Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Updates & More

Options Updates

Barracuda Networks, Inc. CUDA On Friday, we had just caught CUDA coming off of a heavy earnings beat, and we signaled our interest in a couple sets of contracts in the options chain to correspond with the expected activity. Specifically the CUDA 07/15 $15 and $17.50 Calls.  It was a good thing that we did, because what followed were some eye-popping gain opportunities!

The $15’s have now traded up from a low of 2.55 to a high of 6.53, for an excellent swing of 156%, while the $17.50’s have amazingly run from .60 to as much as 4.10, a huge 583% rip!


Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – We’ve drawn off of the PBR well countless times in the past, and our most recent idea, the PBR 07/15 $6.50 and $7 Calls (which we submitted on the morning of June 29th) has paid off with a couple of sizable swings.

In the roughly two weeks since we tabbed these plays for observation, we saw the $6.50 Calls run first from .30-1.07 (+256%), followed by a dip back to .35 and a rip back to 1.27 (+263%). The $7’s provided similar, yet even bigger action as they initially saw a move from .15-.69 (+360%), followed by a second from .14-.85 (+507%).

We expect the gains mentioned here to be extended as PBR is gapping up again this morning, and we may need to consider rolling up our strike prices to the $7.50 and $8 Calls as the situation dictates.

Gold Resource Corp. GORO

We also want to provide an update on another idea from the end of last week. We were circling back around to GORO on Thursday, a play we’d begun tracking two weeks prior from a low of 3.19.

Since our re-alert on Thursday, GORO has logged higher highs and higher lows in all three sessions. From Thursday’s low of 4.35 to yesterday’s high of 5.44 was a solid 25% upswing, and from our observed low of 3.19 (06/28), it marked a total increase of 71%

Fresh Options Ideas

SAGE Weekly $40 and $45 Calls

SHPG Weekly $187.50-195 Calls

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