Incredibly Fruitful Earnings Season Continues!

Daily Options Updates: 

Our daily routine rarely ever changes and that’s because the things we do work out for us so often, so there’s no good reason to deviate from our typical repertoire. We like to feature option trading ideas because that’s the shortest path to quick-strike single-session gain chances.

We generally go for contracts with a weekly expiration, but do on occasion give longer term ideas that require more time to mature. Such was the case for one of our ideas with a July expiration yesterday, but the remaining three targets recorded some nice moves for us.

UPS Weekly $190-195 Calls
$190: .61-1.50 (+146%)
$192.50: .35-.79 (+126%)
$195: .24-.56 (+133%)

GE Weekly $89-87 Puts
$89: 4.40-10.45 (+138%)
$88: 4.00-9.45 (+136%)
$87: 2.70-8.60 (+219%)

SHW 05/20 $260-270 Calls
$260: 12.00-18.90 (+55%)
$270: 6.30-12.20 (+94%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
V Weekly $207.50-212.50 Calls
MSFT Weekly $277.50-285 Calls
TXN Weekly $167.50-162.50 Puts
GSK Weekly $44-46 Calls

Borks Technologies, Inc. BRQS – Recap:

We also have a brief update on a low-priced NASDAQ play that we’ve been tracking via our extended watchlists recently, having first tagged it on the morning of April 4th. Subsequent to that report, BRQS was trading for as little as .166, and yesterday the stock made its way up to a new high of .46. That works out to an intra-month increase of 177%

Extended Watchlist: