Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MYSZ Review & More

My Size, Inc. MYSZ

We’re quite familiar with MYSZ, and on December 22nd we highlighted the stock as a bottom-watch play in our premarket report to put it on our readers’ radar. The advanced alert made it possible for traders to squeeze every last drop out of what has become a considerable run up the chart.

Just a couple of sessions past the tag on the 22nd, we observed a low of .57 in the stock, and it hasn’t looked back since. We also included another reminder for MYSZ this past Friday morning. Yesterday, the stock impressively hit a new high of 3.58, marking an incredible 528% upswing in a matter of roughly two weeks.

The stock has been trading record volume over that period, with its all-time high being recorded yesterday. Incidentally the stock is in blue skies with yesterday’s high also representing an all-time peak for PPS as well. We’ll defintiely want to continue to track the activity in this momentous mover.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. FCAU

We would like to take a look at the Fiat Chrysler options chain this morning. We noticed that the chart, which was already in a generally bullish pattern for the past several months, has been on the rise in a big way.

The company, which also owns the Jeep brand, reported bolstered guidance for Jeep’s growth, and it has created a scramble for FCAU shares. The stock is up in premarket trading, and we would like to signal the FCAU 01/19 $21-23 Calls for observation in coming sessions.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom Play, Options & More

Biocept, Inc. BIOC

We took notice of BIOC on our routine morning scan today as a possible bottom play, as the stock tumbled to 8-month lows on Friday.  At the same time, the company released a PR this morning pertaining to the signing of a potentially lucrative, worldwide distribution agreement, a snippet of which we’ve included below.

We think it makes for an interesting confluence of events, and that’s why we’re going to be tracking BIOC closely as we kick off a fresh trading week.

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Biocept, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC), a leading commercial provider of liquid biopsy tests designed to provide physicians with clinically actionable information to improve the outcomes of cancer patients, announces that it has signed an exclusive global Distribution Agreement excluding China, for the Company’s proprietary blood collection tubes (BCTs) with VWR International, LLC (>>View Full PR)

National and International Events Affecting Markets

There was a fair bit of hysteria going out over the newsreels last week over a potential nuclear conflict between North Korea and the US, and it led to a tough week for stocks in general. Whether this week plays out as a bear or a bull remains to be seen, but we’ll want to have options ideas lined up for either eventuality.

This morning, we’ve seen some signs of an abatement of those fears as stocks around the globe have perked up, and in the event that a rebound for domestic stocks is also in the cards for this week, we’ll want to signal the range of SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) Weekly $244.50-246 Calls for observation.

However if other outside factors, such as the civil unrest and domestic terrorism that unfolded in Virginia over the weekend serves to hurt US markets further, we may find ourselves more interested in tracking the iPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETN (VXX) Weekly $12 and 12.50 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Updates & More

Options Updates

Barracuda Networks, Inc. CUDA - On Friday, we had just caught CUDA coming off of a heavy earnings beat, and we signaled our interest in a couple sets of contracts in the options chain to correspond with the expected activity. Specifically the CUDA 07/15 $15 and $17.50 Calls.  It was a good thing that we did, because what followed were some eye-popping gain opportunities!

The $15′s have now traded up from a low of 2.55 to a high of 6.53, for an excellent swing of 156%, while the $17.50′s have amazingly run from .60 to as much as 4.10, a huge 583% rip!


Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – We’ve drawn off of the PBR well countless times in the past, and our most recent idea, the PBR 07/15 $6.50 and $7 Calls (which we submitted on the morning of June 29th) has paid off with a couple of sizable swings.

In the roughly two weeks since we tabbed these plays for observation, we saw the $6.50 Calls run first from .30-1.07 (+256%), followed by a dip back to .35 and a rip back to 1.27 (+263%). The $7′s provided similar, yet even bigger action as they initially saw a move from .15-.69 (+360%), followed by a second from .14-.85 (+507%).

We expect the gains mentioned here to be extended as PBR is gapping up again this morning, and we may need to consider rolling up our strike prices to the $7.50 and $8 Calls as the situation dictates.

Gold Resource Corp. GORO

We also want to provide an update on another idea from the end of last week. We were circling back around to GORO on Thursday, a play we’d begun tracking two weeks prior from a low of 3.19.

Since our re-alert on Thursday, GORO has logged higher highs and higher lows in all three sessions. From Thursday’s low of 4.35 to yesterday’s high of 5.44 was a solid 25% upswing, and from our observed low of 3.19 (06/28), it marked a total increase of 71%

Fresh Options Ideas

SAGE Weekly $40 and $45 Calls

SHPG Weekly $187.50-195 Calls

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: KGNX, HERO Recaps & More

KollagenX Corp. KGNX

We tagged KGNX in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and were met with a fantastic intraday gain opportunity from this subpenny runner that has brought us good chances to gain in the past. (We’d initially tagged it coming off of its 52-week lows in March)

Yesterday we observed a low of .00189 in the stock before it took off, running hard and reaching a high of .0037 shortly before 1PM. That marked an upswing of 96% on close to nine times the monthly average trading volume, and KGNX closed with enough strength (.003) to qualify it for further observation as a possible momentum play.

Hercules Offshore, Inc. HERO

Speaking of momentum, that was what led us to feature HERO in yesterday’s report. The stock had already strung together three consecutive sessions of building higher lows, and it continued that trend for us with a solid performance on the day.

HERO traded in a range from 1.52-1.99, a respectable rise of 31% and it did so on a little over three times the 3-month average volume. This morning we’re seeing a slight gap-up in HERO to a premarket high of 2.15, which extends our observed range to an overnight gain of 42% We’ll keep tracking this one for a potential continuation of momentum as well.

Fresh Options Idea 

Target Corp. TGT – Target is tumbling in the premarket this morning on disappointing sales and Q2 guidance, leading us to submit a bearish idea for the stock’s options chain. We’re going to put TGT Weekly $69-65 Puts on our short-term radars today. We’ll remain interested in these contracts

Extended Watchlist:
GTHP, TRKK, APA, ORMP, FCAU, FAC(Bottom watch)
CBYL(Gap to fill up to 2.25)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PZOO Follow-Up

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We’re touching base with PZOO once again this morning. We brought it into the fold last Monday while the stock was trading at a low of .0225 and not only has it brought us a couple of quality chances for swing trades, it has held its ground extremely well over the past week, and has begun to spike once again.

Over the few sessions prior, PZOO had toyed with resistance at the 200DMA (.0339), and yesterday it managed to close above that mark for the first time. As usual, moving forward, we want to see that previous resistance level hold as future support. We’ll want to see the stock maintain above a minimum of .0261. From where it stands now, we’re looking at the next key resistance points coming up at .05 and .065.

If you didn’t catch our initial report on PZOO last Monday, we suggest taking a look at that to learn about the company’s online health and wellness portal, as well as the involvement it has in the cannabis sector. >> View PZOO Report

There has been two new statements issued by the company over the past couple of days that we’ll pass along here:

Yesterday PZOO announced that it was a main sponsor at the Just Jersey Jazz and Food Truck Festival on Sunday October 19th at Horse Shoe Lake in Succasunna, New Jersey >>> Click to View PR

This morning we’ve learned that PZOO has increased its stake in the medical marijuana testing labs by 10%, effectively creating a controlling interest for itself in the company currently running the project >>> Click to View PR

Also, take a look at this video chart update we put together on PZOO:

For More Info Check Out PAZOO.COM

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