

UnitedHealth Group, Inc.

UNH Is bucking the overall market trend gapping up on following an earnings release, we are going to want to pay close attention to the UNH Weekly $270-277.50 Calls  for the remainder of this week!

Other Ideas:
SPY Weekly $280-276 Puts
C Weekly $45-43 Puts
BAC Weekly $24-22.50 Puts

 Added Note: 

We have been seeing a massive boost of new subscribers in recent weeks, with more people at home, and still more who are simply trying to maximize their trading opportunities during this difficult time. Regardless of your reasoning for joining our ranks, we would like to offer you a big ‘Welcome to the Family’, and encourage all newcomers to take advantage of our live daily traders chats on Skype (Send contact request to “stocksumo”) 

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