OTC Roundup & More

Penny Stock Poppers: 

The first thing we are going to do today is go over the advances made this week by some of the OTC stocks that have been on our radar. With a drought of earnings reporters, it’s good to have other ways to unearth gain opportunities and we’ve done fairly well with the following slate of penny plays.

In the case of RSHN, we’ve been on its trail for months, and have seen a monster move from the super-subpenny all the way to nearly two cents! The others are picks we brought to the table just this week which have already posted multibag runs.

Below you’ll find the exact date of our initial alert on each stock, followed by the subsequent moves and total possible gains that could have been attained:

RushNet, Inc. RSHN
Alerted: May 13th
Range: .0008-.019
Gained: +2275%

Dark Pulse, Inc. DPLS
Alerted: June 14th
Range: .0371-.0969
Gained: +161%

Bassline Products, Inc. BSSP
Alerted: June 15th
Range: .0013-.0037
Gained: +185%

Oracle Corp. ORCL – Options Review:

We also had some fresh options plays in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We were tracking the ORCL Weekly $79-77.50 Puts and after gapping down the stock continued to fall, playing right into our hands.

That range of contract sets recorded multibag moves across the board, with the following intraday gain chances:

ORCL Weekly $79-77.50 Puts
$79: 1.11-3.15 (+174%)
$78.50: .70-2.63 (+276%)
$78: .60-2.24 (+273%)
$77.50: .47-1.73 (+268%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
JBL Weekly $50-55 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

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eXp World Holdings Inc. EXPI – Options Review:

Yesterday morning, we highlighted the performance of our options ideas in EXPI that we had initially targeted on Wednesday, the EXPI 03/19 $50-52.50 Calls. After posting double-bag moves, we mentioned that we expected the bullish activity to continue, based on the stock’s behavior in the premarket.

In addition to the EXPI 03/19 $50-52.50 Calls from last week, we extended our target range by rolling up to include the EXPI 03/19 $55 Calls. Not only did the updated strike instantly yield double-bag gains on the day, but our preexisting targets tacked on some stellar new highs which has extended our observed trading range by a considerable amount.

The following numbers are the total swings made by the $50-52.50’s since last week, and the single-session surge recorded yesterday by the $55’s:

EXPI 03/19 $50-55 Calls
$50:  2.16-8.20 (+280%)
$52.50: 1.45-6.10 (+321%)
$55:  2.10-4.60 (+119%)

XL Fleet Corp. XL – Recap:

It was also this past Wednesday morning that we flagged some longer-term contracts in the XL options chain, with the XL 05/21 $12.50-15 Calls. Despite just a few sessions passing since then, this bottom bouncing stock has continued to add modest gains daily.

We already have seen some notable moves in those plays with more than two month remaining until expiration. We’ll be interested to see where they go from here in the event of continued northward movement in XL. Here are the gains we’ve tracked so far:

XL 05/21 $12.50-15 Calls
$50:  2.45-3.50 (+43%)
$52.50: 2.00-3.00 (+50%)
$55:  1.70-2.64 (+55%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
FUTU Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls
BEKE Weekly $60-65 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 

New Trading Ideas & More

Options Updates, Fresh Ideas: 

As usual, in our premarket report yesterday morning, we started off a new trading week with some quick-strike options ideas. We were looking at the SPY, and XPEV chains with the SPY 03/08 $382-383 Calls, and the XPEV Weekly $28-30 Calls as our targets of interest.

All the action took place early on in the session, well prior to the markets dipping into the close. Here were the total possible gains on the table as they made their rapid morning runs: 

SPY 03/08 $382-383 Calls
$382:  2.55-5.74 (+125%)
$383: 1.96-4.80 (+145%)

XPEV Weekly $28-30 Calls
 1.55-3.25 (+109%)
$29: 1.05-2.60 (+148%)
$30: .80-1.99 (+149%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
VRTX Weekly $215-217.50 Calls
VRTX 03/19 $220-225 Calls
DKS Weekly $71-69.50 Puts

Saddle Ranch Media, Inc. SRMX

From yesterday morning‘s extended watchlist, we saw SRMX put forth a pleasing intraday surge. The stock was trading for as little as .0046 in the very early goings, and raced quickly to a daily high of .0093. That worked out to a run of 102%

Volume has been picking up, and this is a stock that we saw pop to nearly .02 just last month. We’ll certainly want to continue to watch its activity for the possibility of another push.

Extended Watchlist: