Wide Variety of Options Ideas & More

Albertsons Companies, Inc. ACI – Options Rehash: 

We formulated just one single set of options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, zeroing in on the ACI chain and signaling our interest in tracking the ACI Weekly $29-31 Calls on the heels of the company’s second quarter earnings release.

Those figures came back positive, beating expectations on the street, and accompanied by bolstered guidance for the remainder of the fiscal year. As a result, the activity in ACI yielded us some very respectable intraday gain opportunities in our designated targets:

 ACI Weekly $29-31 Calls 
$29:1.00-2.08 (+108%)
$30: .65-1.55 (+138%)
$31: .45-1.15 (+156%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 10/20 $448-450 Calls
NFLX Weekly $635-640 Calls
TRV Weekly $155 Calls
STLD 11/19 $60-65 Calls

Green Globe International, Inc. GGII – Recap:

We were just lauding the performance of GGII in our report yesterday morning, and once again, the stock performed quite well, attaining a new high on the session for the second straight day. Here are the updated figures on the total range we’ve observed over roughly the past 5 weeks of tracking the stock.

Initial Alert: Sept 10th
Range: .0054-.0159
Gained: +194%

Extended Watchlist:

2000% Runner, Fresh Ideas & More

Eye-Popping Options Gainers:

We made a wide selection of potential options plays for yesterday morning’s premarket report, all of which came off of the earnings list. As we’ve mentioned many times before, post-earnings release options plays have become our favorite type of trading target over the years for good reason. They present exactly the type of moderate-risk/high-reward scenarios that we’re always after.

Yesterday’s targets included the TJX Weekly $70-71 Calls, the LOW Weekly $187.50-190 Calls, and the WB Weekly $47-49 Calls. While they all posted positive intraday moves, the TJX and LOW calls absolutely blew their lid for some next-level, thousand-percent-plus, single session gain chances!

TJX Weekly $70-71 Calls
 .18-3.64 (+1922%)
$70.50: .15-2.90 (+1833%)
$71: .12-3.46 (+2783%)

LOW Weekly $187.50-190 Calls
 2.69-15.20 (+465%)
$190: 1.69-13.35 (+690%)

WB Weekly $47-49 Calls
 .75-1.75 (+133%)
$48: .80-1.20 (+50%)
$49: .30-.75 (+150%)

Fresh Earnings Plays:
KSS Weekly $52-54.50 Calls
EL Weekly $310-320 Calls
NVDA Weekly $190-193.75 Calls 

OTC Recaps: 

We also have a brief update on the most recent moves from a couple of OTC plays we’ve tracked via our extended watchlists. We continue this tradition for all our readers who may not yet have the funds and/or the chops for quick-strike options trading.

We’ve been hot on PYBA’s trail all summer long, with our initial alert coming in June, and the stock approaching thousand-percent gainer territory with yesterday’s new 3-year high. STEV appeared in our newsletter for the first time since 2016 yesterday and got off to an instant great start with a multi-bag intraday rip.

Probability Media Corp. PBYA
Alerted: June 11th
Range: .0014-.0145
Gained: +936%

Stevia Corp. STEV
Alerted: August 18th
Range: .007-.0239
Gained: +241%

Extended Watchlist:

OTC Roundup & More

Penny Stock Poppers: 

The first thing we are going to do today is go over the advances made this week by some of the OTC stocks that have been on our radar. With a drought of earnings reporters, it’s good to have other ways to unearth gain opportunities and we’ve done fairly well with the following slate of penny plays.

In the case of RSHN, we’ve been on its trail for months, and have seen a monster move from the super-subpenny all the way to nearly two cents! The others are picks we brought to the table just this week which have already posted multibag runs.

Below you’ll find the exact date of our initial alert on each stock, followed by the subsequent moves and total possible gains that could have been attained:

RushNet, Inc. RSHN
Alerted: May 13th
Range: .0008-.019
Gained: +2275%

Dark Pulse, Inc. DPLS
Alerted: June 14th
Range: .0371-.0969
Gained: +161%

Bassline Products, Inc. BSSP
Alerted: June 15th
Range: .0013-.0037
Gained: +185%

Oracle Corp. ORCL – Options Review:

We also had some fresh options plays in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We were tracking the ORCL Weekly $79-77.50 Puts and after gapping down the stock continued to fall, playing right into our hands.

That range of contract sets recorded multibag moves across the board, with the following intraday gain chances:

ORCL Weekly $79-77.50 Puts
$79: 1.11-3.15 (+174%)
$78.50: .70-2.63 (+276%)
$78: .60-2.24 (+273%)
$77.50: .47-1.73 (+268%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
JBL Weekly $50-55 Calls

Extended Watchlist: