Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Cannabis Sector Heating Up Again

Cannabis Comments

We got head-faked a little bit in terms of the cannabis sector in the past year or so. Leading up to last fall, anything even remotely tied to marijuana was going through the roof, with seemingly no end in sight. Then a regime change in Washington led to the appointment of self-avowed cannabis hater Jeff Sessions to the head of the DOJ. That led to a considerable cooling of what was previously the hottest market sector.

That being said, it has been business as usual for companies operating in the space in places that have taken the step of ending prohibition. Growth is happening all around, and the investment community has taken notice. The cannabis sector is showing signs of heating up once again, so we want to return to some of the plays we’ve covered in the past and highlight a few that could stand to see some good moves in the days and weeks ahead.

Dewmar International, Inc. DEWM – We just signaled our interest in DEWM in Friday morning’s premarket report, and the stock made a solid two-session swing. From Friday’s low of .0108 to .0163 yesterday, marking a move of 51% We’ll want to continue to track its movements,particularly after this morning’s news.

DEWM announced today that it filed a provisional patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the treatment of lung cancer with cannabinoids, so that’s going to be another interesting storyline to follow with respect to DEWM.

Also going on our refreshed cannabis watchlist of previously tracked stocks will be PNTV, POTN, MCIG, MCOA, and TRTC.

Netflix, Inc. NFLX – Options

We’re always looking for a good post-earnings options play and we may have one with NFLX this morning. Up 10% in premarket trading on a solid beat, we’re going to be looking for a potential dip-and-rip scenario that could lead to some hefty intraday moves. Our targets are going to be the NFLX Weekly $172.50-180 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Roundup & More

Options Roundup

We had good fortune with our fresh options call yesterday, so today we’re going to be recapping the total possible gains on those plays, as well as unearthing a couple of fresh ideas to add to the mix as we close out this trading week.

Delta Air Lines, Inc. DAL – Recap - Our inkling on DAL yesterday morning was to go bearish after a disappointing earnings call for the airline, with the DAL Weekly $55.50-53.50 Puts. We were not disappointed with our decision to do so, as those DAL puts went on to log the following double and multi-bag intraday moves for us before lunch hour was over:

$55.50 Puts – Range: .76-1.60 – Max Gain: 110%
$55 Puts – Range: .48-1.05 – Max Gain: 119%
$54.50 Puts – Range: .25-.65 – Max Gain: 160%
$54 Puts – Range: .13-.36 – Max Gain: 177%
$53.50 Calls – Range: .03-.17 – Max Gain: 466%

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD

Speaking of bearish options ideas, we want to enter another fresh set into the log this morning in AMD. This stock trades very cyclically, and from a technical perspective, looks as if it could continue to lose ground after a reversal this week. We’re going to place the AMD 07/21 $14-13 Puts on watch into next week in the event that our impression of this play is correct.

BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. BJRI

Lastly on the options front, we are going to signal a range of extended-term calls on BJRI, which has a pretty attractive bottom setup on the chart at the moment. To take advantage of a potential sustained rebound, we’re going to be monitoring the BJRI 08/18 $35 & 40 Calls.

Bonus Idea: NTNX 7/21 $20-25 Calls

Diana Containerships. Inc. DCIX

DCIX went into a full-on nose dive recently after it was announced that the company would be taking out roughly an $85M loan to settle a monster pile of debt, and the investment community did not take the news well.

The stock has subsequently fallen to new all-time lows, and that’s where we come in. We’re always looking for stocks like this to put on bottom-watch. Being egregiously oversold, DCIX may yet have a bit further to fall, but we’ll want to be ready for a reversal at any time. The resulting bounce-back could be considerable.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horeseshoe Stocks: OWCP Breakout Continues & More

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. OWCP

Throughout the week, and since we first alerted it on Thursday, OWCP has been the gift that keeps on giving.  From that first session when it traded as low as .0045, the stock has made appreciable moves each day, and continued to provide intraday opportunities as well as a huge overall move to the upside.

Yesterday was no exception, as OWCP traded in a daily range from .014 to a new high of .03, a 114% intraday pop, and an overall increase of 566% from the low we observed on Thursday.

As pointed out in the following video presentation of the OWCP chart, we identify the current 50DMA of .018 as the ideal support level to hold on any forthcoming consolidations. At the very least, the stock will have to maintain its penny status and ultimately hold at a bare minimum of a .01 to maintain our attention.

Global Arena Holding Corp. GAHC

We’ve got GAHC which came up on our scanner this morning after giving off a strong bottom bounce signal yesterday as it ran from .0027 (just .0003 above current annual low) to .0036. We’re going to want to reserve it a spot on our watchlist in sessions ahead.

The current chart shows a number of indicators suggesting that GAHC could be set to make more moves to the upside, including a rapidly-strengthening RSI and a MACD pinching in for a bullish cross. If the stock were to make a run from current PPS levels to the 50DMA, we would be looking at gains of more than 65%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Welcome to 2016, WRFX Recap & More

Welcome to the 2016 Trading Year!

We finished off 2015 with a couple of nice selections in our premarket report on Thursday, but before we dive into recapping those performances, we invite our readers to take a look at the video we prepared outlining some of the other winners to grace our stat sheet recently. 2015 was a banner year for us with humongous winners coming out of multiple arenas, from micro to mega-caps, stocks, options, ETF’s and more.

It is our solemn vow to sustain these patterns of continued success into this brand new trading year and take our reports to new heights. We’re glad to have all of you with us as we embark upon our 2016 campaign. With each passing year we’ve honed our craft and gotten better and better. We expect this year to be no different! The sky is the limit, so strap in, because it’s going to be a heck of a ride!

  (Video highlights the excellent recent performances of our calls on CMRX, SFYW, & VSYM)

Worldfix, Inc. WRFX

The first item on Thursday’s extended watchlist was WRFX, and it turned out to be the most exciting play of the session, and our final double-bagger call of 2015!

It started off mildly, and ended the session with a bang. Subsequent to trading at a low of .0018, the stock ran into the close at .0038. That came out to an intraday gain of 111% and was an excellent way to close out the year.

Not only did the stock close at its daily high, but it did so on more than five times its monthly average volume. Whenever we see heightened trading activity coupled with a strong close, we always want to monitor the stock in following sessions for the possibility of momentum spillover.

Trans-Pacific Aerospace Co., Inc. TPAC

We also tagged TPAC for observation on Thursday; another subpenny play that ended the year on a high note for us. The stock started from a low of .0035 and traded as high as .0051. That hashed out to a respectable intraday run of 46%

It did pull back to close at just .0039, so we’ll be looking out for some possible rebound activity. We’ll remain interested as long as TPAC can maintain support at or above Thursday’s swing low of .0035, but keep in mind that the chart is beginning to look extremely overbought. Anyone speculating in TPAC from this point forward should remain very cautious of this fact.

Extended Watchlist:
DEWM, NXGA, TRUU, BVTK(Bottom-bouncer)

TTDZ, DEWM & Extended Watchlist

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. TTDZ

Yesterday’s alert on TTDZ offered up opportunity for all, as the stock exploded out of the gate, trading from a low of .0052 all the way up to .009. That marked an intraday spike of 73% on nearly three times the 3-month average volume. Yesterday’s high represents a gain of 650% from our initial alert-low of .0012 on January 30th.

Perhaps most significantly is the fact that the stock finished out the session at .0088, very close to its high of day, and appears to want to gap up this morning.

As always, we need to watch carefully for the point where the stock runs out of steam, at which time we’ll be waiting for a pullback to lead to a future bounceplay opportunity. It’s all about being sharp-eyed and playing the current trend.

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. DEWM

DEWM, which has already afforded us gains in the 700%-range had some marijuana-related news out this morning that’ll lead us to watch this stock like a hawk today. The trading community has welcomed Dewmar’s intent to enter into the cannabis sector as evidenced by the hefty spikes on the chart we’ve witnessed. Today’s news furthers the company’s goals to that end, as they’ve announced the acquisition of a new subsidiary to house the company’s current and future cannabis holdings.

This is a story that we will definitely be paying attention to, as they attempt to become a player in the hemp industry, fueled by the Fed’s recently legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp.

HOUSTON, TX–(Marketwired – Feb 20, 2014) – Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (OTCQB: DEWM) (OTCBB: DEWM) (“Dewmar” or “Company”), a leading provider of consumer brands to global markets announced that it has secured U.S. Hemp Corporation, Inc. d/b/a United States Hemp Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary for the purpose of holding and marketing the future hemp-related assets of Dewmar. >>> FULL PR

Extended Watchlist:
DIRV, MEET, ATRS, BCRX, BBRY (Options: Feb. 28th $10 Calls)