Blue Horeseshoe Stocks: OWCP Breakout Continues & More

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. OWCP

Throughout the week, and since we first alerted it on Thursday, OWCP has been the gift that keeps on giving.  From that first session when it traded as low as .0045, the stock has made appreciable moves each day, and continued to provide intraday opportunities as well as a huge overall move to the upside.

Yesterday was no exception, as OWCP traded in a daily range from .014 to a new high of .03, a 114% intraday pop, and an overall increase of 566% from the low we observed on Thursday.

As pointed out in the following video presentation of the OWCP chart, we identify the current 50DMA of .018 as the ideal support level to hold on any forthcoming consolidations. At the very least, the stock will have to maintain its penny status and ultimately hold at a bare minimum of a .01 to maintain our attention.

Global Arena Holding Corp. GAHC

We’ve got GAHC which came up on our scanner this morning after giving off a strong bottom bounce signal yesterday as it ran from .0027 (just .0003 above current annual low) to .0036. We’re going to want to reserve it a spot on our watchlist in sessions ahead.

The current chart shows a number of indicators suggesting that GAHC could be set to make more moves to the upside, including a rapidly-strengthening RSI and a MACD pinching in for a bullish cross. If the stock were to make a run from current PPS levels to the 50DMA, we would be looking at gains of more than 65%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Ideas & More

Options Ideas

JP Morgan Chase & Co. JPM 
- The first item on our agenda this morning is going to be to formulate an options trading idea for JP Morgan on the heels of the company’s earnings beat this morning, which has the stock gapping up here in the premarket.

We’re going to be zeroing in on the JPM Weekly $63.50-65.50 Calls for potential daytrades, and/or swing trades into tomorrow, depending on how the activity unfolds.


Seagate Technology Holdings, Inc. STX – STX has recently been making a nice move after a large gap-up earlier this week. In the premarket it is pressing past the 200DMA(30.20) and looks as if it could continue to truck higher and fill the gap on the chart to $33.

We have a couple corresponding options ideas that could be in line for some nice gains; for daytrading opportunities this week, the STX Weekly $30-31 Calls, and the STX 07/22 $30.50-31.50 Calls for potential swing trades into next week.

Updates on Recent Interests

SAExploration Holdings, Inc. SAEXLast week, we tagged SAEX as a bottom-watch play and after a few sessions of mostly sideways trading, the stock has finally begun to get some legs this week. The bottom, and our observed low, came in at .1385, and yesterday SAEX hit .298. That works out to a four session swing of 115%


Gold Resource Corp. GORO -  We’ve been tracking GORO closely since we entered it into the conversation at the end of June. At the time we had observed a PPS low of 3.19, and yesterday the stock continued to push its upper limits with a new high of 5.50. That represents an overall swing of 72% and a new 52-week high as well. Firmly in blue sky breakout territory, we’ll continue to keep an eye on GORO.


Lot78, Inc. LOTE – After tracking it to some nice gains last week, we saw LOTE pull back slightly yesterday, to a swing low of .016 before it rebounded 37% back to .022. We’ll look for the stock to retest our previously observed high of .03, the breaching of which would put this one into blue sky breakout mode as well!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Updates & More

Options Updates

Barracuda Networks, Inc. CUDA - On Friday, we had just caught CUDA coming off of a heavy earnings beat, and we signaled our interest in a couple sets of contracts in the options chain to correspond with the expected activity. Specifically the CUDA 07/15 $15 and $17.50 Calls.  It was a good thing that we did, because what followed were some eye-popping gain opportunities!

The $15′s have now traded up from a low of 2.55 to a high of 6.53, for an excellent swing of 156%, while the $17.50′s have amazingly run from .60 to as much as 4.10, a huge 583% rip!


Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – We’ve drawn off of the PBR well countless times in the past, and our most recent idea, the PBR 07/15 $6.50 and $7 Calls (which we submitted on the morning of June 29th) has paid off with a couple of sizable swings.

In the roughly two weeks since we tabbed these plays for observation, we saw the $6.50 Calls run first from .30-1.07 (+256%), followed by a dip back to .35 and a rip back to 1.27 (+263%). The $7′s provided similar, yet even bigger action as they initially saw a move from .15-.69 (+360%), followed by a second from .14-.85 (+507%).

We expect the gains mentioned here to be extended as PBR is gapping up again this morning, and we may need to consider rolling up our strike prices to the $7.50 and $8 Calls as the situation dictates.

Gold Resource Corp. GORO

We also want to provide an update on another idea from the end of last week. We were circling back around to GORO on Thursday, a play we’d begun tracking two weeks prior from a low of 3.19.

Since our re-alert on Thursday, GORO has logged higher highs and higher lows in all three sessions. From Thursday’s low of 4.35 to yesterday’s high of 5.44 was a solid 25% upswing, and from our observed low of 3.19 (06/28), it marked a total increase of 71%

Fresh Options Ideas

SAGE Weekly $40 and $45 Calls

SHPG Weekly $187.50-195 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SFEG Review & More

Santa Fe Gold Corp. SFEG

SFEG, a stock we’ve been continuously tracking since Friday morning, has provided us with ample opportunities to profit in each session since then. The first day, a move from .0115-.0165 was good for gains of up to 43%  To open up the week on Tuesday, it amazingly ran from .0194 all the way up to .044, an added move of 127%

Then in yesterday morning’s premarket report, we relayed to our readers that a dip-and-rip scenario could be in the cards granted the rapidity with which the stock shot up in the prior session. That’s exactly what came to pass, as SFEG peeled back slightly to an even .04 in the morning before gathering a head of steam that would carry it up to a new high of .065!

It went down in the books as an intraday gain of 62% and from our observed low of .0115 on Friday, it marked an incredible three-session swing of 465% Big cheers go out to anyone who took advantage of this momentum-mover! Stipulating that the stock must hold support at or above yesterday’s swing low of .04 to hold our attention, we’ll be on the lookout for further opportunities from this point forward.

Gold Resource Corp. GORO

Speaking of momentum, we’re going to circle back around to GORO this morning for an update on its recent progress. We flagged this play for observation just under two weeks ago and subsequently witnessed it trading as low as 3.19 , and in the last four sessions, the stock has done a good job of both recording higher lows and higher highs, as well as logging a higher trading volume each day.

From a low of 3.41 a week ago today, GORO hit a high of 4.69 yesterday afternoon, which marks a solid upswing of 38%  Over the aforementioned observed low, it represented a total move of 47% in a matter of six sessions. We’ll be following this play for as long as it continues to exhibit signs of bullishness, building a higher base level of support in sessions to come.

Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MRNS

We also want to quickly draw some attention to MRNS, which gave a strong bottom-bounce signal yesterday in addition to having a simply monstrous gap on the chart to fill to the upside, and positive signals abounding. The RSI has just escaped heavily-oversold territory, while the MACD has just crossed in a bullish manner.

We’ll definitely want to keep this stock on our radars as we head into the end of this short week, and possibly into next week as well, since the filling of the gap you see below would mean gains of over 100% from the current PPS.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Gold Watchlist, Options & More

Tesla Motors Corp. TSLA – Options Update

Our bearish sentiment on TSLA yesterday ended up working in our favor quite well, as the intraday volatility provided traders with not one but three chances to execute lucrative swing trades.  Our specified target range was the TSLA Weekly $200-195 Puts; those three opportunities on the day extended to all three sets of contracts, and were as follows:

$200 Puts – 4.45-8.45 (+55%), 4.15-7.50 (+81%), 4.36-6.35 (+46%)

$197.50 Puts – 4.06-6.35 (+56%), 2.83-5.39 (+90%), 2.83-4.51 (+59%)

$195 Puts – 2.44-5.13 (+110%),1.87-3.81 (+104%), 1.70-2.89 (+70%)

Amid the bombshell that Britain passed a referendum effecting its exit from the European Union (at least a two year process), world markets in general are all feeling the strain at present. TSLA has hit a low of $186 in the premarket, so our observed contracts all stand to produce further gains this morning.

To get ourselves a little closer to the heaviest action in the event of a continued backslide for TSLA, we may consider rolling down our strike range to include the $192.50 and $190 Puts as well.


As we’ve done many times before when attempting to use overall market conditions to our advantage, we’re going to be tracking some SPY Calls for potential daytrades. As long as the SPY can hold above $200, we could be in line to see some major volatility in the SPY Weekly $200-205 Calls. As always, we must issue a strong note of caution with regard to trading weekly contracts on a Friday. It should only ever be attempted by advanced-level traders!

We also want to submit another familiar face for a potential play with much less urgency. For a longer-term idea, we’ll be putting the PBR 07/15 $6.50 and $7 Calls on our radar.

Gold Watchlist:

We also want to provide our readers with a smattering of gold-related stocks to watch this morning. Currencies are taking a big hit, which usually means an influx of investor confidence in precious metals. As such, we will naturally look to plays like these for quick-hit opportunities:


Extended Watchlist:
PXYN, NHMD, DLCR, EMES, ENDV(Bottom bouncer)