Awesome Stock Plays, Options Ideas & More

Multiple Stock Updates: 

While navigating a relative dry spell for big board earnings plays, we have been placing greater than average focus on pure stock plays on both the upper and lower exchanges, and several of the stocks we have recently alerted on are performing well this week. That includes FAMI, which was just featured in yesterday’s report and produced instant chances for intraday gains and is running in the premarket this morning, as well as some OTC plays we’ve been tracking.

We expect earnings play frequency to start picking back up around the third week of October, but in the meantime we’ll continue to root out any other opportunities we can find, like these ones.

Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc. TONR:

Initial Alert: Sept. 15th
Range: .0009-.0095
Gained: +955%

Fernhill Corp. FERN:
Initial Alert: August 30th
Range: .013-.0578
Gained: +345%

Farmmi, Inc. FAMI 
Initial Alert: Sept. 29th
Range: .22-.495
Gained: +125%

Fresh Options Ideas:
BBBY Weekly $19-17 Puts
KMX Weekly $139-135  Puts

SPY 10/01 $435-436 Calls 

Dewmar International BMC Inc. DEWM – Bottom Buster Potential:

We want to call attention to DEWM as a low priced stock that could be about to see some significant moves in the near future. After being delinquent on filings for years, the company is complying with the new OTC standards and preparing to come current. It has made all of these back filings available to the public as outlined in the PR snippet we’ve included below.

Many of the companies faced with this exact scenario as OTC Markets moves to clean up its act, have been seeing nice moves as a result of compliance. We’re going to radar DEWM in the event that it follows suit.

New York, NY, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Dewmar International BMC Inc. announced today that its complete disclosure statements and financial reports for the periods ended December 31, 2019, December 31, 2020, March 31, 2021 and June 30, 2021 are available for download on its website. The files are not password protected and anyone can view the disclosure statements and financial statements by simply clicking on the download button. To view the complete reports, simply visit https://dewmarinternational.comand click on Financials on the top navigation row or click on the following link. (>>View Full PR)

Extended Watchlist:

Massive Trove of Options Ideas

More Options Updates: 

As we close out another stellar trading week and head into this long weekend, we’re happy to report unbroken options trading success in every session along the way. We put up ideas in the CHPT, NTNX, CHWY and SIG chains. They all produced intraday gains, but we’re going to leave out SIG because while they were respectable moves, none of the target managed to quite reach multi-bag status.

Our big runners were the CHPT Weekly $24-25 Calls, the NTNX Weekly $37.50-40 Calls, and the CHWY Weekly $83-79 Puts, and they put forth some really nice opportunities for traders to hit it big on the day.

CHPT Weekly $24-25 Calls
 .08-.33 (+312%)
$24.50: .09-.21 (+277%)
$25: .05-.15 (+200%)

NTNX Weekly $37.50-40 Calls
$37.50: 2.00-4.25 (+112%)
$38: 1.67-3.75 (+125%)
$38.50: 1.75-3.00 (+71%)
$39: 1.47-2.73 (+86%)
$40: .63-1.97 (+213%)

CHWY Weekly $83-79 Puts
$83: 2.60-4.07 (+57%)
$82: 1.90-3.22 (+69%)
$81: 1.25-2.35 (+88%)
$80: .85-1.62 (+91%)
$79: .51-1.04 (+104%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
SPY Weekly $453-455 Calls
MDB Weekly $440-455 Calls
DOCU Weekly $297.50-305 Calls
AVGO Weekly $490-497.50 Calls
SAVA Weekly $56-59 Calls

*Beginning-to-intermediate level traders should not attempt to trade weekly contracts on a Friday. Seasoned traders should have access to disposable funds before attempting to do so. 

Extended Watchlist:

Interesting RETC Development & More

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. DEWM 

We have been seeing a lot of OTC runners cropping up recently, with another hot play coming off of our extended watchlist yet again in yesterday’s report.

The stock traded nearly a billion and a half shares as it ran from a daily low of .0012 up as high as .0035. That represented an intraday rip of 192% and with that kind of spike in volume and volatility, we’ll certainly want to maintain a close watch over this breakout play.

12 Retech Corp. RETC – New Update 

As we were mentioning yesterday morning, RETC is another big OTC runner that we’ve seen make moves of over 500% since 04/21.

Yesterday, per the following post on his Twitter page, George Sharp was awarded custodianship of the company. He has a reputation for exposing fraud and working with legitimate companies, and thus it may have intriguing ramifications for the direction and status of RETC moving forward.

The stock is gapping up to new highs this morning as well, so things continue to be quite interesting with RETC, and should remain so in the days and weeks ahead.

T-Mobile US, Inc. TMUS – Options Recap

The standout options idea from yesterday morning’s premarket report was our target in the T-Mobile chain, the TMUS Weekly $129-131 Calls. 

Following its report of strong Q1 earnings and guidance, not to mention a heavy influx of new subscribers, the stock tested new highs, and provided the following considerable gain opportunities on the day:

TMUS Weekly $129-131 Calls 
$129 : 2.91-5.86 (+101%)
$130 : 1.92-5.32 (+177%)
$131 : 1.64-3.90 (+137%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PYPL Weekly $255-260 Calls
BUD Weekly $73-74 Calls
LIN 05/21 $290-300 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: